The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 81 - TJCTMH 81

    Chapter 81:

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    Shu Yian never interrupted Su Kiss. After all, he was not as embarrassed to brush her face in front of outsiders. At this moment, he got into the car and gave her a hand.

    "Who said I will marry you next month?"

    Su Kiss blushed but said seriously: "It's really not possible, just next month and next month, there will always be a month."

    Shu Yian automatically moved toward the window, trying to stay as far away from Su Kiss as possible, "I didn't promise to be your girlfriend either."

    Su kiss smiled, "You didn't refuse either."


    She didn't finish the rest of her words, fearing that Shu Yian might think she was a little trivial.

    If Shu Yian was really unwilling, then from the beginning, she would slap her in the face in front of Lin Ge. Didn't she say nothing?

    People uniformly regard silence as a default, and Su Kiss is no exception. What's more, she still hopes Shu Yian privately to agree.

    Shu Yian rolled her eyes and didn't know how to answer for a while. She didn't want to get used to some people, but sometimes she was helpless.

    "That..." When both of them fell silent, she unconsciously remembered what Lin Ge had mentioned before, "Su Kiss, have you thought about a question?"

    Su kiss looked at her sideways, "What's the problem?"

    "There are questions about my memory." Shu Yian replied solemnly, "If one day I recovered that memory, if I said that Lin Ge and I were in that memory..."

    Su Kiss knew what she wanted to express next, and in order not to make her feel embarrassed, she took the initiative to answer: "It's okay, if you really can't let go by then, just choose the person you think is right."

    She will not dangle in front of Shu Yian's eyes like Lin Ge, or play in front of her the emotional card of how much love she had in the past. If there is such a day, she will only silently guard her behind her, and will never embarrass her again. once.

    Shu Yian's nose was sore, and sometimes she didn't want to worry so much, but every time she finally made up her mind to do one thing, there was always another problem bothering her.

    "Su kiss."


    "What if you get hurt?"

    Su Qi looked at her earnestly, "I will get hurt if you don't choose me now."

    "In case, I may not be what you really like." Shu Yian probably knows what Su kiss likes her.

    She may think she is positive, she may find it fun to get along with them, but...

    In the past, those things that I didnt care about, suddenly became especially minded in front of love. If a person is mentally ill, or even serious enough to commit suicide, if one day, she suddenly remembers all the memories, Su kiss at that time , Would you still like her?

    No one, would like a person full of negative energy, right?

    "Shu Yian!" Su Qi's face suddenly became sullen, and she began to get angry, "It's just that you are thinking about you every day. I haven't been to the psychological hypnosis just now. The only thing you have to do now is to get rid of your mind. Those twists and turns, then!"

    "An Xin is with me."

    Shu Yi'an blushed immediately and stuttered, "Who promised to be with you?"

    She hasn't been confessed so bluntly by Su Kiss, but she was confused for a while. Although she also likes Su Kiss, if she is like her, just say it so directly, wouldn't it be shameful?

    Su Kiss leaned her face over and noticed her shyness, and asked her with a deliberate smile, "Shu Yian, what are you hiding?"

    "How can I hide from you?"

    "Since I didn't hide, why dare not look at me?"

    Smelly shameless, Shu Yian cursed inwardly, but said indifferently: "Is there anything I dare not look at?"

    She squeezed her fists, cheered for herself in her heart, and looked at Su kiss's eyes as calmly as possible, but after five seconds, the two of them turned their eyes away from their ears.

    People who like too much cant look into her eyes, because as soon as those eyes look in, you can see what you look like. You have not only become the spring water in her eyes, but also her world. Looking at it for a second, I can't help my face flushing, and I'm afraid that the other party will see him embarrassed.

    Neither of them spoke anymore. After about two minutes of silence, everyone felt embarrassed and spoke at the same time.


    They looked at each other because of this tacit understanding, and said in unison: "You speak first."

    Shu Yian held her forehead with her hand, trying to block her hotter face, Su Qi also let out a laugh.

    "Today's weather is pretty good." The question of small talk was very awkward, but Su Kiss was completely blank at this time and couldn't think of anything else to say to Shu Yian.

    No, in fact, I can think of it, but those words got into my head and automatically turned into love words that even her can't speak...

    She can't control her thoughts, she can only control what she can talk about.

    Shu Yian nodded, following her topic, "Yes."

    The topic ends here.

    The driver in the front row smiled on his old father's face. When he heard this, he couldn't see it. He thought that the love between these two adults should be luxurious and romantic. Unexpectedly, the youthful relationship is no different from the campus romance.

    It seems that someone still needs a push from behind.

    The driver sighed silently, "Sakura City's albizia flower is blooming recently. Are President Su and Miss Shu interested in enjoying the scenery?"

    "Go!" Su Wenzhengshou said nothing, and finally the driver gave her a chance to date Shu Yian, and blurted out without even thinking about it.

    But the next second, she was a little worried about whether she was too anxious, so she asked Shu Yian for advice and asked: "Do you want to go?"

    "Anything..." Shu Yian was flustered inexplicably.

    Its not that I never went out alone with Su Kiss in the past, but the atmosphere and emotions at that time were not the same as they are now.

    Is flower viewing just for two people? Is it sitting or walking? Is it chatting or not speaking?

    What should I talk about in chat? Would it be embarrassing if you didn't speak?

    Shu Yian became messy as she thought about it, and in the end she even retreated. She secretly glanced at Su Qi and began to hesitate about telling her that she was not going. However, when her eyes caught the search information on Su Qis phone, she again He swallowed the words back.

    President Sus search content is: "Dating notes."

    Shu Yian turned her body slightly to avoid letting Su Qi see her mobile phone, and began to search similar topics with a guilty conscience.

    Pay attention to the first item when dating: Be decent, don't let the other party think that you are poorly dressed and decent.

    No wonder I just saw Su Kiss pulling clothes...

    Shu Yian wanted to sort it out by herself, but then another thought, she had seen the ugliest appearance of Su Kiss who hadn't brushed her teeth or washed her face, and it seemed unnecessary.

    Pay attention to the second item when dating: chewing gum, an artifact of kissing.

    Pay attention to the third item when dating: ID card is necessary, no need to explain, everyone understands.

    Shu Yian: "..."

    There is no useful information for anything.

    She turned off the phone with a speechless expression. Looking back, Su Kiss was still looking at the phone attentively, and the search content on the phone changed the title this time.

    "Which finger cot is better?"

    Shu Yian stared at her coldly, and Su Qi, who was engrossed in her eyes, suddenly felt a chill. When she turned her head, she was so scared that her phone fell directly on the seat.

    When it's over, I can't clean it after jumping into the Yellow River this time.

    Although she searched for this kind of unscrupulous question, she did not intend to use it now. Her current relationship with Shu Yian has not progressed to that point. It was just that after seeing the answer that asked her ID card to enter the hotel, she suddenly Students are curious and want to avoid detours in the future.

    God knows he will be caught by Shu Yian?

    Su Kiss swallowed with a guilty conscience, looked at Shu Yian's face, hesitated for a while, and finally straightened her back, trying to make herself look confident, "I am planning ahead for our future."

    Shu Yian picked up the handbag on the side and hit her on her body, "Go!"

    Su kiss helped her forehead helplessly, and leaned against her very stubbornly, "Daughter-in-law, I was wrong."

    It was the first time Shu Yian saw her look like this. It was beyond her expectation that some people would take the initiative to admit their mistakes, but Su Kiss now seemed to follow her in everything.

    Shu Yian softened her temper for a while, and Su Kiss had already achieved this attitude towards her, and she could not be too hypocritical.


    Su kissed her chin on her shoulder, "Daughter-in-law, you haven't said to forgive me."

    Shu Yian: "..."


    She didn't blame Su Kiss at all. The big reaction just now was because she was too shy. People just asked a question on the Internet. What's to blame?

    But now that Su Kiss has said everything, Shu Yian still had to cooperate with her, "Forgive you."

    Su Kiss squeezed her face in an affectionate manner, and swears secretly in her heart.

    She will never search for these private things on the Internet in the future, she wants to practice true knowledge! Which finger cot is easy to use and which technique works well, dont you know if you try more?