The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 88 - TJCTMH 88

    Chapter 88:

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    Shu Yian looked at the appearance of someone fleeing in a panic, and unconsciously stroked the flap of her lips with her fingers, where there seemed to be the breath left by Su Qi.

    She didn't know whether she should be ashamed or angry.

    This guy actually took her first kiss like this?

    Every girl will have a good expectation for first kisses and first love, and Su Kiss, this guy, even if he doesn't create a romantic atmosphere, he actually broke her fantasy.

    Shu Yian kneaded her lips gently, and the color of her cheeks was already similar to the color of her lips.

    "Annoying!" After realizing that her ears were also starting to become hot, she narrowed her mouth, covered the smile in her eyes, and went straight into the bathroom.

    After washing up, Su Kiss had already made the bed for her, and Su kiss did not dare to appear in front of her this time because of a guilty conscience just now.

    Shu Yian closed the door and informed her family that she would not go back today. She was busy during the day and was borrowed to work at night, causing severe sleep deprivation. Therefore, no matter how loud the rain and thunder are, she Can fall asleep quickly.

    Another late night.

    Su Qi could not sleep on the bed tossing and turning. It was cold today, and I don't know if Shu Yian would be cold at night.

    If she hides after the kiss is complete, she also seems to be irresponsible...

    Why don't you send her a quilt?

    Su kiss wanted to see her, so she found a reason.

    Shu Yian didn't lock the door, she could open the door with a slight twist of the handle.

    The room was very dark, and the light beside the desk was very eye-catching when the light was not turned on.

    "Why don't you turn on the light?" Su Qi asked, turning on the light, putting the thin blanket in her hand on the bed, and said with concern, "The season has changed recently, so be careful not to catch a cold."

    Shu Yian did not speak to her, but looked at her for a moment.

    For a moment, Su Kiss felt like she had changed herself, but then she thought, to a large extent, her actions just made her unhappy.

    "Why don't you sleep so late?"

    It's not a problem that the two of them haven't talked, Su Wen paused, and then took the initiative to find a topic.

    Shu Yian looked away from her and turned to the computer again, tapping the keyboard with his fingers and saying, "I'm busy with work, you go to sleep first."

    "Yeah." A normal conversation, although there is a weird feeling, but after thinking about it carefully, there seems to be no problem.

    Su Wen was about to leave, she glanced at Shu Yian's computer from the corner of her eye, and stopped suddenly.

    She just seemed to see her name.

    If it's just a normal job, she won't look at anything, but if it involves topics related to herself, it will inevitably arouse people's curiosity.

    She saw Gu Liyuan's name on it again.

    Immediately afterwards, I even saw Shu Yian writing, "Gu Liyuan resents Su Kiss and Lin Ge together. In order to prevent Lin Ge from being snatched by Su Kiss, she actually has a plastic surgery to look like Su Kiss..."

    Su Kiss was in a mess at the moment and wanted to take Shu Yian to ask her what she meant.

    She doesn't object to writing, but why should she match Lin Ge?

    Even if she writes about double heroines, should she and Shu Yian be together?

    But when she saw Shu Yian's so focused look at the moment, she still held the words in her stomach again, ready to ask again tomorrow.

    Su kiss left the room silently and closed the door for her.

    Speaking of this, although she hasn't read it, she has heard some of it. She had never intended to listen to company employees' gossip before. It seemed quite popular, but when she heard the plot, she had no desire to open it.

    It was really unexpected that it was actually written by Shu Yian?

    Su Kiss turned on the phone, downloaded a software, and searched for the protagonist's name on the detailed search page. The title of "Dominant Female President" is particularly eye-catching. This is the only one, which is by no means similar.

    I wanted to read the book for Shu Yian's sake, but after reading the first chapter, Su kiss began to doubt life.

    She focused on Shu Yi'an as a target, but Shu Yi'an was actually attracted by her and Lin Ge's CP? Or just go to bed the first time you meet?

    It's time to take some action to reverse her thinking.

    Su Wen placed an order for a box of finger cots online, and secretly made up her mind to let Shu Yian know who and who should have sex.

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