The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 73 - TJCTMH 73

    Chapter 73:

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    In the clean and simple living room, a woman was sitting on the sofa with her eyelashes hanging slightly, casting a shadow, making the whole person gloomy.

    There are no extra furnishings in the living room, a sofa, a coffee table, other than that, there are only two pairs of shoes neatly placed in the hallway.

    The air is full of the smell of disinfectant water, and the owner seems to be a very simple person. As long as you are willing to stroll around in this room, you will find that not only the living room, but the entire room has no extra furniture.

    There is only one bed in the bedroom.

    There are only two wine glasses in the kitchen, and the only thing that can add some life to this room is the wine in the cabinet.

    Another woman returned to the living room with red wine and a glass. After pouring the wine, she said earnestly: "Li Yuan, you shouldn't be so impatient."

    The person called Liyuan heard this, and his voice revealed dissatisfaction, "Why am I so impatient, don't you know?"

    She drank the red wine in the glass in one breath, and poured herself a full glass. "If it weren't for you to intervene, Shu Yian would have already died unconsciously, such a good opportunity, you must bad me Now, she has written that book again. Sooner or later, she will discover everything. In the end, it will be me who will die."

    Gu Liyuan pinched her nails into the flesh, seemingly to vent her resentment, and simply squeezed the woman's neck, "Mu Ciyou, if it weren't for me, do you think you can get to where you are now? Now you treat me like this. ?"

    The person who was caught by the neck flushed because of breathing difficulties, but never resisted once from the beginning to the end. Instead, he continued to explain to her with kind words: "I just can't bear to see you go wrong, you I have already killed someone once, so there can be no more blood on my hands."

    Gu Liyuan was furious, her fingers pressed harder, "Don't use the name of being good for me!"

    Mu Ciyou comforted her softly, "I know what you are afraid of, but is it not good according to the original plan? Let Shu Yian leave Su Kiss and take her every move in our hands, as long as she is not allowed to continue writing that book , She will not discover everything, the world line will not return to normal, and all tragedies can be avoided."

    "Li Yuan, the only person standing next to you is me, and the only person you can trust is me."

    "I trusted you too much in the first place, so I told you my plan, so that you can save Shu Yian and go to the field where I am now." Gu Liyuan's tone was fierce, but in the end she dropped her hand sullenly.

    The complaint is true, but Mu Ciyou alone understands her, and it is also true. Moreover, with Shu Yian's current contacts, she is really not able to move her anymore.

    "I believe you again for the last time, but if it is not successful this time, I don't know what I will do."

    Gu Liyuan was about to leave with a sullen face, and then she said to Mu Ci worry as if thinking of something: "Your job, quit, if I guess it is right, Shu Yian's ability should be mind-reading, don't let her See you."

    After all, slam the door without looking back!


    After Shu Yian took the cat home, he tried every means to make it eat, but the effect was mediocre, and he would not eat yogurt at most.

    Say it is not energetic. When I am teasing it with the cat's stick, it is also very active, but it doesn't eat.

    After Shu Yian tried all the available methods, she gave up decisively, and could only play with it for a while to see when Su Kiss would get home.

    At about 6 or 7 oclock in the evening, Su Wen didnt come home. She walked to the door and didnt knock on the door immediately. Instead, she turned on her mobile phone camera and arranged her appearance before she said: "Shu Yian, I'm back."

    After walking for a day, I don't know if Shu Yian will give her a hug for a while.

    Su Kiss was thinking, the door was opened soon, and it seemed that Shu Yian had been waiting for her in the living room.

    Su Qi lowered her head in embarrassment. Although she and Shu Yian werent never hugged, she used to either pretend to hug at the scene, or the fight was too fierce and accidentally hugged. Some people suddenly hugged her because she missed her. It's embarrassing.

    So the question is, should she return to Shu Yian?

    If you don't hug her, you don't seem to love her, but if you hug her, don't you appear to be unreserved?

    Forget it, what kind of restraint? No matter how reserved, the daughter-in-law is gone.

    She was about to open her arms to hug Shu Yian, her hand was stuffed with a bunch of fluffy things, the yogurt was lying on the palm of her hand, and the milk cried out to her, "Meow~"

    Shu Yian immediately said: "The yogurt suddenly stopped eating. The doctor said it might miss you. See if you can coax it to eat."

    Su Kiss: "..."

    "You called me because of this incident?"


    Su Kiss felt as if something had been thrown into her heart, not only panicking, but also a little bit heartbroken.

    Thanks to her true feelings...

    She became as depressed as yogurt now, she carried the yogurt into the living room, and then asked it, "You are actually just greedy, right?"

    The yogurt immediately cried out with joy.

    Su Kiss tried to put a smile at the corner of her mouth to comfort herself, so, people didn't call her back because they missed her, nor did the cat stop eating cat food because they missed her.

    It just wants to drink yogurt.

    Su Kiss opened the refrigerator, took out a bottle of yogurt from it, poured a little bit into an empty bowl, and then gave it to the cat, "Take it."

    The yogurt licked the bowl excitedly, and Shu Yian was dumbfounded when she looked at it, "So you're useless."

    Su Kiss: "..."

    [What makes me useless?

    [Shu Yian, you...]

    [Forget it, I dont care about you!

    Su Wen was afraid that she would be driven away by Shu Yian because she was useless, and quickly said, "I rushed back all the way back and haven't eaten yet."

    Anyway, it was said that Shu Yian had to take care of her three meals for a month, but she was not afraid that Shu Yian would go back.

    "Oh." Shu Yian went into the kitchen.

    Zhou Yu went to the library to check the materials in the afternoon. She was the only one in the family. She had already cooked the meal, but she hadnt eaten it. First, she didnt know when Zhou Yu would come back. Second, she was afraid that Su kiss would come back and did not eat. Later, I went directly to the kitchen to pick up a small portion of the vegetables and bring them to Su kiss.

    "You eat first!"

    Su kiss looked at her suspiciously, "You don't want to eat?"

    "I'm waiting for Zhou Yu."

    Su Kiss immediately took out her cell phone and sent a message to Zhou Yu, "Don't come back, eat a big meal outside, reimbursement!"

    Shu Yian: "???"

    Su Kiss pretended that nothing happened, and continued to eat. Within two minutes, Shu Yian received a call from Zhou Yu, "Miss Shu, I won't be back for dinner at night, you can eat by yourself."

    After that, she said playfully to her, "I wish you a nice evening."

    Su Kiss smiled secretly in her heart, and said pretendingly: "It looks like we have only eaten together."

    Shu Yian glanced at her disgustingly, then walked into the kitchen and brought out his share.

    The yogurt had licked the yogurt in the bowl clean, and probably didn't eat enough. At this moment, he ran to Su kiss's legs and rubbed her meowly, wanting to have a few more mouthfuls.

    Su Kiss shook her head at it without any emotion, "No, eat your cat food first and then give it to you."

    So the yogurt began to lie on the ground, revealing a small belly, selling cute and rolling.

    Shu Yian couldn't stand it a bit. She couldn't stand the appearance of such a soft and cute little animal. She was about to pour it a little bit more, but Su Qi called her righteously, "You can't be so used to it, you have to Establish principles for it, otherwise it will not eat any cat food in the future."

    Under the expectant begging eyes of yogurt, Shu Yian finally became cruel and sat back on the bench.

    Su Kiss also made sense.

    Seeing that the two masters ignored themselves, the cat could only reluctantly eat cat food in order to drink a bite of yogurt.

    Seeing this behavior of yogurt, Shu Yi'an moved one yard to one yard, and was about to thank Su Wen, but he didn't speak yet, but heard Su Wen say again.

    [If you want to get used to it, you can choose to get used to me.

    Shu Yian: "..."

    Forget it, still can't be too enthusiastic about Su Kiss, as long as she doesn't give a chance, then she will not be disappointed.

    Su Kiss did have a change, but with this change, Shu Yian couldn't tell whether it was mixed with love or simply possessive.

    She didn't want to be too good to Su Qi, because as long as she kissed Su well, Su Qi would definitely feel that she forgave her and look forward to the future.

    And what about herself?

    She would look forward to the future of the two because of Su Kiss's longing. If she was injured by Su Kiss again at this time, she would need much more time to heal than now.

    If you are not sure whether you love yourself or not, don't give your heart. Feelings are like a game. Someone loses once and hopes to win back next time, but she loses once and dare not ask for the next time.

    Shu Yian was picking up the rice in silence. Su Kiss didn't have the habit of talking and eating, but when she saw that she ignored her, she still tried to find a topic.

    "I'm in a hurry to come back this time. I didn't have time to buy you a gift. Do you have anything you want? There is a staff member who is still finishing it up. I can let her buy it."

    "without thanks."

    "The company opened a new restaurant downstairs. I heard people say it tastes good. Would you like to take the time to try it?"

    "I don't like to eat those." Shu Yian stopped chewing and suddenly remembered something. After swallowing the food in her mouth, she asked her actively.

    "What do you think of Yan Jin?"

    Su Kiss also knew something about Yan Jin and Zhou Yu, thinking that Shu Yian was asking about their marriage, and gave a very pertinent evaluation, "The character is good, the work ability is strong, and he is worthy of trust."

    Su Wen obviously trusts Yan Jin very much. She has said so, and Shu Yian is not good to say more, so she can only turn around and say: "You have to do something about the company. Don't run to me all the time. You are not tired if you take care of others, Yan Jin is still tired."

    Su kiss laughed suddenly, "Why don't you go to the company with me? Just like before, I must work hard, not lazy at all."

    She waited nervously for Shu Yian's reply. Seeing that Shu Yian was about to speak, there was a knock on the door.

    "An An, it's me."

    Su Kiss: "..."

    [This person is good at bad people.

    As soon as Lin Ge came, Shu Yian ignored her request, stepped on her slippers and ran to open the door, looking confused, "Goddess, why are you here?"

    Lin Ge smiled mildly: "I'm afraid that it is not safe for you to live here alone, so I think it's better to take you to my house, and I will be more at ease by staying with you."

    Su Kiss in the room turned black for an instant.

    Everything is said to come first, even if you want to follow along, is she the first to let Shu Yian go to the company with her?

    But now that the only legitimate identity is gone, Su Qi can no longer ask Shu Yian to do anything in the name of her fiancee. Lin Ge is not a fuel-efficient lamp, she can only think of other ways.

    So Su kiss shouted to the outside in the tone of her master: "Xiao'an, why don't you invite her in and sit?"

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