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    Vol 5 Chapter 246: Wreck And Figure

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    The latest website: "Two months ago, due to an accident, the descendants of Satogua, located deep in the Silent River, were bombarded into fans. At that time, the Trident Sword Office in Beta Town was responsible for the aftermath. The Public Security Administration of Beta Town... and I happen to have a good relationship with these two organizations, so I got a little'trophies'."

    "There are not many trophies. The remaining wrecks of those descendants fell into my hands 750 grams, which is equivalent to 26.45 ounces, or one hundred and fifty dollars."

    "Originally, I planned to clearly mark the price and sell it by the gram."

    "But considering that the number of these wrecks is not large, and any larger-scale magic rituals may not require less than 500 grams, they are simply sold out, and these goods are packaged and sold."

    "You are all neighbors on the island. See you when you look up. To avoid disputes, I plan to adopt the'hidden label' model for bidding. If you buy the price, the higher price will get it. Friends who fail to bid can continue to visit the shop. Enter other magic materials."

    "The shop has a new batch of Tazo worms, the protozoa in the depths of the Alps. They are definitely not fakes cultivated in the dark blue castle magic laboratory; there are also two Chupacabras, a male and female pair, for breeding. Or direct dispensing is very suitable..."

    Kolmar listened to the endless sales promotion of the lanky wizard behind the bar, and at the same time multi-tasking, secretly weighing the fineness of the other opponents in the room.

    The smell of the Luoguo wizard is very strange, whether it is a new visitor from outside the island or a magician who has lived in the laboratory for a long time. In either case, it is very bad for Colmar. Since this strange guest made a special trip to the wandering wizard's bar to seek a deal, then his desire for this material is self-evident.

    In comparison, Andrew Taylor, who shot on behalf of Siprano, was the best one to deal with. Kolmar is confident to persuade the first-year werewolf boy to give up the wreck. Moreover, the pair of Chupacabra that the wandering wizard started here should be very helpful to Colmar's persuasion work.

    As for the guests of the Murloc tribe, Kolma, who is the vice chairman of the Student Union of the First University, did not take it seriously. Even if the guest is the elder of the Murloc tribe, there is no deterrent to the witch-especially the current situation is tense recently. The Murloc tribe of Linzhong Lake was originally struggling because of the discord with Jiuyou Academy. At this time, They are unlikely to have the courage to embarrass the vice chairman of the First University Student Union.

    Just as the witch's mind was turning, Andrew Taylor suddenly interrupted the introduction of the wandering wizard and asked

    "Excuse me, sir."

    "You just mentioned that the'wreck' is the descendant of Satogua in the depths of the Silent River two months ago... If the rumors are good, the descendant should be the one that Zheng Qing blew up, right? "

    Kolma raised her eyebrows immediately.

    I just thought about how to stand out from the crowd, and ignored such critical information. Damn it. During the winter vacation, the news that Zheng Qing killed a monster in Silent River once caused a sensation in the northern district of Beta Town.

    Because that monster has been entrenched at the mouth of the Silent River for many years, every year there are magicians who go into the woods to collect magical materials and pass through the mouth of the bay to be swallowed by the monster. For the jugglers who have lived in the North District since they were young, that monster is a more terrifying existence than Satan or Lucifer.

    On the one hand, Kolma is not a real juggler. On the other hand, too many things have happened inside and outside the school after the beginning of the school year. The daily work of the student union makes her dizzy, and time has passed. And she has recently focused on the construction of the magic circle, so that when the wandering wizard mentioned those key words, the witch did not react immediately.

    "I can't tell you the exact origin of this'wreck'. I can only tell you that it is not that legal." The wandering wizard gave a low smile and added, "Besides, I can tell you, except for me. Except for the material in hand, the other wrecks have been taken into the black prison by the school."

    Kolma couldn't help sighing heavily in her heart.

    For a moment, she even felt that she could turn around and leave this depressed little room and ask Zheng Qing for a piece of the wreckage. As the hunter who killed that monster, Zheng Qing should get his share of the trophy according to the usual practice.

    The wandering wizard will not waste his credibility on such trivial matters that can be verified at any time.

    "Very well, since everyone has no other opinions, then the quotation begins." The wandering wizard stopped talking nonsense, and raised the silver spoon again, knocked the glass wall of the wine glass, accompanied by a crisp tinkling sound, several guests simultaneously appeared in front of them. A white card and a white feather pen.

    The four guests unanimously reached out their hands and grabbed the card and the feather pen.



    When Colmar stepped into the wandering bar, Zheng Qingzheng poked his head and looked out the glass window.

    After eight o'clock in the evening, the sky was already dim, and the school-bred lampworms gathered in groups on the withered branches and bare cornices, sprinkling a mottled milky white halo.

    The window where Zheng Qing is located is in a corner of the third floor of the Shushan Pavilion. Zheng Qing and Ilena sit here to study together on weekdays. But today, for some unknown reason, the Gypsy Witch did not respond to the wizard's look all day, and did not come here to do homework after class.

    Not only that, she also cleaned up all the books that she put on the table to occupy space.

    This made Zheng Qing feel a little flustered.

    He feels that Jelena doesn't seem to ignore him because the magic circle is about to be activated this The wizard in love is always very sensitive to this kind of thing.

    Zheng Qing had planned to find a chance to chat with her in Fulu class in the afternoon. But the witch walked in a hurry, and almost left the classroom in the footsteps of Lecturer Zhang after class, so that the witch never found a suitable opportunity.

    So after dinner, Zheng Qing didn't even go to the dk to check the accounts and stayed in the library. Although he was in a mess and could hardly see anything in, he still insisted on staying in the Book Mountain Pavilion until the sky was completely dark.

    The witch still did not appear.

    Every five minutes, Zheng Qing couldn't help poking his head out of the window and looking out, hoping to see the familiar figure. But he retracted his head in disappointment again and again.

    Until the time at 8 o'clock, Zheng Qing looked out again, and still didn't see the figure of Ilena coming to the library, but unexpectedly saw another familiar figure leaving the library.

    It is Jiang Yu's cousin, the little spirit witch from Astronomy Class 081, Li Meng.