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    Vol 5 Chapter 240: This Is Not A Deal

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    There is a small garden obliquely in front of the teaching building with only more than 300 steps horizontally and vertically.

    The outermost part of the garden is a row of tall shrubs, about 1.5 meters high. They are trimmed to look like wall stacks and female walls. They are kept neat and tidy by school workers. Sometimes grass sperm gets into the bushes. Building a nest will be picked up by school workers and thrown out of the garden within a day.

    The interior of the garden is mainly composed of three parts: a pavilion in the center of the garden, a pool around the pavilion, and a cobblestone path around the pool.

    The pavilion's eaves and arches are beautifully decorated, but because it is so empty and too conspicuous, few people go inside to stay in it on weekdays.

    The water in the pool is living water. It is said that there is a spring at the bottom of the pool that the school committee moved from the Silent Forest. It is not big, but it is more than enough to fill a pool, and the excess water will flow along the narrow underdrain outside the garden. Entering Zhonghu Lake.

    Although the culvert is small, it cannot stop the many weird things in Linzhong Lake, so students who visit the garden will always see red-tailed fish in the pool from time to time and the young kappa and mutants chasing them. Water ghost.

    The paving pebbles are thin and small, making it very comfortable to step on. Both sides of the path are full of flowers of various colors, such as magnolia, rose, rose, lily, peonies, etc., each season has enough colors to bloom here.

    Because it was the weekend, almost no students were stranded in front of the teaching building. Most people rushed to the library to make up their homework after the regular meeting. So when the two witches walked around the pool, the surrounding was very quiet.

    After walking around the pool, Jelena finally said, "Do you know the current plight of the Gypsy Witch?"

    Jiang Yu hesitated for a few seconds, then nodded: "I know."

    Because of unknown reasons, there are fewer and fewer high-level wizards born in the Gypsy Witches, and even the number of registered wizards is constantly decreasing. The rate of deceleration is even catching up with the Babylonian Mages. As an ancient wizarding organization, their plight is not difficult to be known by other organizations or wizard families of the same age.

    Regarding the plight of the Gypsy witches, Jiang Yu can pretend to be ignorant to defend the small self-esteem of his classmates. But this is of no use. Since Jelena spoke, she was naturally not afraid of knowing.

    The Gypsy Witch breathed a sigh of relief, and her tone became a lot lighter: "That's good... If I repeat it again, I feel very embarrassed."

    Having said that, her expressions are not embarrassing at all, and they are still so delicate and beautiful.

    Jiang Yu sighed secretly from the bottom of his heart, and asked carefully: "You are looking for me, is it related to this matter?"

    Irina did not go around the circle, she just explained her intention: "Now I have found a solution to the predicament, but I need a little blood of the spirit witch... Don't worry, it will definitely not have any impact on the spirit witch. All we need is The active inspiration in her blood."

    Jiang Yu's figure stopped immediately, and his face sank.

    For a wizard, blood has the same magical power as a real name. Even if a close friend uses these two things, it may turn his face, not to mention just a classmate who has a lot of friendship.

    With Jelena's intelligence, she should know this taboo, but she still dared to speak in front of her, there should be a reason. Jiang Yu turned these thoughts in his mind, but didn't immediately turn around and leave.

    A tree sperm chuckled out of the bushes and saw the figures of the two witches. He was keenly aware of the low air pressure around him. He was bluffed and slammed his paws on the ground. He slammed back into the bushes. The tiny thin layer of snow on the soles of the bushes was stumbled across. Even if the staghorn begonia it wants to eat is only one meter away from where it drilled.

    "Originally I should have waited for a more appropriate opportunity to talk to you about this in a more tactful way. This Saturday, our magic circle is about to be completed. I need to get the spirit witch's before the magic ceremony blood."

    "We also planned to buy a little blood of the spirit wizard from the wandering wizard, but there are already too many things bought from the old wizard's place. In order to prevent him from noticing anything, we can only give up that channel."

    Moreover, my tarot card tells me that you will eventually agree to this transaction, and Irina added silently in her heart.

    Jiang Yu leaned on his side and fixedly looked at the quiet pool. Irina could only see her profile. The rockery in the pool fell like a heavy shadow on the hearts of the two witches. The water lilies and iris by the rockery are all bowed their heads, looking weak. Occasionally a few lively little fishes pass by their stems, bringing up several layers of ripples.

    The Gypsy Witch didnt seem to notice Jiang Yus face. After a few seconds of pause, she quickly added: "You can monitor the whole process of our blood use, even from beginning to end, we will not touch the tube. The blood is all your responsibility...You can check the principle and structure of the magic circle. As long as you find the slightest danger, you can terminate the agreement at any time."

    These terms are already very loose. Through these terms, Jiang Yu can see the sincerity of the Gypsy Witch. This made her look a little better.

    But it only got better, she still didn't plan to use her cousin's blood to make unnecessary risks.

    Elena gave the next card: "You will get the friendship of the Gypsy witches... If you want jade coins, you can tell me a number; if you want the secret book of tarot divination or the gypsy witch I can also find a way to bring out the recipe for the magic potion."

    For an ancient wizarding family, the declining Gypsy witch group is really not attractive; but for a young wizard in the ancient family the friendship of an equally ancient wizarding organization It's very attractive. In addition, the Gypsy witches have accumulated a lot of divination and magic potions, which are very attractive to any wizard.

    The anger on Jiang Yu's face gradually dissipated, revealing a pensive expression.

    Seeing that she was still hesitating, Ilena bit her lip and threw out her last straw: "Zheng Qing, it is also yours."

    After saying these words, she seemed to finally unload the heavy burden and breathed a sigh of relief.

    "This is not part of the deal." She worried that her concession would be counterproductive, and immediately added: "This is not a deal."

    A thin red cloud suddenly appeared on Jiang Yu's face, with shame, annoyance, and embarrassment. But because of nightfall, this red cloud is not conspicuous.

    She finally raised her head, looked at the Gypsy Witch, and looked at her eyes seriously:

    "does it worth?"