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    Vol 5 Chapter 261: After School

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    Latest URL: Assistant Hilda is now particularly annoyed.

    He was not annoyed by the two young wizards fighting in front of him, because he knew that this would happen sooner or later by letting students from Jiuyou Academy and Alpha Academy stay together for class.

    He was annoyed that the school knew that there was such a possibility, but because of a little funding problem and some stubborn old men's contempt for the practice class, the school refused to open the vacant hunting ground as a teaching site for the practice class, which eventually led to the present accident.

    Just like in a fire, the residents who own the well refuse the firefighters to pump the water from his home to put out the fire.

    "It's a murder!" The assistant teacher with copper rings and nails on his face trembled with anger. He was complaining about the school's policies, and he was also describing the accident that happened before him.

    Although Nicholas was limp in the grass, he still looked fiercely at the white robe not far from him. The low roar in his throat made everyone clearly understand the threat.

    "He's murdering, sir!" The students of Alfa College were excited, and several tall white robes huddled in the front of the crowd, pressing the book on their waist, without concealing the expression of revenge on their faces.

    "It's your people!" Zhang Jixin led the wizard from the 08-1 class of Astronomy to greet him without fear: "Everyone knows how low-key Nicholas's character is!"

    "Yes, I repeat the grade twice in a low-key, low-key to announcing to everyone that I want to keep my name in history before looking at the wall, low-key to an interview with the Beta Town Post, and let the whole school know about it!" Alpha has never lacked. Sharp-toothed character: "The First University can hardly find a lower-key student than him!"

    Without a word, Zhang Jixin rushed forward with a fist.

    Dozens of thick vines suddenly emerged from the void, binding the excited red-faced wizard and several white-robed wizards who were equally excited into zongzi-Mr. Assistant will never allow these young wizards to fight in front of him. of.

    "be quiet!"

    Hilda applied magic such as'shock and sound amplification' in her voice, and the low sound waves echoed within tens of meters, completely suppressing the noise caused by the red and white robes: "Anything Any behavior that disrupts classroom order will be deducted three credits of conduct!"

    The double suppression of physics and spirit quickly restored order to the chaos in the classroom.

    "Merlin is here, can't you all have a rest for the day?" After hearing the news, Mrs. Bella couldn't help holding her forehead after seeing the scene in front of her: "I have used Baixian more this month than last year. It will be more years!"

    "How?" After Hilda stopped the students on both sides, she looked down at Mrs. Bella who was treating the Alpha student. He asked about the Alpha student.

    The little nurse who assisted Mrs. Bella looked very optimistic: "It's great... the person is still alive."

    Compared with her slightly playful answer, Mrs. Bella's answer was clearer.

    "If it weren't for you to stop it in time, he probably wanted to pull the poor boy's tongue off." Mrs. Bella said to her heart: "Is the situation on both sides serious enough?"

    She was not alarmist, even Zheng Qing could see that in just a few seconds, the corner of the Alpha student's mouth had been ripped out of the mouthit could not be more appropriate to describe it as'tear the mouth.'

    It hurts to look at it.

    Zheng Qing smashed his mouth in admiration and made a "tsk tusk" sound.

    "Why, you're very happy that you haven't caused any trouble?" Hilda squinted at Zheng Qing, raised an eyebrow and asked angrily. The young public-funded student spread his hands with an innocent look, with a dazed expression.

    Did I do nothing? !

    The assistant teacher does not intend to answer the puzzles of the public-funded students.

    He leaned down and looked at Nicholas with a serious expression:

    "Why do you do this?"

    Nicholas gritted his teeth, his cheek muscles twitched, but said nothing.

    Liu Feifei stood not far behind him, teary eyes, her hands clenched tightly on her chest, several witches crowded around her, quietly comforting.

    Until the end of this practical class, Nicholas never answered that question from beginning to end. And the Alpha student's mouth was smeared with a thick layer of white fresh, and Mrs. Bella forbid him to speak. So no one knows what they said during the conflict.

    But this does not affect the witches of Astronomy 08-1 class who regard Nicholas as a hero. After the get out of class, everyone huffed around him:

    "Well done! I've long wanted to tear the mouths of those hypocrites!"

    "Say before you start next time, one more pair of fists will smash one more Alpha's nose."

    "Have you finished your alchemy homework? I can lend you a reference!"

    Nicholas ignored the frothy friendliness in his ears, and with Liu Feifei's support, he staggered out of Green Valley.

    "He should seize the opportunity to condemn those hypocrites with everyone." Fatty Xin commented, "At least so that he will not be isolated by his own people."

    "Even if he doesn't speak, he will not continue to be isolated." Xiao Xiao looked a little deeper than Fatty: "He has proven himself with actions."

    Zheng Qing did not participate in the lively discussions among his companions. For some reason, he always felt a little awkward. On a fork in the road leaving Green Valley, he waved goodbye to his companions.

    "What are you doing at Atlas Academy?" The fat man asked curiously after hearing Zheng Qing's plan.

    "Private matter," the young public-sponsored student explained vaguely, "It's just a private matter."

    He must not tell his companions that he is going to Atlas to find those clay-plastic wooden fetuses to burn incense. It will be ridiculed for a whole semester at According to people's consistent understanding, people in Jiuyou College should look for their spiritual home between textbooks and homework.

    "I think your personal affairs are behind." The fat man gestured backwards.

    Zheng Qing followed his gesture, and was surprised to see two witches walking side by side.

    It is Jiang Yu and Elena.

    Li Meng was carrying a small schoolbag, jumping around ten steps away from the two witches, and from time to time he threw himself into the grass, trying to catch the two-tailed squirrel that popped out of his head. These newly grown two-tailed squirrels have a beautiful orange fur, which gives people a warm and soft feeling.

    "Guan, it's my ass!" The young public-sponsored student looked like he had been stung, and took it back suddenly, stuttering to answer the fat man's words, and then fled amidst the laughter of his companions.

    Until the time when he burned incense to the old man, he kept guessing what the two witches were discussing.

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