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    Vol 5 Chapter 241: Difficult Choice

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    The night is like fog, covering the entire garden.

    Jelena opened her arms, as if she was just stretching her waist, and as if embracing the entire sky.

    "Is it worth it?" Jiang Yu stared at the crystal eyes on the opposite side, without annoyance on his face, but repeated his question softly. Her question is vague, but very clear.

    does it worth? For a hint of uncertainty, pay so much.

    does it worth? For others, give up so much.

    The Gypsy Witch sighed for a long time, bit by bit the cold breath back into her stomach: "For myself, it is naturally not worth it. But what can I do? I can't just do it. Live by yourself."

    After that, she turned her head, looked at the quiet little pond, and whispered softly:

    "In the morning, I sprinkled the net in the sea."

    "I pulled out the strange and beautiful things from the dark abyss-some shone like a smile, some shone like tears. Some were flushed like a bride's cheeks."

    "Some people shed tears during the day, but some people's tears are hidden in the gloom."

    "They all need me. I don't have time to meditate on the next life. 1"

    Jiang Yu looked at her profile and was silent for a long time.

    "The day has passed, and it is night." She thought, and slowly replied: "Sleep, like a flower bud, will open your chest to the light. Silence will eventually make a sound, and the load will be rewarded. 2"

    The gypsy witch froze for a moment, and a smile slowly spread on her face.

    She turned around, raised her skirt with both hands, and bowed slightly to Jiang Yu, "What kind of reward do you want? 3"

    Jiang Yu took a gentle breath.

    "I will discuss this with Xiaomeng, and I must get her consent."

    "The content of the specific agreement, I will hand it to you on Tuesday night, and will not delay your time."

    The implication is that even if Li Meng did not agree in the end and the deal fell through, Irina still had a certain time to react. It will not come to a critical moment and be in a hurry.

    The gypsy witch nodded heavily, with a bright smile on her face:

    "no problem!"

    A trace of regret suddenly rose in Jiang Yu's heart, feeling that what he had promised was a bit too arbitrary. She quickly intercepted a bit of outdated content from the memory of the conversation just now, and immediately added: "This is not a deal!"

    This is what the Gypsy Witch just said.

    The corner of Jelena's mouth hooked: "I know."

    Jiang Yu was a little short of breath and couldn't help but reminded: "Some people look like children, but in fact they already have them."

    Irina froze for a moment, and replied thoughtfully: "Some people sniff the rose, but there is a cat living in their heart."

    None of them pointed out the subject of the conversation, but this did not affect the exchange of information between the two intelligent witches.

    The two witches had a friendly farewell.

    Before leaving, Jiang Yu finally remembered a question that had puzzled her for a long time, and finally asked: "Why didn't you ask the elders of the Gypsy Witch for the blood of the spirit witch."

    Although the current size of the Gypsy Witches has been reduced, their long history still brings them a deep foundation. Even if you don't consider the reserve of spirit witch blood, as Europa's largest psychic group, there should be some living spirit witches in the Gypsy Witch Group.

    For this, Jiang Yu is very sure. A few years ago, after Li Meng was confirmed to have the physique of the spirit witch, Zhongshan Jiang and Li once invited the spirit witch of Gypsy to teach Li Meng.

    Regarding this question, Irina did not shy away: "The decline is a long process. There are many old spirit witches in the witch group, but the only young spirit witch I have access to is Li Meng."

    "Experienced spirit witches may be slightly better in terms of experience, but the sensitivity and vitality of the spirit in their blood are far from enough. The magic array we prepared just so much needs the latter two elements."

    This reason is very good.

    Jiang Yu nodded clearly and said goodbye to Elena again.

    The Gypsy Witch waved her hand with her back to Jiang Yu. In front of her was the small quiet pool of water, which reflected in her eyes, was a small rippling pool of water.

    She took a step forward, and the soles of her shoes were stained with silt and water, as if she would be submerged in a shallow pool next moment.



    When Jiang Yu left the small garden, he happened to see Matthew Cullen coming out from the entrance of the building.

    The two nodded slightly, and passed by.

    The witch vaguely remembered that there was a period of time in the last semester. There was a rumors in the class about the ambiguous relationship between Matthew and Elena. That rumor reached its peak when Elena joined Matthew's hunting team during the freshman game.

    But rumors are called rumors because they are completely inconsistent with facts. As Zheng Qing and Elena walked in the pedestrian street and read books in the library, the sounds of chewing tongues in the university gradually disappeared.

    If you tell Karen Elena that she is in a bad mood now in that little garden, will it help them both? Thinking of this, the witch shook her head slightly, rejected the idea, and also shook out the unknown thought in her heart.

    It's different from a witch who is cranky.

    At this moment, Matthew Cullen's mind was reverberating with only one thoughtNine has or Alpha.

    Nine is still Alpha, thata.

    From the first day of entering the first university, young vampires have been troubled by this problem. It's just that the environment in the school was relatively calm at the time, and all the troubles were just his own struggles in private.

    As the conflict between the two academies started, after the moon hunting accident last year, the chaos of the murloc tribe this year, and the controversy and conflict between the newspaper and the society, Matthew gradually discovered that he was facing increasing external pressure.

    It is true that Matthew Cullen is now a student of Jiuyou Academy, but from the perspective of blood and tradition, he is actually more suitable for Alpha Academy. Entering Jiuyou College was actually an unknown compromise between the family and the school. Matthew himself knew this, and some historical student associations in the school also knew this.

    But from another perspective, Matthew is also an honorable nobleman under the moon, wherever he is, he should express enough loyalty to wherever he is. This sense of honor is engraved in his blood~www.mtlnovel. com~ Thats it. When Matthew wakes up every morning, besides resisting his aversion to the sun, he also has to bear the pressure of wearing the big red robe.

    Especially this semester, especially in recent weeks.

    Whenever he walked in the academy, he always seemed to be able to feel those looming, gazes around him. Those eyes seemed to ask, Hey, when will you leave the school? !

    These eyes made the young vampire particularly annoyed.

    But this is not what worries him most.

    What Matthew worries most is that his cousin who is studying at Alpha College asks him to abandon Jiuyou College in the name of his family. Thinking of him making a decision between honor and honor, between loyalty and loyalty, the young vampire wanted to pull out his two fangs.

    Today, he seems to be facing such a problem.

    Before the afternoon meeting, Sir Friedman sent him a message and asked him to meet in the lounge in Fort Alpha after the meeting.