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    Vol 5 Chapter 245: Inevitable

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    Latest website: On the eleventh Monday, night, walk on the pedestrian street in Beta Town, wander around.

    The work of the Student Union was delayed a little bit. When Colmar came to the Wandering Bar, it was already a quarter past eight in the evening.

    The big frog at the door was yawning bored, looking forward to the end of today's work. So when it saw the witch, it was not in a very good mood. When checking her invitation letter, it deliberately chewed for a while, causing the witch's entry hand to get a thick layer of slime.

    Kolma didn't care about it. She didn't even wipe the silver-white sign with a handkerchief from her pocket, but grabbed it in her hand and rubbed the skirt at will.

    "The wandering wizard is inside, right?" She glanced at the big frog coldly and asked hurriedly.

    The big frog seemed to be frightened by the witch's eyes, quickly swallowed his tongue back into his mouth, nodded hurriedly, and mumbled yes. It's just that the witch didn't have the patience to listen to its muttering carefully, and she pushed the door and went into the wandering.

    The big frog let out a sigh of relief behind her.

    Because it was a day of class, there were not many guests in the Wandering Bar. The few young wizards also wore hoods, hiding their faces in the heavy shadows, and it seemed that this would make them fall. Be more at ease.

    Noting the new witch entering the door, several young wizards seemed to want to say hello, but looking at the witchs face again, these young wizards suddenly put out their minds, retracted their decks, and pulled their hoods deeper. .

    The vice-president of the First University Student Union, the queer-tempered Korma Witch, few boys dare to think about her.

    The witch didnt care about the psychological activities of the young wizards in the bar. When she walked to the bar, the waiter of the dobby was flying around, making wine for several guests, receiving the witchs hand card, and the waiters free one. The arm points back:

    "Go straight down the aisle, turn at the end, and go upstairs... the first room on the right upstairs. Everyone else has arrived."

    As he spoke, he held a pure white mask in his other arm and handed it to the witch.

    "I don't need it." Kolma waved his hand indifferently. As she said, she doesn't care that others know what she bought, she doesn't need to be anonymous.

    "To be fair, this is the rule." The dobby waiter insisted.

    On the entire island of Phuket, the first university is the well-deserved master, and the student union of the first university holds at least one third of the daily operation of the school. As the vice chairman of the First University Student Union, the appearance of Colmar is indeed a huge pressure on other guests. The wandering wizard makes corresponding rules for this, which is very reasonable.

    The witch looked at the waiter's firm expression, sighed, took the mask, and covered her face.

    There are few guests upstairs and the atmosphere is quiet.

    On the door of the first room on the right, there is a sign in use hung.

    Pushing the door open, Kolma squinted her eyes slightly. The light was a little dim, there were no light bugs in the room, only a dozen candles were nailed to the wall like rivets, the orange flames the size of broad beans, flashing on the wick, and burning oil from time to time , Making a slight crackling sound.

    There are four soft chairs on the left and right sides of the house, separated by a tall coffee table. On the coffee table are fruit plates and pastries; in front of the house is a small bar. There is no wine kitchen behind the bar, but a huge landscape painting hung in the painting. You can see the dark forest and some fireflies, the specific picture is blocked by the wandering wizard.

    The wandering wizard stood behind the bar, in front of the huge landscape painting. There are five cups in front of him and a wine bottle in his hand, seeming to be introducing his treasure to other guests in the house.

    Kolma glanced at it. In addition to the wandering wizard, there were three other figures in the room.

    A pudgy wizard with ten fingers full of colorful magic rings. The witch frowned slightly. She seemed to have seen such decorations before, or heard of this wizard wearing a ring. It's just that the whole body of the pudgy wizard was covered in a thick black robe, and she was wearing a red mask, which she couldn't remember for a while.

    The other figure, also wearing a thick black robe, crouched, seemed to be a Luoguo, with his back bulged high, and a laborious whistling sound from under his hood, as if he would be out of breath at any time, which made people worried.

    Although the last guest was also wearing a black robe, the witch smelled the stench faintly coming from under his robe a long way away. That is the peculiar taste of fish people in Linzhong Lake.

    "Does the murloc tribe have so much gold?" After the witch took her seat, she asked the last guest unceremoniously: "Also, if I remember correctly, Jiuyou Academy now restricts murlocs from going out in the lake."

    After that, she turned to look at the first pudgy wizard and chuckled: "Why didn't Seprano come, sent you a little wolf cub...Why, doesn't he have an absolute chance of winning?"

    She had just remembered who was the little fat man with so many magic rings on her hands. In the entire No.1 University, there is only one guy who is so pushy, Andrew Taylor, a freshman in Alpha College. And this little wolf cub from the Taylor family has already joined the Cheung Kei meeting of Seprano.

    The witchs aggressive attitude shocked the other three guests in the room, so much so that when her eyes fell on the Luo Guo wizard, the Luo Guo wizard who had been struggling and screaming for a while forgot to gasp and suffocated. Stopped breathing.

    The wandering wizard spoke in time, preventing Colmar from continuing to speak.

    "You are a guest, pay attention to politeness." The owner of the wandering bar laughed in a low voice, and instructed the elves to deliver a cup of "golden years" to the guests, and at the same time calmly said: "Don't be anxious. Our transaction will begin immediately."

    Kolma took the wine glass floating in front of her, and finally chose to obey the bar owner's arrangement, shut up, and sat on the last empty chair.

    The others in the room sighed in relief the mask, Kolma frowned slightly.

    If she could, she didn't want to show such a flamboyant style, especially in the bar of the wandering wizard. After all, he is a great wizard, and it is said that he was once a dark wizard.

    But now that time is pressing, and the magic circle is about to be activated in five days, she is bound to get that material.

    The wandering wizard knocked the wine glass with a silver spoon, tinkling, attracting everyone's attention:

    "Before starting trading, I declare two rules."

    "First, pay attention to politeness and follow the rules of trading."

    "Secondly, what I say is the rules."

    Having said that, he paused, looked around, and was satisfied to see that the guests were silent, with no objections.

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