The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 70 - TJCTMH 70

    Chapter 70:

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    In the monitoring screen, no one else appeared, only herself.

    Like a normal person, she wakes up, turns on the computer, and when she sees the question, responds to the answer, then shrinks the window, opens the website, updates the latest chapters, and after all this, she crawls back to bed and continues to sleep.

    Then, after about ten minutes, the scene of her getting up again and sitting at the computer desk appeared on the screen.

    Shu Yian hadnt dreamed of seeing her for a long time. The last time that person appeared, she left her with a sentence that had not been finished. She thought that if the girl appeared again, she would give her an answer, but she was only concerned about what happened before. The word was not mentioned, but came to continue writing.

    She began to wonder about the girl's specific intentions.

    Shu Yian looked at the latest chapter. As mentioned earlier, Gu Liyuan was hospitalized in a car accident and was unconscious for a period of time. The hostess has been taking care of her all the time. In this chapter, she has woken up and learned The matter of the heroine and Su kiss.

    It is possible that her good friend may leave the singles, which does not make people happy. On the contrary, at this moment Gu Liyuan hates Su Kiss very much.

    No one can take away her ring song.

    Shu Yian always thought that Gu Liyuan was only a girlfriend to Lin Ge, but now it seems that is not the case.

    As mentioned in the investigation report on Gu Liyuan, she has an almost crazy admiration for Lin Ge. It was Lin Ge who made her restart a new life, from a gloomy girl to positive and upward, then she was right in the reunion. Looking at Lin Ge's possessiveness...

    This is not friendship at all, but love.

    Gu Liyuan likes Lin Song, but she still regards her as the kind of life.

    But she likes her so much, so she wants to be by her side, why did she disappear? Does Lin Ge know?

    Shu Yian really didn't want to doubt Lin Ge anymore, even though, judging from the current clues, she had a lot of doubts.

    Shu Yian has carefully studied lies and the ability to read the mind. The ability to lie is that as long as you want to deceive, you can gain the trust of others. Therefore, it is very likely that her ability to read lies will be read out even if her ability to read lies It was just a rhetoric that others deliberately wanted to deceive her.

    The ring song of this point fits perfectly.

    However, she and Su Qi are both the heroines of this world, and Shu Yian has no way to doubt the protagonist in this matter, and she does not want to doubt a person who thinks about herself everywhere.

    There are too many things that are not clear, Shu Yian decides to figure out what's in front of him.

    She didn't know when the girl would show up, but she still wrote her question on the document in advance.

    "What was the last time you didn't finish writing?"

    "Why did it suddenly appear again and started writing?"

    After thinking about it, she knocked down the last unthinkable question.

    "You said you were in the depths of my soul, then, is this book not written by me from the beginning? You are the author of this book?"

    "Everything that happens in this world is related to the book, so can I still understand that it was you who created this world? The reason why the plot did not follow, only the characters are connected, is because the world line is in the plot Was confused before it started, everything has been changed?"

    If this is the case...

    Shu Yian looked at the last question she asked on the computer screen, as if a thread slowly came up in her mind.

    It was a different world from here. At first she thought it was a parallel world, but if the book was really written by that girl, then she would be the creator, and the world the girl lives in is what the book often says , Another dimension.

    Both of Lin Ge's books met the conditions.

    It can't be such a coincidence, Lin Ge must know something.

    Shu Yian was thinking of an idea, and Zhou Yu's knock on the door surprised her.

    "Miss Shu, Mr. Su said that she has something to go on a business trip, so she won't come back for dinner, and may not be back the day after tomorrow."

    "Oh..." Shu Yian was unhappy.

    She was performing well at noon, but now she suddenly ignored her, and she could obviously send a message to herself, and she had to let Zhou Yu convey it.

    She wouldn't be notified if she didn't notify it personally. She was still unwilling to listen.

    "However, Miss Shu..." Zhou Yu stopped talking outside the door.

    "what happened?"

    After 30 seconds of hesitation, Zhou Yu still hesitantly said: "Mr. Su asked me to ask if you can remove her phone and WeChat from the blacklist, otherwise she will always be unable to contact you."

    Shu Yian: "..."


    She had a stern face and a serious face, but there was a little bit of joy and a little bit of confusion in her heart.

    It's strange to say that she has always been generous to others, and always feels that it is unnecessary to spend time and energy on someone who doesn't like herself, but Su Kiss is an exception.

    She just remembered Su Kiss's account and remembered clearly.

    She obviously pulled herself into the blacklist, how could she easily forgive her just because of a meal?

    At least you have to keep it and do lunch for half a month. At that time, if Su Kiss has not given up, you can pull out the blacklist, then continue to watch her performance, and then decide whether or not to forgive her in the end.

    Shu Yian picked up her mood, didn't mind Su Kiss, and didn't think about Lin Ge anymore. She couldn't go to Lin Ge because of one of her rash speculations. At least after the girl had answered the question, she had absolute With confidence, we can plan for the next step.

    It was still early, and it was not time for dinner. Shu Yian didn't want to hold back at home and suggested to Zhou Yu: "Zhou Zhou, shall we go out for a while?"

    "Now, now?" Zhou Yu looked embarrassed.

    [But I promised the senior sister to wait for her to go to the playground together after get off work...]

    [But its still early. I accompany Miss Shu after shopping, and then go to play with the senior sister, it doesnt seem to be delayed.

    "I haven't drank milk tea near the company for a long time. Why don't we go and sit there for a while?" Shu Yian didn't want to go there. Since Zhou Yu had an appointment, she would just accompany her to wait for Yan Jin to get off work. Up.

    "Okay!" Zhou Yu immediately nodded with joy.

    Shu Yian was amused by her two appearances before and after, pushing her and saying, "You go and put on some makeup first, so you can go out."

    "Ms. Shu, do you want to make up too?"

    "No." Shu Yian blinked at her, "I am naturally beautiful, and I don't need it."

    Mainly, people who dont admire, what makeup...

    "Woo~" Zhou Yu raised his tone, his eyes widened, and his expression exaggerated, "Ms. Shu, you really have a clear understanding of yourself."

    Shu Yi'an made a gesture to beat her, "If you want to boast, just boast, how does this sound yin and yang strange."

    Zhou Yu smiled playfully to her and said, "Where is it, haven't you heard Miss Shu joking for a long time? Hey."

    "Okay, hurry up and put on makeup." Shu Yian urged her.

    She put the yogurt in her pet bag and was about to take it out for shopping. In the past two days, because of the cat keeping, she didn't dare to open the window. She only dared to leave a seam. At this moment, she can finally open the window to let it breathe. .

    Yogurt looked left and right in the cat bag with a dull face, then stretched out his paw to touch Shu Yian, only to touch the transparent oval plastic cover, and immediately called out aggrievedly.

    Shu Yian opened the zipper and waited for Zhou Yu while smoothing her hair. In less than two minutes, Zhou Yu quietly opened the door, poked her head out of the inside and smiled at Shu Yian: "Miss Shu, I just thought about it, I dont have to Make-up, although I'm not as good-looking as you, but I'm going to the amusement park for a while, the water sports, don't you mess up the makeup after playing?

    Shu Yian: "..."

    "That's all right, let's go."

    Zhou Yu jumped out from the door, "Miss Shu, would you like to go to the playground with me?"

    "No!" She didn't want to be a light bulb. Shu Yian refused without thinking, but still gave a reasonable excuse, "I'm going to take the yogurt out for a stroll. It's not convenient. Next time."

    "Well, it's a pity." Zhou Yu shrugged, "I was thinking about how crowded it is."

    Shu Yian sighed helplessly.

    This nervous girl really makes her look anxious.

    Its almost half an hours drive from here to Suwens company. Zhou Yu sat with Shu Yian in the milk tea shop for less than 20 minutes, and Yan Jin came to look for her after get off work, with a preoccupied appearance.

    She didn't say hello immediately, but first greeted Shu Yi'an, then sat next to Zhou Yu, and ordered a cup of lemon grapefruit tea with the same flavor as Zhou Yu.

    [Ten million, its really hard to be distracted by Sus bidding plan.

    Shu Yian glanced at her thoughtfully, and the milk tea she drank into her mouth instantly didn't taste.

    Prior to this, although she had never thought about who would betray Su Kiss, she had never thought that it would be Yan Jin.

    She thought she should be an upright person.

    "I have something to leave first. I wish you a good time." Shu Yian didn't know how to face her, and couldn't judge her behavior. Human nature is like this. Ten million is a tempting condition. As her, I will feel tempted.

    But even if her heart is moving, she will not betray her conscience, she only hopes now, Yan Jin thinks so too.

    "Goodbye Miss Shu!" Zhou Yu waved to her enthusiastically behind.

    Shu Yian turned her head and smiled slightly: "Goodbye!"

    She didn't go home immediately. She found a place to have dinner and then went back with the yogurt on her back. When she got home, she closed all the windows and poured a bowl of cat food for the yogurt. Then she washed briefly and went back to the room to sleep. .

    Probably because I haven't slept well in the past two days, Shu Yian can dream in less than five minutes after touching the bed.

    At the same time, in a room with faint lighting, a pair of white and delicate hands were sliding on the screen of the phone, and she half-leaned on the sofa casually, with a glass of red wine on the table.

    But her fierce words are completely inconsistent with her demeanor, "You said absurdity is not absurd? Shu Yian actually started to write this book again, exactly the same as I read it at the beginning, I finally destroyed the content, why did she not listen Persuasion, why write this down?"

    Hidden in the darkness, a girl answered her with a crying voice: "What do you want to do this time? Li Yuan, don't go wrong, okay? I'm afraid I will never forgive you anymore."

    The woman got up from the sofa, stepped on high heels, and fell into the shadows together, her voice mocking, "Will you forgive me now?"

    No one answered her.

    The girl then laughed again, "Look, since I don't forgive, it doesn't make any difference if I hate it more."

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