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    Vol 5 Chapter 265: Morning Tail

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    "...The last thing, according to reliable sources, some students of Alpha College may provoke a frontal conflict with Jiuyou College students in the near future. Does the school plan to directly intervene in this?" The assistant teacher's low voice echoed in depression. In my office, let the smoke floating under the ceiling ripple.

    "Let's just watch it like this."

    Professor Yao sat behind the desk, biting his pipe, letting the thick smoke trap his head in it, like a headless ghost.

    Not sleeping all night made his voice a little tired, but his tone was as always, very firm: "Business is about to go, there is no time to deflate their little balloons slowly...Like a boil, it can be squeezed out when it is ripe. If the pus is not fully cooked, it can also be drained."

    "There are always some students who have poor test scores, blame the test system; violate school rules and be punished, blame the school system; eat less salt, blame the cafeteria system. In short, everything is a system problem."

    "They never find problems with themselves."

    "The first university is a university, not a nanny. We can't solve all the problems for them. So, let them make trouble this time. You can clean up a bit after the trouble, so as not to cause unnecessary variables to the subsequent plans. ."

    Standing at the desk are several wizards of different identities. Among them are Professor Li Qihuang, a member of the Joint Professors Conference, Zhang Yu, the head of the teaching assistant group, and the gray-robed wizard who is in charge of security affairs by the school working committee. It can be said that, except for the students, the representatives of all the major forces of the First University are now concentrated in Lao Yao's office.

    Although everyone has already known the attitude of the dean of the Jiuyou Academy, at this moment, listening to him clearly and unmistakably, some people can't help but put forward their own opinions.

    "But would it be too risky to do so," Professor Li reminded softly: "Old Yi has repeatedly communicated through it. During this time, the causal line inside and outside the school has been a mess, and I can't see anything... The so-called'Those who move the extreme, calm them down; those who are over-yin, overcome them by yang', in the face of the situation in and out of the school, it is better to be quiet."

    At the end, he emphasized his tone and added: "Take peace and tranquility, and peace of mind."

    "It's better to be still," Lao Yao chewed on the word, for a moment, suddenly smiled, raised his hand to dissipate the smoke in front of him, then reached out his hand and picked up a brush from the pen holder, and wrote on the white paper in front of him. word.

    He raised his head and glanced at Professor Li, and explained: "It's true that a movement is not as good as a cleanness. This'clean' is far better than'still.' I know what you see professionally, and those who pay attention to the extreme need to be calm, but Now the pot is too boiling, it can't calm down..."

    As he said, he glanced at Zhang Yu from the teaching assistantship and added: "I remember that the teaching assistantship used various channels a few days ago to make those students feel safer... Even the little ghosts in the'Seven Deadly Sins' were pushed up. , The result still has no effect, right?"

    Zhang Yu immediately lowered his head and replied, "Yes. At present, there is no student club that can soothe the emotions of the students in the two colleges."

    Old Yao nodded, put the brush in his hand on the pen holder again, crossed his fingers, leaned back, stretched his waist, and sighed, "So, let them make trouble, and let the depression in my heart spread. Everyone is comfortable."

    "Even if there is a possibility of student casualties?" Professor Li retorted with a more serious tone.

    Professor Yao's body stiffened for a few seconds.

    Then he slowly retracted his arm, got up from the chair, turned and walked to the window.


    The curtains opened and the windows opened.

    The cool air of the morning rushed into this depressed office. The fresh air and bright sunlight also quickly replaced the light bugs and the smoke hovering under the office ceiling.

    Professor Yao bit his pipe, squinted, and looked towards Linzhong Lake, where there is a small white pagoda in the middle of the lake.

    Professor watched for a long time, then replied in a low voice:

    "Yes, even if it may cause unnecessary harm."

    When the dean of Jiuyou Academy opened the window and looked towards the shore of Linzhong Lake. The fortuneteller of the Ouroboros hunting team, and classmate Amber from Atlas, seemed to feel something. He suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of the office building.

    "There is a situation?" Andrew, as the captain of the hunting team, is naturally very sensitive to the situation of his own team members. He immediately asked when he noticed Amber's movements.

    The other members of the hunting team also looked at the fortuneteller in yellow robes.

    Amber blinked, with a trace of confusion on his face, before he replied in a low voice, "For a while, I felt the malice from the school... but it is impossible. If the school is malicious to us, we cannot Stand here calmly. And, in theory, I shouldn't feel those'abnormalities' on this campus."

    The implication is that the current environment is so bad that the fortune-teller may have an "illusion" at any time.

    This answer did not solve the confusion of the companions at all, but made everyone more uneasy. The other two hunters of the Ouroboros hunting team looked at Andrew in unison, hoping that their captain would come to a reliable young werewolf of Taylors family clenched his fist and waved his finger in the air. The magic ring on the top shone brilliantly in the sun.

    "What are you afraid of? We won't stay in the academy for too long," Andrew Taylor's voice sounded confident: "After Ishini gets ashore, we will take him directly back to Alpha Castle...nothing What an accident."

    The words are justified and convincing-of course, what makes everyone more convincing may be the magic rings worn on the claws of Taylor's little wolf. The colorful magic light surpassed all pale language comforts.

    Julian was about to make a joke to ease the depressed atmosphere in the field, and suddenly noticed a figure that had just appeared at the corner of the boulevard not far away.

    A thin figure in a red robe.

    That is the famous old student of the first university, Nicholas Green Oswall who has transferred to the college twice. In the practice class yesterday afternoon, Nicholas had just had a conflict with a student of Alpha College and almost broke the mouth of that Alpha student.

    "He even dared to come to the library?" Julian couldn't suppress his inner surprise: "After the practice class yesterday, if the assistant teacher was not by his side, I am afraid he would be torn to pieces by the guys in the 3A club."

    The Alpha student whose mouth was ripped off yesterday is a member of the 3A club.

    Andrew Taylor also noticed the silent figure not far away. He glanced at his hunter and snorted, "Why not? This is Jiuyou Academy, that is Jiuyou Book Mountain Pavilion... if he dares Going to the library in Fort Alpha might surprise me a little bit."