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    Vol 5 Chapter 243: Constructive Discussion

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    Latest website: After attending the meeting of the "Seven Deadly Sins" last time, Friedman has been distressed by the mission issued by the criminal envoy.

    The second thing is fortunate to say that the sinful adult gave half a year of preparation time, at least within this semester, he did not need to spend too much time on this matter.

    But the first thing is very scratching.

    Ending the farce of the murloc tribe, maintaining the stability and unity of the school-it was originally a very funny thing to give to a student in a secret society. What's more, the contradiction between the two colleges has been around for a long time, and the apparent differences between the school-running philosophy and the college system are just plain conflicts.

    The deeper conflict is that Jiuyou Academy attempts to regain its millennium glory and challenge the new order established by Alpha Academy over the past hundreds of years.

    If Friedman were to choose between the two academies, he could come up with a hundred different schemes.

    But to reconcile the contradiction between the two academies, he suspected that as soon as he spoke, he would be burned to ashes by the monstrous anger that ignited in Alpha Castle.

    In view of the sensitivity and difficulty of this matter, after thinking about it for a long time, he finally chose to start from a humble corner. Push his cousin, who has both Alpha and Jiuyou Academy traits, and is closely connected with him to the front desk as an agent and a tester.

    When things happen, everyone is happy; things are not in harmony, and as Matthew Cullen's first-year identity, they will not be deliberately targeted.

    At this moment, after hearing his cousin ask if he had any specific plans, Sir Friedman's lips curled downwards, revealing an embarrassed look: "Almost nothing."

    He said, holding up the glass of orange-red blood wine in his hand, making an analogy: "Now that the students of the two colleges meet in the hunting grounds, they are like the bulls in Pamplona in July, with red eyes. Go up without paying attention to tactics and skills at all. The harder the fight, the louder the cheers and applause won."

    Pamplona is a small city located in Spain and is famous for its annual running of the bulls.

    "It's like someone has inserted a hot rod into their ass, sir!" the full-length mirror said cheerfully. It didn't know when it shook off the blanket hanging on its body, revealing half of its mirror face again.

    Sir Friedman's face was a little pale, and his lips were tight.

    Matthew twitched his mouth: "This is a terrible metaphor."

    He mourned for the mirror in his heart for a few seconds. If he guessed right, after he left this lounge, the cousin would definitely smash the rude mirror to pieces.

    "...But it's human." Sir Friedman turned stiffly, picked up the blanket again, and firmly covered the mirror-this time he tied the mirror a few times with a thin ribbon. At the same time gritted his teeth and said: "Appropriate comfort and means will always calm them down...from the bull in Pamplona to the docile Indian sacred bull."

    The Indian sacred cow has always been well-known for its pacifist spirit of'fighting and cursing.

    "Appropriate comfort and means?" Matthew repeated these words softly.

    "Let the students in both colleges think they won." Sir Friedman added.

    It is difficult, almost impossible, no one is an idiot. Matthew Cullen was muttering in his heart, but he didn't have the courage to break the unrealistic idea of his cousin.

    "How can we make both parties think they won?" Matthew tried to make his question appear sincere.

    "Propaganda." Sir Friedman tapped the glass wall of the wine glass with his fingertips, and listened to the sound of'ding' from it, and said softly: "The same glass, when you tap different positions, Different voices will be heard. What we have to do is to choose a voice that the students of the two colleges love to listen to and knock it for them."

    The premise requires you to have a controlling stake in the school newspaper and the Beta Town Post, and Matthew Cullen murmured in his heart.

    "Of course, this is just a train of thought... so I just said'almost nothing'," Sir Friedman quickly took his gaze back from the cup and looked at Matthew: "But I hope you will be able to Play its own role."

    "You are a student of Jiuyou College, but your spirit also belongs to Alpha College. This is your advantage. You can unite classmates like you and become the glue between the two colleges."

    "Sir Alfred Tennyson once said,'Benevolence is more valuable than a crown, and faith is better than blood',"

    Sir Friedman showed a trace of compassion:

    "As real Alpha people, we hope that our position will gain more support from our classmates, but we don't want this support to be based on chaos, bloodshed or even sacrifice."

    "Faith is better than blood." Matthew chewed on the poem, and suddenly his consciousness went off the track.

    He realized how to choose the problem that had troubled him for a long time. Now that you are in Jiuyou Academy, you should fight to maintain Jiuyou's beliefs.

    The discussion between the two young blood races did not last long.

    After understanding his cousins thoughts, Matthew Cullen quickly chose a suitable opportunity to leave and avoid disturbing the cousin for too long.

    Before leaving, he remembered the busy figures in the Alpha Fort corridor, and asked:

    "When I came, I passed by the corridor on the third floor of Alpha Fort and saw some people hanging silver curtains... What are they doing?"

    "There will be a small gathering of hemophiliars on Wednesday, and they are setting up a stage for the speakers." Sir Friedman took the hot towel from the elf, wiped his hands, then shook his head and complained: " They had a more elegant choice."

    Matthew didnt know what his cousins so-called more elegant choice washe was more inclined to his cousins habitual criticismand he was not interested in that small gathering at all, but he would never show it:

    "It's really exciting."

    He pretends to be a little interested in this is a waste of time and money. "Sir Friedman unceremoniously attacked: "Every additional meeting like this will strengthen the hatred between the colleges and widen the rift between the two colleges... It is completely impossible to understand why the college allows such behavior. appear. And the prejudiced guy Seprano is in charge of these matters. "

    Matthew raised his eyebrows in his heart.

    He was a little unsure whether his cousin's anger was due to the fact that the hemophilia would hand over the above matters to Seprano, or because the cousin really worried about the growing hatred between the colleges. He felt more like the former.

    "Doesn't the society work like this?" Matthew whispered: "By building a true opponent to unite friends and partners; use their language, slogan and vision to add glory to the college's badge Add color."

    Sir Friedman gave his cousin a surprised look.

    "It looks like you have learned how to chat in the adult world." His expression is full of appreciation: "Use those flashy empty words to pile up your opinions and make the clich more elegant."