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    Vol 5 Chapter 271: Niggurath

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    "Yanakadishtunilgh\'ri" (I know nothing)

    "stell\'bsnaShub-Niggurath" (the goddess of abundance of darkness requested)

    "K\'yarnakphlegethor" (share what we think)

    "l\'ebumnasyha\'hn\'ghft" (in the eternity and darkness of the abyss)

    "Y\'ai\'ng\'ngah" (I call him)

    "NIGGURATH!" (the highest mother god, the black goat of the forest that bred thousands of offspring)

    "s\'uhn-nghathgli\'heeorr\'esyha\'h." (sign this dark contract)

    Kolma dangled her hair, knelt down in front of the arch in the center of the magic circle, holding the piece of jelly in his hand, muttering, chanting a spell that was very different from the current magical world.

    Slight waves of magic flowed from between her hands, rushing in all directions, and then rolled back under the obstacles of the six pillars around the magic circle and those yellow clay tablets, and slammed into the jelly again. in.

    so repeatedly.

    The huge moon above his head burst out with dazzling light, and the uncomfortable rustling noise came from the hidden jungles around it, as if a group of goats were gnawing on grass roots or tree bark, sometimes mixed with painful moans. I don't know where it came from.

    The magic wave gushing out of the "jelly" became stronger and stronger, and the impact of the feedback became stronger and stronger. The six pillars creaked under the turbulent magic wave, and there was a nick on the yellow clay board along the branches. Road subtle cracks.

    The figure of the witch began to tremble and blur in the magical frenzy visible to the naked eye. On the contrary, the sound of the spell in her mouth became louder and louder. Until the end, the black cat at the edge of the entire magic ritual could hear it. Is clear:

    "Y\'ai\'ng\'ngah" (I call him)

    "NIGGURATH!" (the highest mother god, the black goat of the forest that bred thousands of offspring)

    "s\'uhn-nghathgli\'heeorr\'esyha\'h!" (Sign this dark contract!)

    "NIGGURATH," Jiang Yu muttered the word softly, with a trace of suspicion on his face: "I know this name... is a hidden existence in the depths of the starry sky, with great power, comparable to the existence of an ancient witch. Xiaomeng became a spirit at the beginning When I was a witch, I tried to communicate with this highness."

    The black cat stepped on the dark traces on the tree stump with his left paw, and then stepped on the right paw again. He turned his head to the side and glanced at the witch carefully, his face a little disturbed.

    It doesn't know why the witch would say this to it.

    In theory, she didn't know herself, and she was so careless and secretive to the strange cat she met for the first time, and it was a bit different from the usual style of Class Chief Jiang.

    The bad idea in the black cat's heart is getting stronger and stronger.

    It desperately needs a fresh topic to reverse the embarrassing situation.

    "Ah," the black cat coughed softly, and added: "I have observed their array before. I must admit that the magic ritual provided by that array has been modified quite ingeniously. Normally, call outside the starry sky. With the existence of, more than half of the summoners will fall into delirium, while the other half of the summoners are extremely likely to lose themselves and become the containers for the arrival of external gods."

    "In order to avoid this kind of risk, the ceremonial time was modified in that formation, and the requirement of the'new moon' was erased. You know, although the black goat of the forest symbolizes the earth, it has the authority of the moon and loses the crescent moon. Success, can greatly reduce his power when he comes."

    "In order to maintain the rationality of the ritual, the formation did not completely erase the concept of the black goat of the forest, so the location of the ceremony was chosen in this dead forest area."

    "In addition, the six pillars on the periphery of the magic circle, the Gublai fairy fire on the pillars, and the yellow clay slabs on the outside of the pillars with old seals are all preventive measures..."

    "Yichou year, Wuchenyue, Ding Weiri." Jiang Yu suddenly interrupted the black cat's endless voice, and said softly.

    The black cat's voice is choking: "What?"

    It didn't understand the meaning of a witch too much.

    The witch wearing a red mask glanced at the black cat sideways: "Today is the eighth day of the lunar calendar, and the yellow calendar says Yes, sacrifices; Dont, everything is inappropriate."

    Hearing the words everything is not suitable, and then contacting the time that the witch said before, the black cat suddenly woke up.

    "Oh, the ugliness does not conflict with each other, today is'Sai Biao'," it was already familiar with the old almanac. At this moment, it silently calculates in the bottom of its heart, and it admires Colmar's choice more and more: "The ether is against the outside world, I am afraid Ordinary wizards dare not think so."

    "Come." Jiang Yu gestured again.

    The black cat was taken aback and looked in the direction shown by the witch. The magic ritual not far away had already reached the most critical moment.

    A gray mist gushes out from the arch and piles up, slowly but firmly transforming into a translucent projection.

    This is the spirit body of Shabu Nicholas. The black cat had just come up with this idea in his mind and immediately rejected it. Although I have never seen what the "Black Goat of the Forest" looks like, it is definitely not the toad in front of the arch.

    And the big toad that was summoned just glanced at the black cat on the edge of the magic circle, and made it fall like an ice cave, not only the soft hair on the back of the neck, but also the hair on the tip of the tail exploded.

    In the distance, Colma's screams faintly heard.

    Through the diffuse mist, the black cat vaguely saw Elena raising her arms, clutching the slender silver knife, and stabbing the little black goat who was bound in place by force.

    Bright red blood splattered from the little black goat's neck, half of it drenched on the body of the gypsy witch, and the other half sprayed into the air, spraying a thin layer of **** mist.

    Sunlight and moonlight alternately fall, as if coating the blood mist with a colorful halo.

    The black cat opened its eyes Its eyes were covered with a dark shadow, it felt that the whole world seemed to be slowed down-Colmar's scream slowed down and deformed, Elaine The blood mist that Na stabbed was floating in the air, and Jiang Yu, gritted her teeth and slowly took out a talisman gun from her handbag. The black cat could clearly see that the back of her hand holding the gun handle had become ischemia. Very pale.

    Behind the toad, the mist gushing out of the arch has not stopped, but it has become much weaker.

    And the newly influxed mist is completely different from the gray-white mist that formed the toad. The mist carries a moonlight yellow meaning, but it is faintly mixed with some black air.

    The black cat woke up from the bottom of his heart-perhaps those newly poured mists really belonged to His Royal Highness "Black Goat of the Forest". As for the toad in front, it already has a very bad, very bad judgment.

    A magic circle obviously cannot accommodate the arrival of two outer gods.

    The toad that took the lead in shaping stretched out its thick arm and fished it out, and then took the little black goat that had been constrained in place into his hand. Then it pulled out the unformed mist that had accumulated behind it and stuffed it in. Inside the body of the little black goat, he looked around.

    "Hey, hey, hey." It grinned and made a weird laugh, then pulled the void out of a big hole. There seemed to be a big golden net outside the hole, which was trembling violently, and faintly burst into golden sparks.

    At the other end of the big golden net is a quiet lake, and the voice of Nicholas faintly came from there.

    Toad threw the little black goat over without hesitation.