The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 82 - TJCTMH 82

    Chapter 82:

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    The first date was not as restrictive as Shu Yian had imagined. It was probably because of the previous affair with Su Kiss, the ambiguous atmosphere disappeared, and the two girls lost the original thoughts of springing.

    This season is exactly when the Sakura City Albizia flower blooms. When the wind blows, the red fluff is scattered all over the sky, flying to the tips of human hair, naturally embellished with a touch of decoration.

    Su Kiss snapped a photo for her. In the photo, Shu Yian leaned down and blew a silk tree with a brilliant smile, petals on the corners of her lips, and the wind blew her hair.

    This is the most beautiful time she has ever seen Shu Yian smile.

    She seems to be particularly keen to hang around in that patch of flowers. She likes to play pranks, like the wind, to blow up the fluffy flowers, and then grab a handful.

    "Su kiss." Shu Yian suddenly ran from a distance, with the back of her hand behind her, talking to her with a smile.

    "Here." Su Kiss put away the phone and reached out to pull her in front of her, "What's wrong?"

    Shu Yian spread out her hands and sprinkled all the petals on Su Kiss's head. Seeing her messy appearance, she hurriedly smiled and ran away.

    Su Kiss looked at her back from a distance, and the corners of her lips raised slightly. She was not angry because of her troubles, but her mood improved a lot.

    She likes to look at her child's appearance, and hopes to protect her simple and beautiful appearance forever.

    Most of the people who come here are photographers, in order to shoot scenes, or for photo shoots, but Shu Yian is obviously different from them. Su Kiss doesnt play with her very much, and she doesnt have the habit of taking pictures. She feels bored after spending a while .

    She ran back to find Su Kiss again. She didn't feel guilty for what she had done just now, and said to her very naturally: "Su Kiss, why don't you go elsewhere? I think the snack street over there is good."

    Su kiss flicked her head with a smile.

    That snack street is more than good, she saw Shu Yi'an greedy that bite a long time ago.

    "Let's go!" She led her as she walked among the acacia flowers in the setting sun.

    The flower language of Albizia is the meaning of harmony between husband and wife. At this moment, it seems that they have been married for a long time. Every step they take is on the journey of slowly getting old. From youth to twilight, the loved one is also long. Companion.

    Shu Yian has always loved snacks, especially spicy food. The barbecue on the snack street is her must choice. She and Su Kiss sat at the dining table and ordered two cold beers. In order to take care of Su Kisss taste, they ordered them. Less spicy and strong flavored food.

    "Come on, girl, feel the happiness of the roadside stall." Shu Yian pushed the beer to Su Kiss.

    The last time she ate at the roadside stall, she still remembered Su Kiss's journey from disgust to drinking beer.

    Su Wen tried to take a mouthful of Soothing taste, and immediately poured a spicy sip of beer.

    "It's very happy."

    Although the taste is not happy, the people around you are happy.

    "Since you can't eat spicy food, then don't try it hard." Shu Yian handed her a bunch of less spicy potato chips, and put some vinegar on her specially, "Take it, it's hot and sour."

    "Thank you daughter-in-law."

    "Who is your daughter-in-law?" Shu Yian unceremoniously took away the barbecue that had just been put into Su Kiss's hands.

    This person is great. The arrogant person was not willing to admit anything before, but now that he has changed a lot, he has become less embarrassed, completely two extremes.

    Can't it be neutralized?

    Shu Yian gave her a slightly disgusting glance, trying hard to label Su Kiss as a heroine. After thinking about it for a long time, she ended in failure.

    Except for installing a boss character at the beginning, this person has been running off the road of normal people since then.

    Shu Yian suddenly began to doubt life, who did she like?

    I really hate it and can't give up...

    A plate of barbecue was cleaned by the two of them. Su kiss paid the bill. Just out of the barbecue shop, she seemed to be afraid that Shu Yian would not be full, so she swept through the stalls again.

    "Daughter-in-law, a sweet and sour candied haws."

    "Daughter-in-law, take a bite of the crispy biscuits."

    "Daughter-in-law, a bowl of ice cream."

    "young married woman"

    "Stop!" Shu Yian looked at the food that couldn't fit in his hand, and looked at her with a skeptical look, "In your heart, how can I eat?"

    Does Su Kiss treat her as a big stomach king?

    "It's okay, you count as much as you eat." Su kiss took another drink and placed it next to her mouth.

    The best way to gain weight is to wait until your body shape changes and your temper is spoiled, so you dont have to worry about your rivals.

    "Enough, no matter how much you eat, you can't eat it anymore." Shu Yian stuffed a few things in Su Kiss's hands, and directly pulled her away, for fear that Su Qi could not control her desire to shop.

    When I returned to Shu's house, it was already a little late at night. For some time now, the old man had already fallen asleep, but today he was still waiting for them at the door with Lin Qinghan.

    Shu Yian promised her grandma in the morning that she would stay here for two days. When the old man woke up and didn't see her, he was naturally uneasy. At this moment, seeing her and Su kiss come back, he was willing to rest at ease.

    "Kiss, you can push grandma back to the room." The old man did not let Shu Yian accompany her today, but called Su Kiss abnormally.

    "Okay!" Su Kiss glanced at Shu Yian with some worry. Although she knew that Shu Yian's relationship with her mother had eased a little, it was only a little bit, and the knot in the past could not be completely eliminated in a short while.

    She was still worried about Shu Yian's psychological condition.

    Shu Yian nodded at her. Between her and her mother, she couldn't always evade like this. If she could, she still hoped that they could be like ordinary mothers and daughters and be able to talk intimately.

    When everyone left, she and her mother were the only two left in the living room.

    This seems to be the best time.

    "Mom..." Shu Yian wanted to say a few words to her, but after removing this claim, suddenly she couldn't think of another topic.

    In this regard, she is similar to Lin Qinghan.

    Lin Qinghan always said little to her. After not hearing her next topic, he took the initiative to speak, "Go wash and rest."

    Shu Yian was silent, and finally smiled slightly: "Okay, then you should rest earlier."

    She has always been timid, and finally developed a little courage, but also with Lin Qinghan's indifferent attitude, she withdrew.

    Mother must love her, but she must also have fear of her from the bottom of her heart.

    Shu Yi'an went into the bathroom, the warm water temperature, the person lay down in the bathtub, and instantly washed his exhaustion, the windows seemed to be forgotten to close, occasionally the wind blew in, bringing people a sense of coolness.

    After enjoying a short period of comfort, Shu Yian opened his eyes, and when he opened his eyes, his heartbeat instantly slowed by a beat.

    On the window, a small, thin, oval head was drilling into the room, and a small cyan snake crawled into the room slowly.

    No matter how bold Shu Yian is usually, she couldn't help exclaiming at this moment, "Fuck!"

    Su Kiss, who had just finished talking with her grandmother, passed by. As soon as she heard the voice, she didnt care about the situation and opened the door directly.

    The first thing that catches the eye is a white and tender body...

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