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    Vol 5 Chapter 242: The Purpose Of Jazz

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    After the regular meeting, Matthew Cullen sat in the classroom for a long time. After a long time, the people in the classroom were almost gone. When the teaching building was almost empty, he packed up his books and left the classroom slowly.

    For a strictly self-disciplined nobleman under the moon, such a slightly loose attitude is very rare.

    But he needs time, he needs a slightly more independent place to think about problems, and think about what he should do next.

    Earlier today, his cousin Sir Friedman brought him a message and asked him to sit and chat in the 3a club lounge in Alpha Castle after the regular meeting. Because the time point is very sensitive, Matthew must sort out his recent words and deeds to make sure that he has not done anything that misunderstands others.

    Fortunately, after introspection, he found that he was still cautious enough.

    When he was out of the teaching building, Matthew saw the monitor Jiang Yu. Although he was surprised that Jiang Yu was still near the teaching building so late, he didn't pay much attention to it.

    Everyone has everyones freedom, and everyone has everyones troubles. He should now concentrate on his own troubles.

    The shortcut from Jiuyou Academy to Alpha Castle is as bleak as ever.

    Because of the remoteness of the area, the dead branches and vines hanging on the promenade seemed to have not been cleaned for a long time. The breeze blew by, making a squeaky sound, like a squirrel peeping in the bushes.

    The portraits hanging on both sides of the corridor in Alpha Castle are much cleaner than when they came last time, and the copper pieces used for riveting on the outside of the frame shone brightly under the fire. Unlike external changes, the old people in the portrait are as irritable and persistent as ever.

    "Damn red robe, one more look will dirty my eyes!" An old man wearing a wig shouted to Matthew: "Who can bring me a basin of water?!"

    "One generation is inferior to one generation..." Another little old lady who was holding a smoking pot whispered and complained: "One generation is inferior to one generation... They even let those red robes into Alpha's castle!"

    Complaints like this one after another, Matthew has long been used to it.

    He passed through the world of these old people quietly and quickly, and soon came to the cousin's lounge. The Alpha students he met along the way were all in a hurry, or running around holding up banners and slogans, but no one embarrassed the red-robed Karen child.

    When he came to the lounge, Sir Friedman had just sent away a guest in a gray robe, who was covering the full-length mirror at the entrance of the lounge with a thin blanket.

    "I don't know what medicine it took wrong, it has become increasingly rude recently."

    After noticing the curious and polite look in his cousins curious and polite eyes, Jazz explained: "I just asked the alchemist at the school to check it, and nothing was found...In short, I should cover it with a blanket. Would be wrong."

    "All the full-length mirrors will shut up under the blanket." Matthew Cullen smiled in agreement.

    "Not free! Rather than die!" The full-length mirror, which was not completely covered by the blanket, yelled.

    Sir Friedman tugged hard and swiftly used the blanket to completely "seal" the full-length mirror underneath. Then he breathed a sigh of relief and unbuttoned his cuff rather uncomfortably.

    "Amber light or green bee?" Sir walked to the small bar in the lounge, raised the cup in his hand, and asked Matthew in a gesture.

    This kind attitude and the soothing atmosphere in the lounge caught Matthew by surprise.

    He thought he was about to face heavier pressure.

    "Pure blood is fine." Matthew stood in front of the sofa and replied slightly stiffly.

    Sir Friedman shrugged, poured half a cup of blood into the cup in front of him, and added a half cup of amber light; and poured a cup full of pure blood into Matthew's cup.

    "If you want to drink warm, the copper stove is over there." The Jazz gestured to the other direction of the lounge with his hand holding the glass, and then added: "But I think this restless season, this restless In the environment, drinking some cold blood is more refreshing."

    It was about to serve the main course, Matthew took a light breath, straightened his back, and showed a standard smile on his face: "Cold blood is good."

    Sir nodded in satisfaction.

    "I came to you today to hear your opinion." Friedman didn't go around in circles, and straightly said what he meant: "The contradiction between the two colleges has affected the image of the entire school in the wizarding world. School teaching-and the latter is the foundation of the first university standing in the wizarding world."

    "Professors may have various ideas, but as an example of young wizards, we can't ignore them."

    "What do you think about reconciling the conflict between the two colleges?"

    This question completely exceeded all expectations of Matthew Cullen. He originally thought that his cousin came to him because he wanted him to stand on Alpha Academy's side, criticizing the nine-faulty education system and rigid teaching philosophy, or asking him to speak out to support the struggle of the murloc tribes in Linzhong Lake.

    Just like the poor classmate Nicholas.

    But to his surprise, Sir Friedman did not let him make the above difficult choice, but gave him a surprising choice.

    "Reconciling the contradiction between the two colleges?" Matthew held the wine glass, repeating his cousins question, chewing every word in this sentence repeatedly to make sure that he understood the same thing as his cousin wanted to express. meaning.

    The bright red blood was not mixed with any alcohol, and it swayed leisurely in the cup, leaving a shallow hanging wall, like the crystal flesh of grapes after peeling.

    The young kin was silent for a while, and finally spoke and asked softly: "Is this the opinion of the hemophilia?"

    "No," Jazz shook his head immediately: "This is just my opinion as a member of the first university."

    Matthew sighed with disappointment For a moment, he almost thought the sun was coming out from the west. But even if the sun does not come out from the west today, it certainly does not rise and set normally.

    This is because Sir Friedman, the head of the 3a club representing the most stubborn force in Alpha Academy, has just raised the possibility of a truce to a student of Jiuyou Academy.

    Even if neither of them has the final right to decide all of this.

    This is already a very magical thing.

    "Do you have any plans?" There was a hint of excitement in Matthew Cullen's eyes-if he can successfully thread the needle on this matter and bring the two colleges back to peace and tranquility, then he will become the joint of the two colleges. Hero.

    Of course, this hero may be quoted, but even so, for a first-year student, it is an amazing achievement.

    He even regretted being late today.