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    Vol 5 Chapter 257: Ceprano

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    "On the evening of April 11, did you appear near Linzhong Lake in violation of the relevant campus management regulations of the First University?"


    "Did you know that you were under the jurisdiction of the night patrol team?"


    "Are you aware that the night patrol team has the right to exercise coercive power against any violation of campus management regulations?"


    "Have you used offensive magic on a patrol member?"

    An uneasy commotion came from the white robe in the audience, because this question of Colmar was very inducing. It is true that Seprano used offensive magic on the Yugui Hunter, but the other side is not a little white rabbit waiting to be captured. It can only be said that both sides are half-hearted.

    But at this moment, through this issue of Colmar, it seems that Serprano violated the rules first, attacked the patrol team members, and committed evil subjectively, and the nature suddenly became worse than one level.

    From another point of view, Colmar's questions are all factual questions, and people can't find the place to be beaked.

    Seprano was silent for a moment, and finally answered simply:


    "What is the purpose of your presence there?" Kolma continued to ask.

    The fat wizard silently looked at Colmar who asked the question, and said nothing for a long time. Undoubtedly, this is another question with a trap. If Siprano does not want to violate the Q&A rules, he can only remain silent. It's just that the witch didn't feel blushing at all, she looked at him with sharp eyes with an expression waiting for an answer.

    The host sitting in the center of the rostrum coughed softly and knocked on the gavel in front of him: "In view of the particularity of the problem, the presidium allowed Mike King Serprano to describe his purpose in no more than 100 words. "

    Before the words were finished, the representatives of the red robe went into a crash.

    "Protest! This is a naked double standard!!"

    "Dare you be more shameless?"

    "Ha! If the people of Alpha want a face, the murlocs in Linzhong Lake can be regarded as moral models!"

    "Boom!" The host banged on the gavel in front of him, and shouted at the same time: "Quiet! Be quiet! This is the consensus of the presidium! If you have any suggestions, you can raise them again in the second round of questioning later. No! Any student who tries to disrupt the order of the hearing will lose the eligibility for subsequent voting!"

    The last sentence of threat was very effective. The originally boiling atmosphere seemed to have been poured with cold water, and instantly calmed down. Although there are still some red robes whispering and gritting their teeth, after all, the chaotic scenes like before will not appear.

    Zheng Qing vaguely heard two students from Jiuyou College quietly biting their ears not far behind him:

    "The people of Atlas have always only looked at Alpha's head...Why would Lei Zhe agree to let that yellow robe be the host?! He is obviously favoring Se Plano! We should let the people from the Star Academy be the host."

    "Perhaps it is a kind of balance. After all, the first questioner was Senior Sister Colmar... and compared with the people in Atlas, the people in the Star Academy are not very good at contending words."

    This analysis is well-founded, and quite interesting, but Zheng Qing didnt listen carefully to the following words, because Seprano had already spoken again and answered Colmars last question:

    "I'm looking for the peace of mind. The flocks of birds like black raindrops fly from dusk to night, and the night has nothing, but it comforts me. After the vanity fades, the noise outside the window is still noisy, I can only choose to walk into the night by the lake and find that point Quiet. The night by the lake was too dark, too quiet, and too harvest. I saw the eyes of death in the harvest. "

    There was silence in the conference room, and everyone looked at the fat wizard sitting on the right seat in amazement, as if they knew him for the first time. Even Colmar, who asked the question, stared in shock.

    This answer is very poetic and wizarding, full of the feeling of pursuing truth and hope.

    But this answer is too bad Prano.

    The fat wizard has always been known for his domineering, fierce, superb wrists, and gloomy temperament in the impression of the young wizards of the First University. Few people have seen him such a literary side, even the students of Alpha Academy-although many of Alpha Academy Students are very good at this kind of elegance and literature, but not including Seprano.

    Seprano's simple and rude style is also the main reason why he was not accepted by some circles of Alpha Academy. And today his answer, cleverly thrown an olive branch to those forces. Zheng Qing just glanced, and saw the surprise expressions on the faces of many white robes.

    Many people seem to realize for the first time that Alpha has other options besides Sir Friedman.

    And his answer gives people the feeling that he is a trembling young swallow chasing the light in a storm. It does not have the ferocious style of the owls or vultures of the past. It makes people taste a bit of pungent ridicule besides comical. taste.

    Zheng Qing noticed that on the rostrum, Augustus's mouth twitched slightly, while Lei Zhe's expression became faint. The young public-funded student did not realize that Seprano was using this hearing as a place for him to unite with the Alpha student representatives. He could only read Seprano's answer as nonsense, and the number of words still met the requirements.

    Yes, the answer of the fat wizard, without punctuation, is only ninety-two characters, and it is indeed within a hundred characters.

    But Zheng Qing decided not to believe that Seprano went to Linzhong Lake for a stroll or relaxation.

    Colmar also didn't believe this.

    The interrogator quickly adjusted his mind, cleared his throat, and asked the next question: "There is evidence that you have made illegal transactions with the murloc tribe of Linzhong Lake. Is this true?"

    A sarcasm smiled from the corner of Seprano's mouth: "Yes."

    "On the evening of April did your purpose of going to the lakeside include trading with the murloc tribe?"


    This time, even many students of Alpha Academy lowered their heads quietly, pretending not to hear Seprano's answer. The place where the representatives of Jiuyou Academy are now boiled again-the effect of the previous scoop of cold water has almost been consumed.

    "We should put two'honesty charms' on the person," a red robe whispered to his companion next to him: "Seprano doesn't have a single truth in his mouth!"

    His companion knows the current market very well: "The low-level Talismans did not have much influence on Seprano, and the high-level Talisman Student Union did not have the budget... and Seprano was not from Atlas College. There is no way for him to swear to the "Bible". Therefore, this kind of thing has no solution."

    "This hearing is like a child playing house."

    "...Who said no?"

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