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    Vol 5 Chapter 258: Footsteps Of History

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    The latest website: Many times, people unconsciously participate in the process of history and create historical events.

    Many times, great changes happen next to you. Before you know it, history has taken a big step forward silently. And when you look back suddenly, you will deeply realize your own ignorance and powerlessness.

    All people can feel is the shock brought by the footsteps of history.

    For the long history, every step forward takes years, ten years, or even hundreds of years. But its footsteps fell and people felt the tremor, but it only took a day or two.

    These two days have not really changed anything.

    They will only serve as traces of change, engraved in the long river of history, and turn into deep footprints for future generations to pay tribute to.

    In the second semester of the 2008-2009 school year, the eleventh week after school started, some sensitive historians and fortune-tellers felt the vast but small tremor. They dropped the yellowed ancient scrolls, panicked and grilled the white bones and tortoise shells, staring at the crystal ball until the eyes and the crystal ball turned red, but they found nothing.

    This is not surprising.

    Because the world still behaves so smoothly and orderly, without the slightest repression before the storm.

    This week, the hunting groups of the Wizarding World are still hunting the indigenous gods in the New World; the exploration teams of the Wizarding World wander the depths of the starry sky to communicate with different civilizations; the nine Four Seasons Squares of the Wizarding World are still crowded, bustling, and massive. Magic materials and alchemical products are traded and redeemed between different entities. The new wizard robes and the new version of the book make young wizards smile.

    This week, in the depths of the Silent Forest on Phuket Island, two mice are melting away the first brass ingot that made the body of the gods with the help of an imprisoned doctor; the wandering wizard and the Duke of Milton are in the top box of the bar There was a long conversation inside, coordinating the steps of the Council under the Moon and the Dark Council when they danced; there was also a yellow-and-white furry civet cat, squatting on the dusty bookshelf, watching through the dirty glass window. Looking at the deep and winding streets outside the window.

    This week, in the first university, a little witch who likes to faint fainted again. It is said that this time it seems to be due to anemia; the student union organized an informal hearing to discuss the relationship between the two publicly-funded students. There were more mistakes, but the scene became a quarrel; there was also an old student who had repeated grades twice, and with the encouragement of his girlfriend, he worked hard to muster the courage to face the common isolation of the two colleges.

    "They can never isolate a person who is willing to open up," Liu Feifei whispered in his ear as he walked into the teaching building with Nicholas: "Smile to every student who is willing to smile at you, and pretend to The classmate who can't see you smile...If you are warm, you won't feel cold when others are close to you."

    The heat from the witch's lips brushed his ears, making Nicholas feel a little itchy in his heart.

    He twisted his body uncomfortably, just to see Zheng Qing walking by with a gloomy expression holding a pile of textbooks. He looked down at the witch beside him, and the witch blinked and gave him a silent encouragement.

    Nicholas took a breath and tried to say hello to Zheng Qing in a lighter voice: "How is the hearing going? I heard Feifei said that you did well at the hearing..."

    Before he finished his words, he felt the soft flesh around his waist twisted by a pair of slender fingers, and he gasped.

    The witch was irritated by the boy's silly questions, and the wizard didn't know what he said wrong.

    He is obviously very sincere.

    Zheng Qing, who was originally depressed by the noisy voices at the hearing, couldnt help but tugged at the corner of his mouth after hearing Nicholass clumsy and stiff greetings, and smiled: "Then she must have not told you, I was Strikes out."

    He was referring to the fact that in the first round of questioning, he spoke super-level and was deprived of the qualifications to answer questions by the presidium. But obviously, Nicholas did not understand the sports stalk Zheng Qing used when he was sarcasm.

    "Strikes...out?" Nicholas repeated the word blankly, looking at Liu Feifei a little bewildered, not knowing what to say next.

    The witch sighed slightly, then put on a smile, and looked at Zheng Qing: "It's okay, it's just an informal hearing... Listening to the students in the student union, the student union is probably just looking for a reason to let the Alpha people Sit and chat with the people from Jiuyou, and see if you can ease the tension on both sides."

    There is still this reason? !

    After Zheng Qing heard this, he was stunned for a while before he suddenly realized. No wonder this hearing was held so hastily, and it did not allow him to have a deeper and more direct debate with Seprano. But he doesn't think this hearing will have much positive effect on the tension between the two colleges.

    "Relief is impossible to ease. There is no way to ease this semester. Just like today's meeting, the two sides did not draw out the law book to fight each other. It is already due to the suppression of Augustus and Leger." Zheng Qing said, sweeping He glanced at Nicholas: "Unless they reach a consensus on something, they can barely talk to each other..."

    Nicholas was not stupid, he immediately realized Zheng Qing's implication, and the expression on his face suddenly became much depressed.

    From the current point of view, he, whom Jiuyou and Alpha dislike together, seems to be such a consensus. Liu Feifei obviously noticed this too, showing a trace of anxiety.

    "This afternoon is Lao Yao's'Philosophy of Magic', why did you bring this murloc language textbook?" She looked at the textbooks in Zheng Qing's arms and tried to change a lighter topic.

    Zheng Qing sighed deeply when he heard the words.

    "There's a pitfall in my mind," he sarcastically said indifferently, while explaining: "I don't know what to think in the morning. I always feel that this afternoon is a murloc language class... so I brought the wrong book."

    As they spoke, the three of them had already reached the corner of the second floor. Around the corner, a stone sculpture with swords in both hands looked expressionlessly at every passing student. Among the portraits of famous alumni hanging on the wall, an old wizard was dozing with his head drooping.

    "Classmate Zheng Qing?" An abrupt voice interrupted the small chat between the three young Qingwen fame.

    I saw a tall witch in a red robe greeting him with a smile. She looked familiar, but for a moment, Zheng Qing couldn't remember where she had been seen.

    Fortunately, the witch didn't let him think about it.

    "I'm also the assistant of Professor Monteria's laboratory. Have you finished the rune analysis that the professor arranged for you some time ago? Why haven't I seen you go to the laboratory in the past two weeks?" The witch Balabala quickly said.

    Zheng Qing showed a bitter face.

    "Well, I have asked the professor for leave. There are some other things in the past two weeks, and I may not be able to go to the laboratory..." Thinking of Professor Monterias stern face, and thinking of myself not going to the laboratory for three consecutive weeks, The young public-funded student couldn't help but feel a little guilty: "You can ask other assistants to help with rune analysis, I'm sorry."

    Three heads