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    Vol 5 Chapter 244: Seprano's Arrangement

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    The two young kinsmen of the Karen family had just mentioned Mike King Seprano in the lounge. After walking out of the lounge, Matthew saw the figure of the fat wizard standing at the end of the corridor.

    Considering his identity, Matthew Cullen decided to ignore the fat wizard.

    But Sir Friedman seems to think otherwise:

    "If you are going to face an opponent who is much stronger than you, you must first let the other party know that you respect him. This way, even if there is no way to reach an agreement, you have a lot of confidence to retreat."

    "In private, you can quietly consider which type of curse to use on him without leaving a trace. On the bright side, you should hug like old friends."

    "So, now, say hello to him, cousin."



    Seprano is not alone.

    Next to him stood a young wizard with a similar figure, but with a slightly shorter head and no trim on his robe. It was Andrew Taylor from Quebec. The young wizard wore colorful magic rings on his ten fingers, and had an unruly expression on his face. Even when he looked at Sir Friedman, he did not have much respect.

    Compared with him, Seprano is more cautious.

    "Good night, Mike." Sir Friedman nodded slightly and said hello to the fat wizard who passed by.

    "Ann, sir." Seprano tugged at the fat on the side of his cheek, and greeted equally laboriously.

    Sir Friedman turned his body slightly, and Matthew Cullen stepped forward, pressing his abdomen with one hand, and bowing his head slightly: "Merlin bless you, sir."

    There was no expression on Seprano's face, just a light nod.

    Throughout the process, Andrew Taylor has been shrinking in the shadow of the last corner, as if this would make him invisible to others. And the others, including Seprano, did not bother the wolf cub.

    Until the silhouettes of the two blood races disappeared behind the corner at the end of the corridor, the young wolf man quietly moved and walked to Seprano's side.

    "He must be planning something, sir." Andrew Taylor leaned into Seprano's ear at the right time and whispered: "A long distance away I smelled the rich Machiavellian breath of those two vampires. "

    Machiavelli is a well-known dark wizard in the history of wizards. He is known for his conspiracy and trickery.

    The fat wizard waved his hand indifferently.

    "Everyone always overestimates Machiavelli," he said with a sarcastic smile. "The reason why conspirators are conspirators is because they don't have enough power to perform conspiracy. If Sir Friedman radiates With the smell of Louis XIV, I really need to worry a little bit."

    "After staying in this college for a long time, you will realize that'action and enterprising can bring success, not blood'. The ancient heritage comes and goes, there are many adventures, but very few really act."

    "Look at the castle."

    "Those descendants of the big family who lift their chins and take square steps, like male ducks, don't squint, or even know the difference between faith and honor."

    "Look at us again, those enthusiastic partners."

    "What else can you worry about?"

    Andrew Taylor lowered his head docilely, listening to Suprano's education, and even claimed to be. It's as if what I heard was a famous saying in life. On his wrist, a colorful ouroboros tattoo slipped quietly to the base of his thumb, and his head fell on his thumb, as if he was also listening to the teachings of the fat wizard.

    After sighing, Seprano changed the subject: "Do you know why you are called today?"

    "Follow your instructions, sir." Andrew Taylor immediately replied respectfully, as if this sentence had been hidden in his throat for a long time, just waiting to come out for a stroll.

    The fat wizard gave a rare laugh:

    "You don't look like a wolf, but like a hound with a wagging tail."

    Andrew Taylor did not show any offense on his face. Instead, he replied solemnly: "Loyalty and guardianship are the admonitions of the Taylor family. This is one of the reasons why we are regarded as heretics by other werewolf tribes."

    Seprano nodded slightly.

    "Very good," the fat wizard led him around the corner, into a slightly decorated lounge, and whispered as he walked: "In recent days, wandering wizards will sell a batch in the wandering bar.' The flesh and blood of those descendants who exist in the depths of the starry sky'...Of course, as always, the origin of these things is not very legal."

    While talking, Seprano tore off the gray flannel covering a portrait on the wall.

    "To be precise, those'goods' flowed from legal institutions." A slightly slick voice came from behind the flannel: "The order built by the Wizarding League runs smoothly because it can take care of the sunlight. With shadows everywhere."

    The fat wizard tilted his head slightly to the portrait: "Good night, Mr. Wandering Wizard."

    "Good night, the hope of Alpha Academy." The wandering wizard replied with a compliment, and then eloquently said: "As I told you before, those flesh and blood are very good catalysts and bases of the magic circle, many uncommon magic The branches will use them as their main materials...Even if you don't need it yourself, the elders of the Murloc Tribe are definitely willing to spend a lot of gold to buy it back from you."

    Hearing this, Andrew Taylor, who had been staying behind, felt a little bit stunned, and felt that he had grasped a little background of this conversation.

    The wandering wizard got a batch of contraband from nowhere and wanted to sell it to Seprano, or, through Seprano, sell it to the murloc tribe in Linzhong Lake at a high price. As everyone knows, Seprano is now Master the only channel for illegal trade with the murloc tribe.

    But why did you call yourself here?

    Siprano solved his doubts at almost the same time.

    "His name is Taylor, and will be my representative in the secret auction of Wandering Bar on Monday night." The fat wizard introduced the young werewolf behind him to the portrait on the wall while wandering The wizard's portrait explained: "The hemophilia group has an important meeting on Monday night, and I cannot be absent."

    "Very interesting." The wandering wizard tugged at the brim of his hat and greeted Andrew: "Taylor, Taylor, ah, is it the Taylor family in Midsass Edmonton?"

    The corners of the young werewolf's mouth twitched.

    Someone confuses his surname with the old magic family in England.

    "No, it's the Taylor family from Quebec, the Moonlight Family." Andrew Taylor corrected stiffly.

    "Oh, Quebec Taylor, yes yes yes, Taylor's house is the guard." As expected, the wandering wizard confirmed Andrew's foundation in a blink of an eye. At the same time, he politely invited: "Then at 8:30 on Monday night. , Wander around, waiting for your visit."

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