The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 87 - TJCTMH 87

    Chapter 87:

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    Shu Yian intercepted the photo of the woman who came to pick up Lin Ge on Zhou Yu's phone and sent it to her phone.

    Whether it is a friend or a lover, this level of identity is normal, but Shu Yian's doubts are that Lin Ge always shows a solitary posture in front of her, and often tells her that he is her only friend.

    So in this case, this extra ambiguous object is worthy of consideration.

    This is a person deliberately hidden by Lin Ge.

    Anything that needs to be hidden is a shameful secret.

    The weather outside the window suddenly became gloomy, which was a sign of the coming storm.

    Zhou Yu looked at the gray cloud and couldn't help but sighed softly, "Miss Shu, or I should go first, President Su still doesn't know what to make dinner, I'm afraid it will rain heavily in a while."

    "It's okay." Shu Yian comforted her, "There are guest rooms here. If you are not used to sleeping, you can ask the driver to take you away. But where do you live now?"

    It has been a long time since she went to the place where she rented the house, and she did not know whether Zhou Yu had moved out.

    Zhou Yu put his elbows on the table and put his hands on his face, "Have you moved yet, Miss Shu, are you going to live there? I dont have a car, its inconvenient to move things. The senior sister said that she would come and help me when she has time. ."

    "That's good." Shu Yian took her a glass of juice, "I don't know if I can go live."

    If nothing happens, she will stay at home for a while, and for the rest of the day, even if she doesn't mention it, Su Kiss should let her move back here...

    "I think..." Zhou Yu took a sip of his drink, "Miss Shu, since you have made up with President Su, please stay together. I like to see you together."

    Shu Yian laughed out loud, not understanding her thoughts, "Why do you have this opinion?"

    "Of course it is because..." Zhou Yu suddenly giggled. "I think Miss Shu and President Su are very happy together. Both of them are braving pink bubbles. I like to see you like this, Miss Shu. I dont know. At that time, when you and Mr. Su had a quarrel, although she didnt lose her temper every day, I looked scared at her expression."

    "But today is different. Today President Su has a smile on his face. People in the company can tell at a glance that she must be in love."

    If this thing doesn't sound like a response at all, it's false. Shu Yian concealed the joy in his heart and joked about Zhou Yu seriously, "Have you made any plans for your love that week?"

    Zhou Yu immediately frowned, took a sip of the drink, and replied with a sullen expression: "It's not that I haven't expected a sweet love, but no one likes me."

    "Do you think Senior Sister is not good?" Shu Yian asked.

    Zhou Yu immediately jumped up from the sofa and hurriedly waved his hands and said, "No, no, of course the senior sister is very good, but the senior sister is too good, she must look down on me..."

    "Ah, Miss Shu, I didn't mean to say that I like senior sister."

    Shu Yian smiled and patted her shoulder with both hands, "Don't be guilty, I didn't say that you mean that."

    Zhou Yu's face turned red immediately, "I have no guilty conscience..."

    "Okay, I won't tease you." Shu Yian knew she was shy. After all, she and Zhou Yu are at the same stage now. In order not to make the atmosphere awkward, she changed the topic again.

    The heavy rain was pouring down, and the two chatted about some interesting things in their lives, and then met and waited for Zhou Yu to go out to play together during the Zhou Yu holiday. It was not known how long it had passed before Su Kiss's dinner was finally out of the pot.

    A not very rich dinner, but Sheng is full of taste at home.

    Zhou Yus originally tense heart also relaxed at this moment, especially when he saw Su Kisss lame cooking skills, he lost the awe of him as the boss, but felt as if he watched a and I am a noob in the kitchen.

    She had a pleasant dinner. Because of the rain, there was no light in the weather outside. Although Shu Yian kept her, she insisted on letting the driver send her away.

    "Are you busy with work at night?" Shu Yian asked after sending Zhou Yu away.

    "Not busy." Su Kiss's ears turned red instantly.

    Although I know that Shu Yian doesn't mean that, but at night, asking if you have time, it will inevitably make people think about it unconsciously.

    When Shu Yian saw her expression, she thought of her previous search for finger cots. She blushed in an instant, then rolled her eyes and stared at Su Kiss, "If you're not busy, let me use your computer first."

    Su kiss looked up at the sky outside.

    With such lightning and thundering weather, so suitable for a spring night, Shu Yian wanted to play on the computer?

    No, she sits here with such a delicate beauty, can this woman be indifferent to her?

    Su kiss sighed, and reluctantly handed the computer over, "Daughter-in-law, please take it."

    "By the way, my daughter-in-law, auntie worked very hard today. Let her rest as soon as she finishes washing the dishes."

    Shu Yian didn't speak, quietly waiting for Su Kiss's next performance.

    Su Wen paused. Seeing that Shu Yian had not asked the reason, she had no choice but to say: "Your room is not made up. I am afraid that it is not safe to drive too late on the driver's side, so I asked him to send Secretary Zhou without coming over. ."

    "So..." Shu Yian looked at her.

    Su Qi said with a helpless expression: "Although I know you may not want to, but in order to understand the hard work of the aunt and the driver, otherwise you will just rest with me for one night..."

    As if afraid that Shu Yian would continue to reject her, Su Wen paused and said: "Daughter-in-law, you are kind-hearted, should you think the same as me?"

    Shu Yian nodded thoughtfully, "Yes, the weather is bad today. There are young and old in the driver's house. You really shouldn't pick me up in such dangerous weather."

    Su Kiss nodded in satisfaction, "Yes."

    Quite right, the daughter-in-law is indeed a daughter-in-law, and she has a complete understanding of her, and both have the same idea.

    Shu Yian continued: "Auntie nanny is really tired for a day, listless, the normal working system is eight hours, we are too embarrassed to let her work overtime."

    Su Kiss nodded with satisfaction, "Yes!"

    "President Su seems to be very busy today, and Mr. Su is kind-hearted, and he definitely doesn't mind helping others do something."

    Su Kiss nodded in satisfaction, "Hmm!"

    The air suddenly solidified for a few seconds, and Su realized after kissing, "Daughter-in-law..."

    No way? Isn't it? Did the daughter-in-law mean to let her make the bed? Still don't sleep with her?

    Shu Yi'an smiled at her slightly without a smile: "Then you are not going to make the bed? My good President Su."

    Su Kiss: "..."

    Okay, make the bed, make the floor in the same room, and find an excuse for being afraid of the cold at night.

    When she was about to leave, Shu Yian remembered the anger in her heart, fearing that she would make other operations, and added a faintly behind her, "Remember, it is a separate room for me. Dont make a mistake. Oh place."

    Su Kiss: "..."

    How does this woman resemble the roundworm in her belly?

    Now that the previous plan had been seen through, Su Kiss had no choice but to cancel it.

    She retired to Shu Yian unhappily with a stern face, "I have always been served by people."

    Shu Yian tilted her head to look at her, "So what?"

    Su Kiss: "I haven't served anyone else."

    Shu Yian: "Is that what you don't want?"

    "No!" Su Qi's heartbeat speeded up, like a thief, fearful, and daring to leave a kiss on Shu Yian's red lips, and then walked away without looking back.

    "It means to reward."