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    Chapter 71:

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    When Shu Yian woke up again, someone had already answered her.

    "I cant seem to tell you something about myself. I didnt finish what I said last time. Its not that I dont want to say, but that I will be forced to leave. I can only tell you that in this world, there are people besides you. I have also been in my world. I did not see her clearly, but she is not a good person."

    Shu Yian deleted this chat.

    The sunlight came in from the window, and it sprinkled a mottled light and shadow, a very comfortable temperature, but it could not drive away the cold in my heart.

    The timing of the two books was a bit too coincidental, except for Lin Ge, she couldn't think of anyone else.

    It was funny after thinking about it. She thought she had a friendship, but in fact it was just a premeditated approach.

    When the mask of disguise was torn off a little bit, and finally the truth was completely revealed before her eyes, Shu Yian suddenly realized that the ability to lie she was looking for should not belong to that person?

    Most of the time, I couldn't read the heartfelt voice, but the heartfelt that occasionally read was always perfect for Lin Ge, on the so-called friend who she had doubted twice but never believed.

    If this is the case, then Gu Liyuan's deliberate disappearance can basically determine the reason.

    Either Lin Ge has something to do in secret, or she has discovered Lin Ge's secret and wants to escape secretly.

    Shu Yian's fingers were tapping on the table again and again, feeling mixed.

    She should go to the forest song for a while.

    Shu Yian was about to turn on the phone to make an appointment with her, but Lin Ge happened to send her a message.

    "An An, do you have time to come to my house?"

    "I'm free." Shu Yian replied with a wry smile in an instant. She and Lin Ge always seemed to have such a tacit understanding, but this tacit understanding at this time seemed to be superfluous.

    Shu Yian hurriedly changed her clothes. Before leaving, she glanced at the yogurt sleeping in the cat litter in the living room. The cat food barely moved last night, and she added some small fish to it.

    It was still early, and she was just cooking breakfast when I took a taxi to Lin Ge's house.

    Shu Yian's complexion was as usual, pretending that nothing had happened, and greeted her with a smile, "Good morning!"

    Lin Ge turned his head, his face was haggard, and his voice was not as gentle as usual. He replied with a sense of exhaustion: "Morning, An An will sit down for a while."

    Shu Yian leaned against the kitchen door, "The goddess doesn't seem to be feeling well today?"

    Lin Ge's expression was even more ugly, "Maybe it was because I didn't sleep last night."

    "Then what happened to the goddess calling me over today?"

    The smell of food came from the kitchen. Lin Ge turned off the fire and served breakfast. Shu Yian helped to carry the bowls. When both of them were sitting at the table, Lin Ge said, "I heard that An'an is good at divination?"

    Shu Yi'an was startled, and there was a moment of panic in her heart.

    Lin Ge is a smart person. If she really has special abilities, she will be able to easily guess that she is also capable. Moreover, from her divination, Lin Ge should also be able to infer her abilities.

    She looked calm and said, "Well, I grew up in a foreign country. Westerners like divination and tarot. I was so impressed that I learned it secretly."

    Playing divination so well in a short period of time is bound to be suspicious, but if she made up a sentence and talked about it since she was a child, it would have been self-study for ten or twenty years, at least it would reduce Lin Ge's suspicion.

    "Does the goddess need my help?" Shu Yian took the initiative to control the right to speak. Regardless of whether Lin Ge believed her answer just now, she could not be led by others.

    Lin Ge's eyes darkened, as if he was hesitating, and never answered.

    Her reaction today is really abnormal, Shu Yian saw it, but she couldn't tell whether she was acting.

    In the past, she never dared to care too much about Gu Liyuan in front of Lin Ge, for fear that she would be sad, but now, Shu Yian actively asked: "Does the goddess want me to help Miss Gu? Actually, Yao Yao did it before. Ive been found, Im sorry, I havent done this yet, but..."

    Shu Yian sighed to herself, and then looked at Lin Ge with piercing eyes, "God rest assured, I will definitely not give up on this matter."

    "An An." Lin Ge suddenly looked at her with a solemn expression. He stopped talking a few times, and finally squeezed his fist. He finally made up his mind to tell her, "You don't want to interfere with Li Yuan."

    Shu Yian showed the best acting skills of his life, and asked in a dazed question: "Why?"

    Lin Ge put down the spoon in his hand, already losing his appetite, "I'm all for your good."

    Shu Yian shook his head, "I don't understand, is there any hidden reason for her disappearance?"

    Shu Yian, whom Lin Ge knows, has always been a person who is very concerned about the feelings of others. Even if he is curious, he will not ask questions because he cares about the feelings of others.

    She first met Shu Yian like this.

    After hesitating for a few seconds, Lin Ge finally compromised and asked her, "Does An An really want to know?"

    Shu Yian nodded solemnly.

    I really want to know, I want to know what kind of answer you will say this time.

    Lin Ge frowned and said, "Actually, Li Yuan looked for me last night."

    Shu Yian: "..."

    "Is she back?"

    "Yeah." Lin Ge lowered his eyes, "An An may be curious, why am I not happy at all, right?"

    "After half a year, she finally got the news and sent me the first message. She was willing to come to me and see me. An An must feel that my response is very disappointing, right?"

    Shu Yian's place was messy, as if there was a mass of paste in her mind, she couldn't tell whether her words were true or false.

    "So, why are you unhappy?" She could only follow Lin Ge's question.

    "Yeah, why am I not happy?" Lin Ge repeated her question, "I am probably happy too. I thought she would come back and I would not feel guilty anymore, but now it seems, I still owe her."

    "I have known Li Yuan for four years. In the past four years, we have been each others only friends, but I never thought. Unconsciously, she had other thoughts on me. The day before Li Yuan disappeared, and I confessed. I rejected her at the time. She didn't seem too sad. The next day she still happily invited me to swim in the sea. As a result, something like that happened later."

    "I always thought that Liyuan's disappearance was not an accident, but was deliberately committing suicide. I detained myself for half a year. During the six months, I had no face to see anyone and prayed for her every day. Even though the hope is slim, I still hope she can return."

    "Now she is back, but she is no longer who she was at the time, An An, do you think I should be happy about this?"

    Shu Yian didn't know how to answer. This passage perfectly explained Gu Liyuan's intentional disappearance, and even...

    Shu Yian thought that Lin Ge had explained the reasons for writing those two books before, combined with her mentality, it was indeed very reasonable.

    But she always felt something was wrong.

    By the way, there was a flash of inspiration in her mind, and the parallel world was clearly explained, but regarding the book of the third dimension, she clearly remembered that Lin Ge had asked her if she ever thought that the world was just an illusion.

    She even mentioned that our life may be just a setting written by an author in the third dimension...

    Shu Yian trusted her at the time, so she was fooled by her in a few words, but now when she thinks about it, she just looks suspicious.

    "I understand, goddess, don't be too sad, it's not your fault." Shu Yian didn't intend to continue to ask questions. She already knew what she wanted to know, and couldn't figure it out for the rest of a while.

    She now just pretends to trust her.

    But she didn't intend to follow up, but it didn't mean that Lin Ge would not continue speaking.

    "An An, in fact, I kept something from you before, do you remember you asked me about the third dimension before?"


    "The book of Parallel Worlds is indeed my hope that Li Yuan can live well in another world, but the book of the third dimension is not the case. The inspiration for that book comes from Li Yuan. She once published it. In a car accident, after waking up from a car accident, she told me that she had been in another world and saw a book there that was the story of our world."

    "You must think it's ridiculous, right? In fact, I think so too, how could we be a character written by others? We are all living people, with our own independent souls and thoughts, but sometimes, I can't help but be confused."

    "If we are not set by others, then why is there a difference between poverty and wealth when we are born? Why are there people with outstanding talents, and why are there people with mediocre talents..."

    "Whenever I think of these, I will be curious again, are we really just a setting, the passers-by in the book, so I will ask you that question at that time."

    Shu Yian looked at her with unbelievable eyes, Lin Ge always spoke very sincerely, making it difficult to guess what is true or false.

    According to her, is Gu Liyuan the one who has reached another world and has the ability to lie?

    Impossible, if this is the case, then why can't she read Lin Ge's heart?

    Shu Yian didn't doubt her before, because she thought she had no secrets and thought she was an upright person, but under the circumstances at the time, with such thoughts, how could she not be able to read her heart?

    Lin Ge continued: "The reason why Li Yuan came back to me last night was also because she discovered that the book actually appeared in this world. I don't know if it is true or not, but she said, in that world Here, she has also read other books and found that some protagonists have special abilities. She was afraid that I would be hurt, so she wrote a line on books about our world."

    "What word?"

    Lin Ge felt a little funny and said: "She said that she wrote that she hoped that I would be immune to other special abilities so that I would never be harmed."

    Shu Yian was completely stunned, and the thoughts that had just been formed in his mind were densely packed.

    If what Lin Ge said is true, then she is indeed innocent, but what if all this is still a lie?

    Shu Yian was not sure, and asked tentatively: "Can I see Miss Gu?"

    "She probably won't see you. I learned about what I confessed to you. She has a grudge against you. I argued with her about it last night and spoke for you. She should hate you even more now. Im sorry. I called Anan over today. I just wanted to tell you. You must be careful. I saw her last night and found that she was very emotional, and she didnt look back at home, saying that she had other things to do... "

    "whats the matter?"

    Lin Ge's face suddenly became heavy again, "It's not a good thing. If she is willing to contact me again, I will try to persuade her. During this time, An'an, please take a good rest at home, and you must pay attention to safety."

    "Okay." For this breakfast, Shu Yian's mood was complicated. After talking with Lin Ge, he went back to his home without staying here for a long time.

    She needs to sort out her thoughts.


    When he got home, Shu Yian saw Zhou Yu sitting on the sofa, holding yogurt in his arms, and his eyes were red.

    She walked over and sat beside her, and asked with concern: "What's wrong? Has anyone bullied you?"

    Zhou Yu suddenly lost his anger and sprang up again, "It's not the one I chased after, the author is simply too much!!!"

    Shu Yian: "..."

    She only read the girl's reply in the morning, but didn't read the content, so she continued to ask: "What did you write?"

    Zhou Yu curled her lips, "I don't know which **** has an enmity with me and senior sister. She actually wrote that senior sister is the undercover agent of the company. The most important thing is that the reason for the rebellion of senior sister was for me, so angry. ."

    Zhou Yu leaned on his side and faced Shu Yian, emotionally, "Miss Shu, do you know what she wrote? She said that I was kicked out by President Su on the first day of work, and then my resume was very ugly. There was nothing at all. The company wanted me and said that I was depressed from now on, and then when I crossed the road in despair, I was hit and killed by a car."

    "In the end, the senior sister has been complaining about President Su, Miss Shu..." Zhou Yu pulled Shu Yian's clothes, "Do you think that person is too much? Everyone is a company colleague, as for? Why do you want revenge? Society? Even if you separate you from President Su, now you have to write me to death and the senior sister to write badly."

    "I must tell President Su about this, and let her find out which **** did it!"

    Shu Yian looked at Zhou Yu's indignant appearance, unable to speak for a long time.

    She suddenly remembered that she had asked Zhou Yu why she believed her so much?

    At that time, Zhou Yu's reply was:

    "I just have a faint feeling, as if my life shouldn't be like this, it was Miss Shu who gave me a new life..."

    She originally thought that the plot of this world was not followed in accordance with the reason of the disorder of the world line, but this is not the case.

    Gu Liyuan did have a car accident...

    She did change her name from Shu Ya to Shu Yian. The first meeting between her and Su Kiss was indeed at her birthday party. Gu Liyuan liked Lin Ge, and the trajectory of their lives has never changed.

    Only two things have changed.

    The encounter of Su Kiss and Lin Ge, and the life and death of Zhou Yu...

    These two things changed because of her intervention, and the only two things that changed automatically without her intervention were Gu Liyuan's disappearance and the time of Gu Liyuan's car accident.

    If according to the book, her car accident should have happened after Su Kiss and Lin Ge met, but this incident happened ahead of time, and then she came and disappeared.

    Assuming that Gu Liyuan did discover another world after the car accident, what factors changed the time of her car accident in advance?

    Never, this time because of yourself, right?

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