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    Vol 5 Chapter 267: 3rd Party Supervisor

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    As for the gypsy witch's vague question, the black cat will naturally try to deny it. But he just shook his head twice, he suddenly realized that his current identity should not be known yet, why did he deny it? Or why is it guilty?

    So after shaking his head from side to side, he paused, and shook it up and down twice with very exaggerated movements, as if he was just observing the environment in all directions. While shaking, he also said in a nervous tone: "How do I feel that a dark shadow has just passed from the corner of my eye?"

    'S sincere attitude, even he believed it.

    Jelena's mouth twitched.

    As the leader of the exploration team, after hearing the black cat's warning, Colmar took out a detective talisman very responsibly and shook his hand to light it. A gentle wave of magic spread in all directions, and soon the magic feedback showed that everything around was normal.

    "Perhaps you are dazzled," Kolma judged.

    "I'm sorry, let you waste a piece of talisman paper." The black cat expressed his apologies sincerely. Colmar waved his hand in disapproval.

    Compared with the slightly exaggerated reaction of the black cat, Jiang Yu's performance was calmer.

    She didn't answer the gypsy witch's question, but followed the black cat's head up and down, and glanced upward. Then she saw the wonderful view of the sun dancing with the moon in the sky, and she also saw the moon as big as a wheel and much bigger than the sun.

    "Wow," the witch wearing the red mask showed a trace of confusion in her eyes, and her voice was full of admiration: "You never told me that there is such a magical scenery in this secret realm... You never said that the moon here is so big!"

    Before the words fell, the jade twisted on a multicolored thread on the witch's wrist glowed with green and misty light and passed away.

    Jiang Yu immediately recovered, and turned his face to look at Irina: "And you haven't told me that the moon here has a confusing effect."

    "Confusion? No, it's not just confounding." The Gypsy Witch cast her gaze to the crystal ball before her, and explained in a flat tone: "But it doesn't matter, as long as we dont look up at it, it wont hurt us. The mission caused any interference...I have already fortuned this. As for why I didnt tell you, its because I didnt know it would become like this before today."

    "It's true." Colma echoed.

    While talking, a tarot card suddenly fell off from the card track around Elena, fell off, and hit the black cat. The black cat turned his head and took a look. The card that fell on him was the Hanged Man. On the card, a man lying on a wooden stand was tilting his legs, and his head hanging on the ground was like an electrified light bulb, in the sun. twinkling.

    This person looks ugly, this is the first reaction of the black cat.

    Why did it hit me?

    The black cat had a second thought in his mind, raised his head, and looked at the gypsy witch in doubt, wondering if she knew something and was avenging herself. This made him quietly pinched his tail.

    "What do you mean?" The black cat asked gruffly, trying to make himself more confident.

    Irina was taken aback for a moment before leaning over to pick up the tarot card, then looked at the card face of the hanged man, and fell silent. In most books on tarot reading, the Hanged Man is always associated with sacrifice. Just like the chariot is similar to success and the stars are similar to hope.

    As far as the situation is concerned, this is not a good card.

    "A bit of a mistake." The Gypsy Witch took back the card lightly, and then glanced at the black cat: "Anyway, there is nothing to do with you today. Go back and don't mess around here."

    Am I being expelled? This idea came to the black cat's mind.

    Before he could figure out how to answer Jelena's words, the new witch wearing a red mask suddenly spoke and interrupted his thoughts.

    "If I guessed correctly, you are planning to make this black cat the'third party', right?" Jiang Yu took out a roll of parchment from his handbag and shook it in front of Elena: "If it Gone, who will be the third party between us?"

    Third party? The black cat gave the two witches a surprised lookIlena wanted to be the third party between them? I always feel that the wording and usage are slightly subtle.

    The Gypsy Witch obviously ignored this, and after a few seconds, she nodded slowly: "Yes."

    "If you think this matter is risky, then we still have a chance to stop. Otherwise, what you just did was just hiding your ears and stealing the bell." Jiang Yu's tone seemed a little unceremonious.

    Kolma stopped the quill in his hand and glanced at Elena worriedly.

    Black Cat finally couldn't help it, and interrupted the slightly angry conversation between the two witches.

    "Excuse me," he raised a paw and asked weakly: "Who can explain to me, what third party? What do you mean by letting me be a third party?"

    The witch with the red mask and the white mask looked at the black cat together, her eyes shone with inexplicable colors. No one opened his mouth to answer the black cat's question for a while.

    Still, Colmar couldnt hold back, and explained in a short answer: "Our magic rituals need to use spirit witch This classmate can provide us with relevant materials, but for the safety of the provider, she requires the whole process Supervise the use of blood..."

    "In order to ensure that the two parties actually fulfill the relevant agreement, we signed the magic contract." Ilena said: "Because the content of the contract was drafted by us, to some extent, it may put unequal pressure on the other party. So in the contract We have arranged a'third-party monitor' to monitor the performance of relevant provisions."

    "At present, only you are the third party monitor acceptable to both of us." Jiang Yu concluded.

    "Third-party supervision? Me?" The black cat's expression was a little distorted: "Why do you think I can play this role? When you first discovered me, I was in the Silent Forest. Hey! What if I am a malicious monster ?!"

    He vaguely had a terrible guess.

    He didnt believe in those clay-plastic wooden tires anymore-after the practice class yesterday afternoon, Zheng Qing took advantage of the early morning and slipped to the pyramid of Atlas because he was not injured, and he was very religious to show all the gods and Buddhas he saw. Incense. Pray that they will bless them all to be safe and smooth today.

    But as far as the current situation is concerned, he has no sense of security at all, and everything goes wrong.

    Jiang Yu and Elena looked at each other tacitly, but they didn't answer the black cat's confusion.

    On the other hand, Kolma ripped open the parchment contract impatiently, dragged the black cats paw, wiped it with ink pad on its paw, and then pressed it straight to the blank space of the parchment, stepped on it twice, leaving it The next bright red paw print.

    The black cat felt his paws cold.