The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 91 - TJCTMH 91

    Chapter 91:

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    Even though Shu Yian didn't have mind-reading skills in the later stage, he couldn't spy on people's psychology, but he could confirm one thing.

    Su Kiss is herself from beginning to end.

    Even if there was someone who was exactly like Su Kiss standing in front of her, she would not mistake her.

    The only possibility is that from the beginning, Su Kiss was no longer Su Kiss. The person she knew and liked was not the heroine of this article.

    But there is another loophole here. Although the system is useless, there is still the ability to distinguish who is missing from the world line. If it is true as Gu Liyuan said, then the system will definitely remind her.

    Lin Ge didn't interrupt her thoughts throughout the whole process, until Shu Yian returned to her mind, she was listening.

    "Miss Shu, have you figured it out clearly?"

    Shu Yian smiled and changed the subject lightly, "Compared with Su Kiss's identity, I am more concerned about how Miss Gu's interlocking plans are carried out."

    What Su kiss said, she was also a family with her, no matter whether she was in doubt, she was unwilling to doubt her without evasiveness in front of others, to make people see a joke.

    "That's easy." Gu Liyuan folded her legs, sitting in a casual posture.

    "First of all, it depends on An'an that your suicide time was chosen well. We had accidents almost at the same time. As for how to open the channel to another world, I don't know it. It is all your credit. I followed you."

    "So, you found the author of that book, and even killed me in that world?" Shu Yian held the tea cup in both hands and looked at it.

    "No." Gu Liyu's face was serious, "You were only half right. When I went, you in that world were already dead. I only saw that story."

    "I have lived there for half a year, and I also know that person's interpersonal relationship. She has no enemies. Apart from you, who else will do anything to her?" Shu Yian could not trust her anymore.

    Facing her question, Gu Liyuan raised her eyebrows and smiled instead: "It seems that An An is sure I am a murderer?"

    She intersected her fingers, rested her backhand on her chin, and asked a little bit of self-deprecating: "If I tell you everything, will I lie to you? Besides, what is the use if I kill her? Its finished, isnt it? The world in her pen has been created, and it wont end because of her death."

    Shu Yian's mind is a little confused now. According to the statement of taking care of Li Yuan, all the changes started from the day she committed suicide, and did she open the channel between two worlds?

    Although she can still think about some things, her thoughts are always chaotic, and there is no way to sensibly find the loopholes in some answers as before.

    Gu Liyuan went on to say, "I was in that world and saw my future. Then, I returned to the world that belonged to me. From the day I came back, I had a plan."

    "Just in case, if I don't want to die, I can no longer live as Gu Liyuan. In fact, you have also discovered my plan later in An An."

    "I accompanied Lin Ge to the art exhibition, and figured out in advance the place where people can disappear without knowing it. The first time I went alone, I made a plan, and the second time I took Lin Ge and the others. Is to implement the plan."

    "I swam to that island and crossed to the other side of the island. There was a boat to meet me in that place, and there was no surveillance."

    "Yeah." Shu Yian listened carefully to her explanation, which was just right why Su Kiss found the wetsuit fabric on the island in the first place.

    "And then? How did you imprison the real Lin Ge?"

    Gu Liyuan fell into memory.

    "When I first disappeared, I was on the cusp of the storm, so naturally I couldn't go back to find her. So I tried to lose weight, and when I tried to match her figure, I asked Ciyou to arrange a plastic surgery for me. At the same time, someone kidnapped her. In the end it was logical to become her."

    "Cosmetic surgery requires a recovery period. My excuse for staying behind closed doors for half a year, should An An understand?"

    Shu Yian looked at her, she said these things calmly, as if she was just deciding what to eat for dinner, she didn't have the consciousness of becoming a criminal at all.

    This person is too good at disguising. When she remembered the first time she met Gu Liyuan, her impression of her was a little funny.

    It seems that she has always been a monkey played with.

    "How did you get the ability to lie?"

    Gu Liyuan was probably thirsty. She raised her hand to bring the tea on the table, but later thought that she couldn't drink it, and put it down again. Instead of answering the question immediately, she picked up the cup and picked up the water.

    Even at a moment when she is asking for comfort, she will never allow herself to be led by others.

    After drinking the water, she maintained her usual elegance and continued to answer: "I said, I was in the world that you went to with you, so I met you. At that time, we were both souls. The last Shu Yian who died had three. I hid aside and saw her begging you to enter her body and live as her. I dont know exactly what she said about life and death, as if she was dead. , It can't exist in her body, it can only rely on your living soul to survive..."

    "So after returning to this world, I would be surprised to see you again. At first, I thought that person was you, so I directly asked you how you got out of that person's body and came back from that world. The girl's expression changed drastically immediately, she took me to the side and asked how I knew about the two worlds."

    "I didn't doubt her identity at the time. It was just that you had never met me and talked about the book with her. Later, she wondered how I got here from that world. Of course I didn't tell directly She, after all, I am also baffled about this matter."


    Gu Liyu laughed suddenly, as if she had picked up a plaything, with a kind of surprising joy.

    "The girl talked to me about the system, the restoration of the world line, the task force, the superpowers, what an unthinkable thing. If someone else told me like this before, I would only treat them as lunatics, but Now, I believe it very hard."

    She shook her head and laughed, thinking that she felt funny too.

    "The girl even made a deal with me. She thought I had a way to return to this world from other worlds, so she took the initiative to give me abilities, and only asked me to tell her how to come into this world again."

    Shu Yian probably knew what she had mentioned earlier, so she was just a listener, listening to her talk about those plans silently. Shu Yian didn't express any questions until Gu Liyuan said this.

    "Can you empower others?"

    "Why does she want to go back to this world?" According to Su Kiss and their opinions on the girl, the girl is obviously not being seen here.

    "And..." She had too many doubts in her heart, she could only ask questions one by one, "What did you say to that girl in the end?"

    Of course, Gu Liyuan didn't have a way to travel through time and space at will. Otherwise, she wouldn't be guilty of trying to avoid her future misfortune. What she is curious about now is how Gu Liyuan cheated the girl.

    Gu Liyuan still patiently answered her, "Of course, abilities can be given to others. As long as two people are hypnotized at the same time and enter the same scene, they can deliver their abilities in that special scene."

    "As for why she wants to go back to this world, it's because Su kissed." There was a flash of sarcasm on her face, and she felt that the girl's love was really simple and ignorant. "According to her, it was on her birthday. At the banquet, everyone laughed at her because she didn't know how to play the piano. Only Su kiss handed her a handkerchief when she was sad and sobbing."

    "That was the first kindness she felt when she came to this world, so she liked it."

    Gu Liyuan would probably not look down on her if she simply liked her. After all, she and she were the same person back then, and she liked the person who gave them warmth.

    However, the girl was willing to abandon her family to pursue this love because of such a small matter.

    Gu Liyuan thought about this for a long time, and finally came to one conclusion. Her love may be true, but more, it is estimated that she should pursue the prosperity and wealth of this world in the name of love.

    "As for the last question." She looked contemptuously, "just use that girl's IQ to cheat."

    Regarding this matter, she didn't dare to tell Shu Yian the truth, and only answered her in general terms. After all, it was a human life. If Shu Yian knew, how would she proceed with her future plans?

    "Just cheat? How do you cheat?" Shu Yi'an, aware of the perfunctory in her tone, asked.

    Knowing that she was not so easy to send, Gu Liyu had to bite the bullet and make up, "I gave the girl a false message, saying that only I have the ability to travel back and forth in time and space in this world, but it must be done on the night of the full moon. At that time, I will pick her up, probably because she is also experiencing things that science cant explain, so she really believes it."

    "But you know, I can't make it, nor can she make it."

    "Not long after, I met you again at Yan Ruxue's birthday party."

    "I know you are not her, you are the other person in charge, but my sixth sense tells me that you are most likely the person who went to another world with me."

    Gu Liyuan raised her head, and a wry smile suddenly appeared at the corner of her mouth. To her, her encounter with Shu Yian was not a good one, it was the beginning of her nightmare.

    "Naturally, I dont believe in the sixth sense, so I started to approach you, pretending to be friends with you, and pulling you to play the piano was also to judge your identity. Including later, I knew your preferences because I was looking for someone. Investigated the previous you."

    She sighed suddenly, as if she was back at the time of anxiety, "It's a pity, you are really that person, otherwise, maybe we can really become friends..."

    "Actually, no matter which tasker your body is replaced with, I will not panic, but you are the one who came back."

    "Think about it, a person who can take me through time and space, and even change the world, is such a strong and daunting opponent. You are completely different from others. From the moment I know your identity, I I must not let you stay with Su Kiss." Her tone was intense for a moment, but only a few seconds later, she calmed down again.

    "So I thought of a way again. I thought, it would be okay for me to pretend to be a lover with you, but helplessly, you don't know my good. To tell you the truth, I have done things to provoke the relationship between you and Su Kiss. When I was at sea, do you remember when I wiped your face affectionately? I could not do that, but I saw Su kiss, I did it on purpose."

    "I heard that she was looking for you all night, so it was because of me that she drove you out so angrily."

    "However, regarding this matter, although I did not do it properly, you still have to thank me. After all, if I didnt think you gave me a chance to rebirth and repay you for saving you, maybe you would be resigned Those who went, thrown into the sea to feed the fish."

    There was no shame on her face, and she even had an appearance of credit, "The grace of life-saving, it should be more serious than I caused the trip to make you two break up."

    "Actually, Su Kiss is very good to you, and you seem to like her very much, Shu Yian, I have no reservations about everything I have done to you, why don't we come to meet you now?"

    "What kind of heart?" Shu Yian's face was solemn, she didn't think that she still had a chat with this person.

    Gu Liyu stretched her waist and asked in a negotiating posture: "Does restoring the world line do you any good? I know that the previous host was because the system had agreed to some things from her, but you are the Shu family. Your daughter is also Su Kisss beloved. You are powerful, you have a lover, and a loved one who loves you. You should not lack anything, right?"

    This questioned Shu Yian's heart.

    Indeed, at the beginning, she agreed to the system's request because she was short of money, and everything she did was to make money, but now, the system has promised her, she doesn't need it.

    "Do you know what will happen after the world line is restored?"

    Shu Yi'an had no bottom.

    Gu Liyuan asked and replied: "To a large extent, the plot will be restored to the day when the protagonist hadnt met. In other words, Su Kiss at that time would never remember you at all, she would be with the real Lin. The song grows old together."

    Suddenly she deceived herself and confronted Shu Yian, "Why bother? Isn't it good now? Why bother to do things that are not good for you? If you are worried about Lin Ge's safety, then you can rest assured, I love her, I will not do anything excessive to her."

    "Now this world line, everything is fine, isn't it? You and I have all got what I want, and your good friend Zhou Yu will not die. No one is harmed. This is a perfect ending."

    She originally wanted to be suspicious as Su Kiss to divert Shu Yian's attention, but after talking about it, she suddenly had other ideas.

    Su Kiss didn't have any problems. Even if Shu Yian was suspicious for a while, the time she delayed would not help. It would be better to confuse the two half-truths and tie them into a common interest.

    In this remark, she only told three lies, of which two people died, and one was that she wanted to murder her when she was at sea, but it happened that all three were Shu Yian. I don't know and unexpected things.

    "I'm leaving first. An An may consider the proposal just now. Of course, if you have to stick to your own opinion and insist on doing that, I won't stop it. After all, someone will accompany me in pain."

    Gu Liyuan got up and pushed the bench back to its original position. When he was about to turn around, he gloated and added, "Oh, yes, I think An An may be more painful than me. After all, I never got Lin Song. Love, and An An, personally pushes his lover to others."

    Shu Yian stared at her back, from near to far, with a light halo in the afternoon, gradually disappearing from sight.

    She suddenly felt a little funny.

    It was clear that she had found the truth with great difficulty, but in the end, she unexpectedly found that Gu Liyuan's thinking was extremely correct.

    Yes, no one was injured in this world line.

    She has relatives and friends, she has a lover, and Zhou Yu is still alive. As long as she abandons Lin Ge's freedom, they can each lead an ideal life.

    Isn't everything to obtain the greatest benefit at the least cost?

    All the happy life requires Lin Ge not to show up and be a canary imprisoned.

    But can she really enjoy it all with peace of mind?

    She can't!

    But she couldn't accept Gu Liyuan's ending, she didn't want to push Su Kiss to the real Lin Ge.

    She didn't know what to do.

    As the dusk faded, Shu Yian was alone for a long time, but she didn't notice when Su Kiss came back.

    "Auntie said that you have been there in the afternoon, so on the way back, I bought your favorite sweet-scented osmanthus cake." Su kiss pushed a box of delicate pastries in front of her and sat side by side with her.

    Shu Yian returned to his senses and looked up at the handwriting on the pastry with the name of the shop engraved on it.

    She had never eaten this pastry, but she had heard Zhou Yu once said that this shop was very famous and located in the suburbs, so she didn't know what Su kiss did to make the way.

    Really, I thought it was natural for this person to act like a baby now, but there was still no way to directly express the kindness to her.

    Shu Yian didn't try to open her, unpacking the package with great respect, and first handed Su kiss a piece of cake.

    Su Kiss shook her head and said, "I don't like eating."

    Shu Yian put it straight into her mouth again, took a small bite, and the mouth was soft and sweet.

    Su kiss suddenly raised her hand and snatched the pastry she had bitten. "I want to taste a little bit more now."

    She is used to eating what she has eaten, as if this way, the distance between the two is closer.

    Shu Yian looked at her with a pillow on her face. Since the aunt said that she was there, she must have also said about Lin Ge's presence, but Su Kiss didn't say a word about it.

    Thinking of someone's vinegar bag before, she suddenly became a little worried about whether she had misunderstood something again.

    "Apart from here, don't you have any other questions you want to ask?"

    She asked this directly, and Su Kiss naturally heard it.

    She took out another piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake from the pastry box and handed it to Shu Yian's mouth. After she took a bite, she would eat the rest.

    "Since you invited her here, I know what you want."

    At the beginning, I was crazy about thinking because she and Shu Yian were only in a trading relationship, but now they are different.

    She will not be suspicious of her lover.

    "I still have to go home for a while, do you want to see me off?" Shu Yian suddenly felt that the sweet-scented osmanthus cake was a little greasy and changed the subject with a smile.

    "Of course." Su kiss nodded.

    Not only did she want to send it, she also had to stay there, but she didn't have to say anything later, otherwise Shu Yian would have to say she was stubborn.

    "Where do you want to eat?" Seeing that she no longer opened her mouth to eat the pastry she handed over, Su kiss closed the box and took her a glass of white water.

    Cold water and hot water are half each, and the temperature is just right.

    Shu Yian felt her calm tenderness, and suddenly remembered the conversation with Gu Liyuan before.

    Sweetness and guilt are intertwined.

    "Just eat here," she said.

    The more harmonious and lively, the more guilty it is when thinking of the real Lin Ge's current situation.

    "Su kiss." Shu Yian whispered to her, resting his head on her shoulder.

    She has always been a strong look in front of people, rarely when she is so fragile and tired.

    "How long do you think two people who love each other will go?"

    Su Wen was stiff, she always looked forward to getting closer to Shu Yian, but when she took the initiative to approach her, her heartbeat slowed for a while, her brain became irritated, and she didn't even know how to react naturally. .

    "Maybe." She replied solemnly, "Every couple, whether they are in love or getting married, at that moment, they like each other, but most people will live in the ordinary life afterwards. , To kill the previous love."

    Shu Yian looked up at her. She thought that Su Kiss would answer her "forever." After all, shouldn't you always be obedient when you are in love?

    This Tie Hanhan actually made sense to her.

    However, she is not short of sweet words.

    "Then what do you think of us? Will our future be as you said?"

    "Not necessarily!"

    "Why is it not necessarily, rather than not at all?"

    "Because..." Su kiss tapped her finger on the teacup, "I either don't recognize it, but once I believe it is a lifetime person, I can only make sure that my feelings for you are really flat after a few decades. I will try my best to adjust."

    "But all I can ensure is myself."

    Although she believes in Shu Yian, trust is not blind self-confidence. No one can ensure that their love will remain strong and passionate in the coming decades.

    "Liar." Shu Yi'an pretended to be annoyed and removed her head from her shoulders, and straightened her body. "It's so nice to say, maybe one day I am forgotten by amnesia."

    Su Kiss pinched the sides of her mouth amusedly, "Isn't I just not being obedient to you? Why did you curse my car accident?"

    Shu Yian glared at her, her mouth was vague, "I didn't say you had a car accident."

    Su kiss raised her eyebrows, "Then how do you think you can lose your memory?"

    "Huh~" Shu Yi'an refused to pay attention to her.

    She suddenly felt that she was blaming the little family, but she couldn't help it. She had a bad temper. Apart from kissing Su, she didn't know who to send it to.

    Su Kiss moved her fingers from the corners of her mouth, and changed her hands to pinch her cheeks, "So you like to listen well?"

    Shu Yian glared at her again, "Don't you like it?"

    Girls obviously like it.

    If Su Kiss nodded her head, her tone was suddenly aggrieved, "I like it, but you never tell me."

    After a pause, she said helplessly: "Look at you, I usually tell you to be obedient, you think I'm crooked, I'm not obedient to you, you blame me for having no interest."

    She made a look like she was unlovable, her hands gradually drooped, and she put Shu Yian around her neck, burying Shu Yian in her arms, "Since everything is wrong, I will only let you take advantage to coax you. ."

    "You..." Feeling the softness of her chest, Shu Yi'an blushed for a while, "Who did you learn shamelessly?"

    "Self-taught." Su Kiss smiled and let her break free from her embrace, and said in a serious way, "I also learned more."

    Shu Yian was speechless for a while, his cheeks were as hot as a cloud of fire, swallowed his throat, and stood up from his seat. "Ignore you, I will go home."

    Su kiss followed her calmly, knowingly asked: "I mean, I learned a new talent, why are you blushing?"

    Shu Yian strode forward. This person was clearly trying to induce her, and now he started acting stupid.

    What's even more annoying is that she used her without any means, and could only amplify her voice and shout at her: "Is it hot?"

    "Well, of course."

    When she walked to the door of the car, Su Wen quickly stepped forward to open the door for her, deliberately murmured to Shu Yian, "Daughter-in-law, dare not say no."

    Shu Yian looked at her with a smug look, and she was not angry. She always liked to sing against Su Qi, and never wanted to suffer in front of Su Qi. At this moment, she simply put her face aside.

    Isn't it just a yellow tone?

    Like no one.

    She cleared her throat, pretending to be puzzled: "President Su, what kind of craft is your new talent?"

    When Su Kiss saw her look like this, she knew that she was going to fight back. After a moment of thought, she didn't guess what she was trying to say, so she had to replied, "Forget it."

    Shu Yi'an held her cheeks, and muttered, "Handsmanship, handwork, you must have flexible fingers."

    She opened her hands, the five phalanges were distinct, delicate and slender, "But Mr. Su just learned, the fingers must be flexible, but I am the only one to play the piano."

    Su Kiss: "..."

    Shu Yian continued: "It is enough for one person to be good at one skill. I think Mr. Su can rest his hands. If you are really bored, you can change to other things."

    After speaking, she looked at Su Kiss with a smug look, it was obvious that she had won the game.

    Su Kiss looked at her for a few seconds, and her brain blurted out without thinking, "What do you learn? Ventriloquist?"

    Shu Yian's face was immediately ashamed and embarrassed, and she looked out the window, pretending to not hear.

    Su Qi didn't continue to speak. She already regretted the sentence just now.

    It was clear that he was a very upright person before, but it would be nice now. I don't know what Shu Yian wants to think of her.


    When they drove to Shu's house, the two were just in time for their meal.

    Shu's father is busy with business recently. There are only two daughters-in-law in the house. Lin Qinghan still looks lukewarm. It seems that when he is just preparing to start a meal, two friends suddenly come here. They just need to add two more chopsticks as usual, "Sit down." ."

    She nodded to Shu Yian and Su Kiss.

    The old man smiled and added to the side, "Ya Ya, your mother heard that you are coming back tonight, and specially asked the nanny to cook dinner later."

    Lin Qinghan's face suddenly became uncomfortable, and he filled the old man with a bowl of soup, "Mom, I saw you just woke up for a while, I'm afraid you can't eat it."

    "Good, good." The old man smiled and winked at Shu Yian according to her words.

    Shu Yian knew immediately.

    She rarely acted too intimately with Lin Qinghan, but this time she still dared to pick up some food for her, and then she was too busy to pick up chopsticks for the elderly.

    After eating, the normally normal old man suddenly turned into a child again, and began to play hide-and-seek with Shu Yian, like she did when she was a child, and she came to look for him.

    No matter how the child's disposition, always remember to make Shu Yian happy.

    Shu Yian's nose was a bit sore, and she put down the dishes, followed the old man's meaning, and found a place where she could be easily found.

    Su Kiss also participated in the game right after, the old man walked slowly, so she acted as a cane.

    After playing for about an hour, Shu Yi'an coaxed her to rest after taking care of her grandma's body.

    Settling down with grandma, Su Kiss did not go back to her room to sleep in as before, but followed Shu Yian back to her room and lay down very unreasonably, "I will sleep with you tonight."

    She must stay with her all night to know what Shu Yian looks like at night.

    Shu Yian pulled her up from the bed.

    The two have their own concerns.

    One wants to find a secret, and one wants to hide it.

    "Su kiss, don't make trouble."

    "Didn't you often sleep together before?" Su kiss's eyes suddenly disappeared.

    She originally thought that Shu Yian didn't know her own strangeness, but now from someone's panic, it seemed that it was not what she thought.

    Shu Yian didn't dare to look at her, and whispered, "That's different..."

    She suddenly lost her confidence. She used to be occupied in the middle of the night and didn't feel anything wrong, but she has kissed Su now, and the two will get married in the future. She can't always sleep in separate beds with her...

    I don't know when that person's soul will leave her.

    Su Kiss caught the loopholes in her words and started coaxing her, "Don't worry, it's the same as before, I just sleep with you."

    "Su Kiss..." Seeing her insistence, Shu Yian knew that she couldn't seem to refuse her now.

    "Huh?" Su Kiss looked at her, her tender eyes a little begging.

    Shu Yi'an burst into laughter, "Go to sleep."

    Forget it, she should have known that she won't be able to keep it for too long, if she really found an abnormality...

    She didn't know what Su Kiss would think, but that was all the next day.

    After they finished washing, they slept on the same bed.

    Shu Yian has been short of sleep lately and can always fall asleep quickly, but Su Kiss deliberately stays deep.

    She closed her eyes, feeling the breathing of the person in her arms slowly becoming even, and feeling the little movement of the person getting up from her arms in the middle of the night.

    Only then did Su Kiss open her eyes and watch Shu Yian's every move.

    She didn't turn on the light, only turned on the computer. There was a faint light in the room and the sound of fingers tapping on the keyboard.

    Su Qi also got up quietly with complicated mood, walked to Shu Yian's side, raised her hand to touch her head, but was panicked and avoided.

    With that little light, she saw the strangeness in Shu Yian's eyes.

    "You are not her." Su Kiss's voice instantly became cold.