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    Vol 5 Chapter 248: Put Your Hands Up

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    Latest website: Zheng Qing discovered Li Meng after a bush not far from Linzhong Lake.

    At that time, the little witch was lying on the grass with her head facing the ground and her limbs spread out, like a turtle without a shell. The only difference from the tortoise is that she slapped on the ground motionless, as if dead.

    The wizard's heart suddenly raised her throat, forgetting to breathe, and ran to the little witch.

    But after just running three steps, he suddenly woke up, put his right hand into the gray cloth bag around his waist, took out a stack of talisman paper, and desperately threw it on all directions and on the little witch. Chest.

    The talisman paper mainly plays the role of guarding and warning, and Zheng Qing in the book of the law happened to record a very useful spell at this moment:

    "Obviously go to heaven, shine down on the earth!"

    A soft and bright light suddenly lit up in the dark forest, as if a small sun was slowly rising, and a bright light was illuminated in all directions, even the ants crawling across the grass could see clearly.

    For a time, there seemed to be two moons in the sky, and the magical moon was more like the moon than the real moon.

    When chanting the spell, Zheng Qing clearly felt his voice tremble.

    This is not a good phenomenon.

    The wizard immediately turned to the second page of the book, settled, and said: "Don't shake, don't move, don't be embarrassed (nn), don't be upset!"

    In an instant, the panic in his heart subsided, and his spirit regained his composure.

    Zheng Qing didn't stop, and walked towards the direction where Li Meng had fallen to the ground, while looking around vigilantly, the book in his hand was tumbling. Because only relying on the light produced for a short time to satisfy the observation of the line of sight did not make him completely relieved.

    God knows if there is a poisonous snake hiding among the bushes or meadows.

    He walked two more steps, finally reached the appropriate spell, cleared his throat and said in a low voice:

    "There are four directions, everything is clear!"

    "Heaven's crime is gu, the thief is fighting inwardly!"

    The first spell strengthens the wizards observation and perception capabilities, and can keenly detect any discordant existence in the surroundings. It is one of the most commonly used spells of the Trident Sword in law enforcement detectives; the latter spell mainly acts on the wizards enemies. Heaven's Sinnet, the thief's infighting, as straightforward as the spell describes.

    These two spells are really useful.

    At the moment when the light green halo was rippling away, the bushes beside Li Meng bounced and bounced. Before Zheng Qing could react, two hairballs leaped out of the bushes, squabbling and tearing. Biting, ran away.

    At this time, Zheng Qing realized that they were two two-tailed squirrels who had suffered unjustified disasters. They were supposed to hide in the bushes and do shameful things, but they were maliciously disturbed by an unscrupulous wizard.

    Sin, sin, the wizard murmured in his heart, and reached out to touch the back of his neck.

    In just a moment of effort, a layer of fine sweat broke out on his back. At this moment, when the cold wind lingered at night, a layer of goose bumps suddenly appeared.

    There is still five meters away from Li Meng, which is less than ten paces under normal circumstances.

    Zheng Qing slowed down once again. While Yu Guang paid attention to the left and right, he turned two more pages of the Fa book in his hand and found a very strange spell: "Chu Chu Zhe Ci, the words are thorny!"

    This spell is applicable to places where weeds and thorns grow in the wild, and the role is to remove weeds and thorns in the wild. Accompanied by Zheng Qing's curse, the weeds within three meters of Li Meng's body seemed to have hit a replayed spell, and quickly retracted into the mud at a speed visible to the naked eye, leaving a patch of potholes and fresh mud.

    The dark red earth dragon with two thin fingers rolled its greasy body and got into the depths of the soil; behind a few ants, a ratwoman hurriedly got into a small hole, but unexpectedly the hole was too small. Stuck in the middle, the remaining half of his body was tilted in the air, and four or five short legs kicked helplessly in the air.

    Zheng Qing finally breathed a sigh of relief and stopped hesitating. He stepped forward and rushed to Li Meng's side, and quickly shot a few spells of warding off evil, cursing, purifying, and protecting her, and saw the slowly rising one. Qingyan turned the little witch over after nothing unusual.

    Under the moonlight, Li Meng's face was a little pale, as if he had lost too much blood.

    Zheng Qing stretched out two fingers, pinched her pulse, paused for a few seconds, finally completely relieved, and sat down on the ground.

    Fortunately, fortunately.

    The little witch is still alive.

    "Flap! Pop! Pop!"

    A series of crisp sonic booms sounded before and after Zheng Qing, four or five figures in black and gray robes arrived late, but they did not hesitate to lift up the book, and slashed at the person holding the little witch. A certain wizard.

    This is not surprising at all. Imagine that when the dark lights were on fire, a series of violent magical fluctuations suddenly appeared in the depths of the campus, which caused the guardian circle to be vigilant. The school staff and teaching assistants who came to the questioning found that a little witch was in trouble The province was lying on the ground, held in his arms by a sneaky wizard.

    To be honest, the teaching assistants and school staff who came here didn't immediately cast a curse on the wizard, or because the wizard and the little witch were too close, they were worried that the magic would cause secondary damage.

    "Leave your book! Raise your hand!" A majestic voice yelled at Zheng Qing: "Five fingers open, don't make any changes!"

    Zheng Qing was dizzy due to the magical halo caused by the book. He raised his hands and shouted: "This is an accident! I used the magic just now! She is lying here when I come! I am Zheng Qing. !!!"

    "Zheng Qing?!" A surprised and annoyed voice rang in the wizard's ear: "Why are you again? Shouldn't you be in the library at this time?!"

    "I was still in the and saw Li Meng sneak out through the window--she must have sneaked out. At this time, her cousin Jiang Yu should let her do homework--and then I thought I helped bring her back, so I came out, and then just followed her to this position, and saw her fall to the ground. Because I was worried about the danger around, I used a few magics of detection and protection. You can find these! "

    Worrying about the misunderstanding of the school staff and teaching assistants, Zheng Qing spoke quickly, and dumped himself from beginning to end with his mental activities, because he spoke too fast and the process described was too simple and true. Several school workers at a time Nothing was said with the teaching assistant.

    Of course, the books in their hands are still held in front of their chests, aiming at Zheng Qing.

    It's just that the magic wave that was surging in the original book shrank a lot, turning into a glowing halo shrouded in the book. Moreover, many of the red that exuded a dangerous aura became a safer green spell.

    Three heads