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    Vol 5 Chapter 260: Accident In Practice Class

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    Latest website: The discussion involving Spring Hunting has actually been going on for more than a week. The Spring Hunting Day, which was supposed to open last Friday, is still far away until this Friday.

    The school has never let go, but the student union has reported inconsistent news from time to time. For example, the officer of the External Relations Department vowed to say that he was discussing the Spring Hunt sponsorship with the Beta Town Chamber of Commerce, but the officer of the Learning Department insisted that the department had not received any notice of the resumption of the Spring Hunt this year, and the publicity department from beginning to end They were all vague and refused to admit that the spring hunting was postponed, and they were not sure that the spring hunting would be completely cancelled.

    In short, the discussion involving Spring Hunter became a hot topic second only to the conflict with Alpha Academy in the eleventh week of school. Even Linzhong Lake's murloc tribe could not attract more attention from the students. force.

    On the first day of May, which is the eleventh Friday, a full week has passed since the normal spring hunting opening day. There are still people in the school hoping to receive a notice from the school tomorrow, telling everyone that the spring hunting will proceed normally. .

    "This happened in the school before,"

    Next to a bunch of Xiangfei bamboos on the edge of the Green Valley, a wizard was vowing to his companion: "I heard my uncle say that when he was going to school, once because of an unidentified monster running around the campus, the school forced the school to cancel multiple internal and external campuses. One of the group activities included the spring hunting. At that time, the spring hunting was delayed for half a month. Then the monster was caught, and the spring hunting was held the next day."

    "Your example is completely incomparable." His companion shook his head disapprovingly, and denied: "The reason for the cancellation of this year's Spring Hunt is very, very complicated...It is far from comparable to a wandering wild demon. Rather than holding it here. Unrealistic illusions, you might as well take out the talisman and potion that you were holding in your hand earlier, so as not to be beaten by the chicken when it expires."

    Zheng Qing couldn't help but chuckle when he heard this.

    Immediately he turned his head to look at Zhang Jixin, and as expected, the red-faced muscular wizard was stern, pretending that he hadn't heard those conversations. But Fatty Xin wouldn't give him a chance to play stupid.

    "Your talisman has expired," the fat man stretched out his finger and poked Zhang Jixin's shoulder unceremoniously: "Brother Qing told you a long time ago that you should put the expiring talisman in the store and sell it. , Didnt you agree to it at the time? Why did you regret it in the end... Its okay now, fortunately you **** your underwear."

    Zhang Jixin pursed his face for a long while, and did not answer the fat man's question, instead he changed the subject: "How to clean up them today?"

    As he said, he reached out to the edge of the green valley.

    Several companions followed the prestige, and happened to see a group of white robes passing by a group of red robes with arrogant expressions. The chins on both sides were raised higher than one, and both sides were watching the road with their nostrils.

    The practical class is a large class mixed together in several colleges, and the class location is in Green Valley. Green Valley is an open valley on the island of Phuket, surrounded by rolling hills and slopes, and ankle-length soft grass at the foot. Practice classes for the first year of university are arranged here.

    Originally because of the contradiction between Jiuyou and Alpha, the school tried to separate the two practical classes, but after only a week, it was found in vain that even if Jiuyou, who was originally mixed in a teaching class, separated from the Alpha students, they In fact, classes are still in the same green valley.

    The conflicts that should happen will still happen.

    Therefore, starting from last week, the temporarily separated class has returned to its original state. Of course, this special case is limited to the first grade practical class.

    In order to prevent the students from both sides from using the excuse of practicing magic to fight, the teaching assistants lost their hair one after another, and the whole class was staring at the restless guys with red eyes. If something was wrong, it was a soft leg curse. The past was taught. The therapists in the school hospital on the edge of Green Valley turned a blind eye to this.

    Under such heavy pressure, it is guaranteed that the Green Valley practical courses will be held steadily in the past two weeks.


    After listening to the red-faced wizard's words, Zheng Qing looked at him with a monster-like look: "You forgot the practice class last week. You and Andrew were paralyzed for most of the class. After class, we still helped you leave. What? Why can't you think about it like that?"

    "I heard that the soft leg curse is more prone to incontinence." Fatty Xin reminded without losing the opportunity: "If you plan to pee on your pants from time to time in the future, I think you can try to provoke Hilda."

    Hilda is the teaching assistant in charge of the mixed-class practice class of Astronomy 08-1 and Alpha College students. Due to the high work pressure, she has a bad temper in the past two weeks.

    The students on both sides were taught by him.

    Hearing the persuasion of his companions, Zhang Jixin was a little embarrassed: "Just let those hypocrites roll their eyes at us unscrupulously? Some things, even if you need to pee your pants, you have to do it."

    Having said that, the warnings of Zheng Qing and others finally played a role. When Hilda gathered the students from the two colleges to stand opposite each other, although Zhang Jixin was still holding his arms and his face was ugly, after all, he didn't take the lead in rushing past with his fists and fight with the wolf cub on the opposite side. together.

    The same is true for Andrew, who is facing the Taylor family, with a gloomy expression on his face, but his feet are pinned in place without moving.

    This relieved everyone.

    But when the gourd was pressed down and the scoop was raised, when everyone's attention was on the hot-tempered students, a young wizard who had a low sense of existence and was honest and usually caused trouble.

    It was Nicholas who had an accident.

    During the two-person practice, UU reading Nicholas formed a group with a thin wizard from Alpha Academy. Originally everything seemed normal, Nicholas bowed honestly, and the Alpha wizard returned politely.

    Both sides drew out the book according to the rhythm.

    Then the Alpha Wizard suddenly smiled mockingly, his lips moved, as if to say something to Nicholas, the originally peaceful half-blood werewolf suddenly red eyes, and a low growl from his throat dropped the book. , Rushed straight to the Alpha wizard opposite.

    Because the incident happened suddenly, Assistant Hilda happened to turn around to say something to a student next to him who asked the question. When he heard the exclamation and noise, and turned around again, Nicholas had already been fighting with the Alpha wizard. With the strong physical quality of the half-blood werewolf, the wizard was beaten with a gray-headed face, his head was swollen into a pig's head, and a pool of blood dripped from his nose and mouth. It looks terrible.

    "Hui Yao!"

    Hilda yelled and used short spells to separate the two young wizards, and at the same time used shocking spells to stop the situation from getting worse and stop the signs of movement on both sides.