The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 83 - TJCTMH 83

    Chapter 83:

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    Shu Yian thought of slipping out quietly while wearing a bathrobe, but Su Qi suddenly broke in. She was anxious at the moment, but because the snake was not far away, she didn't dare to speak.

    Su kiss turned red and red for a moment, and turned around subconsciously, "You...what's wrong with you?"

    Her mind is full of delicate carcass looming under the water, and she can't care about what else is there.

    Shu Yian's scalp was numb at the moment, and the snake stretched out his neck, spit out the letter and pointed it in the direction of Su kiss. If Su kiss moved again without knowing it, he might have led the dangerous creature over.

    She tried to divert her attention a little, and Shu Yian carefully pulled off the towel and wrapped it around her body, then slowly leaned against Su Qi, whispering in her ear: "There is a snake."

    Su Wen shuddered immediately. She had always been most afraid of this stuff, but since Shu Yian was by her side, she still mustered up the courage to squeeze her palm, "Don't be afraid."

    She gently pulled Shu Yian around and asked her to stand in front of her, "Don't worry, go ahead, it can't bite you."

    The snake really wanted to rush over, and she would be the first person to bite.

    Shu Yian glanced back at her. Even if she pretended to be calm, it was difficult to conceal the fear in a person's eyes.

    She asked uncertainly: "Can you do it?"

    Su Kiss nodded stiffly, "Yeah."

    "Then you stand here and don't move, I'll go now."

    Su Kiss: "..."

    "it is good"

    Although I really hoped so in my heart, when I saw Shu Yian saying that he was leaving so unresponsive, why did I always feel a little bit heartbroken?

    Anyway, you can hug her with emotion before leaving...

    Alas, forget it, let's go if you leave, no matter if you leave, some pain, after all, I have to bear it alone.

    Su kiss turned her head, looked at the snake, and moved forward slowly.

    Just take another ten steps, she can close the door quickly and then escape the scene.


    Su Kiss had automatically constructed the scene in her mind. When she closed the door quickly, if the snake was about to rush over, it might still be inevitable.

    Thinking of this, she suddenly didn't dare to move.

    Calm, don't panic, I won't move if the enemy doesn't move...

    Su Wen sighed and stayed on the spot. After a stalemate for about three minutes, Shu Yian walked towards her with a small bottle in his hand, poured the liquid inside at the door, and the snake slid along the window immediately. out.

    The daughter-in-law still loves her, Su kiss concealed the embarrassment just now, with her palms behind her back, and wiped the sweat soaked with fear on her clothes before she went to hold Shu Yian's hand.

    But just as her palms touched, she let go again.

    She clearly said that she would protect Shu Yian, but she was so virtuous just now. If Shu Yian knew her thoughts, she would definitely dislike her again...

    Shu Yian held her backhand and looked straight ahead. Even when he handed the glass bottle containing realgar wine to Su Kiss, he didn't even look at her.

    "Su kiss."

    "Yeah!" Su Kiss lowered her eyes, hummed, and did not dare to look at Shu Yian's eyes.


    Shu Yian wanted to say something but stopped. In those short minutes, she had practiced in her heart how to tell this passage countless times, but suddenly she spoke in front of the person involved, as if she was embarrassed.

    "You..." Su Qi's heart raised her throat instantly.

    Shu Yian could not have seen that she was pretending to be strong at the time and thought she was useless, so she didn't want to give her a chance, right?

    Su Kiss was startled, unwilling to accept this reality, and immediately interrupted her, "You go to rest early."

    Shu Yian: "..."

    "You wait, I have something..."

    Su Qi interrupted the conversation again, "I'm going to rest too."

    But as soon as she walked to the bedroom door, Su Wen suddenly stopped and turned to face Shu Yian, with a decadent face, "Say it."

    After all, always avoiding to solve the problem, Shu Yian deserves a better person.

    Shu Yian was confused by her abnormality. She and Su Qi always seemed to be like this. When they changed their ambiguity, they would go wrong.

    But that's fine. If you can't say it under normal circumstances, you can now say it bluntly.

    "Didn't you say you like me?"

    "Ah..." Su Kiss seemed to be petrified, and didn't know how to answer the conversation.

    Shu Yian, is this going?

    Shu Yian blushed, "What about now?"

    Su Kiss was immediately ecstatic, and the deer in her heart clung to Shu Yian's waist, "I like it."

    "I promised you." Shu Yian didn't start.

    "Su kiss, I give you my heart completely, you can let me down, but I only love you once."

    "Shu Yian." Su Kiss hugged her into her arms as if she was treasured and solemnly, "Then this time, the time may be a bit long, are you ready, have you loved me forever?"

    "Yeah." The girl's voice whispered softly, "It's ready."

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