The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 69 - TJCTMH 69

    Chapter 69:

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    Shu Yian patted Zhou Yu's shoulder with his left hand, feeling uneasy, "Zhou Zhou, next time you don't let her in except during meal time, otherwise, you can move in and live with her."

    Zhou Yu didn't dare to move. After looking at Su Kiss's face, he nodded stiffly to show that he understood.

    Su Kiss watched Shu Yian shut her room door again, helplessly holding her forehead.

    Really, even though she said she was sleeping for one night, she didn't plan to do anything. She just wanted to get the two people closer together. As for the reaction so much?

    Forget it, Su Kiss went back to her house in silence. In case Zhou Yu was kicked out if it really hurts, there won't even be a whistleblower after that.

    As soon as she left, Zhou Yu hurried to Shu Yian's door and said: "Miss Shu, President Su is gone, should I buy you a quilt now?"

    "No, you can rest early." It's hot now. You only need to cover the quilt after turning on the air conditioner. Once the air conditioner is turned off, the temperature can be used as a quilt. Shu Yian still has work to do, so I dont worry about letting Zhou at night. When Yu goes out alone, he can only make do with one night, and then buy two sets of washes during the day tomorrow.

    After she uploaded the latest chapter of the comic, it was already one o'clock in the morning, probably because she slept late and got up late in the morning.

    Su Kiss didn't come to eat breakfast. As soon as Shu Yian went out, she saw Zhou Yu holding her mobile phone on the sofa, fascinated.

    "Have you had breakfast?" Shu Yian asked.

    Zhou Yu immediately put away the phone, "I ate milk with bread and yogurt. I was afraid that you didn't sleep well last night, so I didn't call you in the morning. Miss Shu, do you want to eat something? I will do it for you now."

    Shu Yian responded to her after brushing her teeth, "I will go out to buy something in a while and just eat it outside without firing."

    "It's okay." Zhou Yu looked at Shu Yian, "but Miss Shu, why are your dark circles so heavy today? Did you not sleep all night?"

    Shu Yian rubbed his temples, "Maybe you stayed up too long..."

    I still have to work and rest normally in the future.

    Shu Yian usually sleeps late, but as long as she washes her face in cold water in the morning, she is still refreshed, but today is an exception. She herself can feel that her brain is exhausted today, as if she hasn't worked continuously all night. Rest, now the speed of the brain's rotation has become lower, and the whole person appears very slow.

    "Miss Shu, are we going out with yogurt?" Zhou Yu squatted on the ground, looking at the yogurt shrunk under the table, probably because he knew that he did something bad last night, for fear of being punished by Shu Yian. The yogurt saw Shu Yian this morning. I stayed under the table and didn't move.

    Shu Yian deliberately didn't coax it. This little guy shouldn't be too used to it. Otherwise, he will feel that he has done something wrong without punishment. It is not good to develop a habit.

    "Don't bring it, it is not convenient to go out with it, let's go first."

    "Also." Zhou Yu took her arm and chatted with her again in a good mood.

    "By the way, Miss Shu, wasn't I chasing an overbearing female president some time ago? The author has been pigeons for a long time, and finally came back to update now, and guess what?"

    Shu Yian's face changed suddenly.


    She obviously hasn't updated it for a long time because of that evil book...

    Could it be that someone started to be more windy and wrote about the same?

    This must be the reason...

    Su Yi'an was unsure, and followed Zhou Yu's words to answer: "What happened?"

    Zhou Yu patted her thigh excitedly, "The author changed the original Shu Ya's name to the same name as yours. It's a coincidence? I doubt whether she is an employee of our company, otherwise what? Where are the names of you and President Su?"

    "Also, haven't I just heard of Miss Lin Ge's name from Miss Yao some time ago? In the end, she was also in that book. Alas, if she is really an employee of our company, she must know you, just don't know Why, obviously you and President Su were born together, she has to let Miss Lin and President Su be together."

    Seeing Shu Yians face getting more and more ugly, Zhou Yu thought that she didnt talk to her, and quickly comforted her, "But Miss Shu, dont mind, the book is just a story, it will never come true. , You are the only person who matches President Su, and President Sus heart is all tied to you."

    "Zhou Zhou..." Shu Yian stopped suddenly, and the shadow on the ground was pitch black, forming two extremes in contrast to her standing in the sun.

    They were clearly one person, but suddenly she felt like two people.

    Zhou Yu stopped with her and asked her blankly, "What's wrong with Miss Shu?"

    "That book, what else did you write?"

    "It was written that someone in the head office of Su had a betrayal, hahahaha, I'm quite looking forward to who has an antagonism with President Su, who actually wants to betray President Su."

    "Well, let's go!"

    Shu Yian took a taxi on the side of the road and said to the taxi master: "Thank you, please go to the Computer City."

    Zhou Yu answered, "Miss Shu, but aren't we going to buy quilts? Why are we going to the Computer City?"

    "Buy electronic surveillance."

    Zhou Yu stopped talking for a moment, and scratched his hair embarrassedly.

    [Miss Shu must be guarding me and don't want me to deal with President Su again.

    [Its too difficult for me. Im not human on either side. I didnt think it was so difficult to help President Su chase his wife, alas...]

    Shu Yian didn't explain to her that she was too busy to take care of herself now, and of course she was not in the mood to take care of Zhou Yu again. Anyway, as soon as the surveillance came into her room, Zhou Yu would understand that she was not guarding her.

    She just wanted to be sure of one thing.

    After the two finished their purchases, they did not stay outside and returned home early.

    Shu Yian set up the monitor, then turned on the computer and checked the login information. The machine logged in, there was nothing unusual, and the time was two o'clock in the morning.

    But she had already fallen asleep at one o'clock, and she slept till dawn, and never awoke at all.

    The phone messages kept ringing, and I wanted to talk to her about emotional problems. Shu Yian handed the matter to Zhou Yu.

    "Zhou Zhou, you can register for me. From now on, you will only pick up two people. If you are willing to wait, just go back in a row."

    In the beginning, it was to convince these people that she tried her best to pick up customers, but now that the goal has been achieved, she should let herself relax and plan for the next step.


    Su kiss left work early after staying at the company until half past ten, and the rest of the work was done in the car.

    She first went to the supermarket to buy some Shu Yian's favorite dishes, and then brought them into the community.

    It was Zhou Yu who opened the door. Yogurt had already dared to approach Shu Yian at this moment. She was sitting on the sofa playing cats.

    Su kiss put the vegetables into the kitchen, Zhou Yu followed her in, and was about to tie the apron to do it herself, Su kiss motioned her to go out to rest.

    "I come."

    Zhou Yu couldn't believe it, "Do you know Mr. Su?"

    Su Kiss started to wash the vegetables, "I don't know how to do too many, only the few things Shu Yian likes to eat."

    This was given to her by her grandmother at the time, and now it seems to be of great use.

    Zhou Yu suddenly ate a meal of dog food, and his thoughts of helping disappeared instantly. He ran out on the sofa and teased the cat with Shu Yian. He glanced at Su and kissed him from time to time.

    [I'm sour, I can't get out under the lemon tree, is this a contradiction? This is obviously showing affection!

    [What does it mean to only cook those things that Miss Shu likes to eat? Have pity on me, a single dog, shining brightly here.

    Shu Yian took the dried fish and fed the yogurt, and said casually: "Yan Jin seems to be pretty good."

    Zhou Yu didn't know why she suddenly mentioned Senior Sister, but she didn't ask further, and replied with joy, "Yes, Senior Sister is super nice."

    Shu Yian looked at her with interest, "Didn't Zhou Zhou plan to fall in love?"

    Zhou Yu pinched his chin in thought, "Isn't that no one to talk to me?"

    Shu Yian laughed out loud. This guy, thinking that other people's minds are full of pornography, but she becomes dull when she arrives. She is too embarrassed to be too broad, so she can only kindly remind her, "Maybe she is by your side."

    Zhou Yu stared at her purely, "Aren't Miss Shu and Yogurt by my side?"

    Shu Yian: "..."

    "You take it as I didn't say."

    When the two chatted, Su Qi was calm and comfortable in the kitchen alone, without panic, like a kitchen veteran.

    But after waiting for an hour, Shu Yian did not hear the "chef" fry a dish. After another half an hour, Su kiss finally started to fire.

    There are a total of three dishes, and it takes up to 20 minutes for a normal person to cut it. It took Su kiss an hour and a half, and the cut out was strange.

    She may feel embarrassed herself, put the dishes on the table, and said to Shu Yian: "You taste it."

    [Anyway, the last cut was similar to this, Shu Yian probably wouldn't mind...]

    [Cant it taste delicious?

    Last time she finished eating and praised me in front of her grandma, I don't know if she will praise me this time.

    Su kiss waited for Shu Yian's comment.

    Although it looks a little ugly, it tastes good. If this is changed to someone else, Shu Yian will definitely praise it.

    But this person is Su Kiss, and Shu Yian just doesn't want to show her a face, otherwise some people will go to the sky again.

    "How is your company there recently?" Shu Yian changed the subject.

    Zhou Yu could not take the content seriously, but she could not take it seriously. If someone betrayed the company, she should remind her even if it was in the face of Grandma Su kiss.

    After all, grandma is really good to herself. She doesn't forgive Su Kiss, it doesn't mean she wants Su Kiss to be unlucky.

    Su Kiss suddenly lost interest, and said in a faint tone: "Very good."

    "I heard from Miss Qin two days ago that their company has undercover agents, and I don't know if your company has them."

    "If you are so worried, you might as well go back to the company to help me watch."

    Shu Yian didn't speak any more, Zhou Yu was caught between the two, and the atmosphere didn't dare to let her gasp.

    Shu Yian stopped her when Su Kiss was about to wash the dishes until she was out of lunch, "You have wasted a lot of time here. You don't need to do these things. You should go back to the company first."

    Su Kiss asked unnaturally, "Is this a concern?"

    "Not counting!"

    Su Kiss: "..."

    "Oh, I'm leaving."

    [This woman loves her bowl.

    After Shu Yian was busy, she returned to the room to take a nap, but she did one more thing this time, which was to open the computer folder and write a question on it.

    "is it you?"

    She fell asleep until three or four o'clock in one night, and the first thing she did when she woke up was to turn on the computer.

    "it's me!"

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