The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 68 - TJCTMH 68

    Chapter 68:

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    Shu Yian took a mouthful of dinner in silence. Su Wen's words may make sense. She really shouldn't come to mix these things.

    Until now, she didn't even know why she cared so much about Gu Liyuan's affairs. What was she really wanting to investigate?

    After all, what does the chaos of the world line have to do with her? As long as she goes back to this world, back to her own world, back to her family, isn't everything enough?

    But she can't do it.

    She couldn't be curious about why she went to another space, she couldn't care what happened to Shu Yian in another world, she couldn't ignore all the unsolved doubts.

    Seeing that Shu Yian didn't seem to want to continue discussing this topic, Su Wen didn't say much anymore, but instead took a white plastic fork for instant noodles and smashed dumplings in Shu Yian's bowl.

    Shu Yian was in a daze and didn't pay attention to her behavior. She took a bite and Su Kiss took a bite. The dinner that was originally just enough for one person, under Su Kiss's "sharing", when Shu Yian recovered, there was nothing left in the bowl. A bowl of soup.

    Faced with Shu Yian's knife-like eyes, Su kiss had no shame, but calmly pushed the instant noodles to Shu Yian.

    "If you don't have enough food, eat two bites of noodles first."

    Shu Yian looked at her with a calm look and gave her a disgusting look.

    This person really didn't suffer at all. To give her instant noodles, she had to take two bites of dumplings. Forget it, Su Wen hadn't eaten it yet, and there was no saliva in it. She just happened to be too lazy to cook anymore, so she had two bites.

    Shu Yian was about to get a bowl alone, but Su kiss stopped her, "What are you doing?"

    "Sheng noodles."

    Su Kiss pulled her arm, the roots of her ears were red, and she coughed embarrassedly, "Instant noodles, what's the point of eating without an instant noodle bucket? You can eat it without worry, I don't dislike you!"

    Now that she said so, Shu Yian didn't pay attention anymore, picked up the chopsticks that had just eaten dumplings, and put the noodles in the instant noodle bucket.

    Su Kiss stared at her, her face that was still a little pleased but frowned after a few seconds.

    [This person eats noodles, why doesn't he bite them off?

    [Eat as much as you want, without any leftovers.

    [My indirect kiss is gone...]

    Shu Yian suddenly squirted out, almost choking herself to death.


    Is this man crazy?

    The opposite Su kiss looked at her innocently, "You eat slowly, and no one will grab you."

    Shu Yian: "..."

    Ha ha da.

    She knows too well what kind of person Su Kiss is. This kind of behavior seems to want to establish an intimate relationship with her, but in reality, it is just a possessive act.

    Even when she used to hate her, Su kiss could mind because she and Lin Ge were too close, not to mention seeing Lin Ge confessing with her own eyes, she must be afraid that her "things" would be taken away by others, so it suddenly happened. Abnormal.

    The more Shu Yian thought about it, the more he despised Su Kiss, and dumped the remaining instant noodles into the trash can without leaving a bite to Su Kiss.

    "I have eaten dinner, you can go now."

    Su Kiss: "..."

    [This is also called dinner?

    [You didnt even give me soup, okay?

    However, her heart is unbalanced, but she now has the guts to argue with Shu Yian as before. Su kiss stepped back and continued: "I haven't eaten the dessert yet."

    "You can take it back to eat." Shu Yian carried the bowl and prepared to go into the kitchen to clean.

    Su kiss followed, "I'll come, you go for dessert first."

    Shu Yian looked at her suspiciously, "You can wash the dishes?"

    Like Su Qi, who has grown up in fine clothes and food, clearly shows his fingers not to touch the sun and spring water, so don't throw her the bowl at that time.

    Su Kiss pushed her out of the kitchen, "Go and rest."

    [Who do you look down on?

    [There is no one who can't wash the bowl, when I am a three-year-old child?

    [But...] When she saw Shu Yian looking back and worrying about her bowl, she finally sat back on the sofa in the living room, and Su kiss had an idea.

    Why don't you just smash the bowl?

    If it hits the foot, if it gets hurt, it just happens to have an excuse to stay overnight.

    Su kiss did what she said, and the bowl fell directly to the ground, breaking into several pieces, but she subconsciously moved away if she didn't listen to her feet.

    When Shu Yian heard the sound, she didn't bother to look at Su Kiss. She saw that Su Kiss was not as good as a three-year-old kid, and she would only do a disservice every day, so let's clean up.

    Su Qi turned her head back and smiled at Shu Yian embarrassedly, and found that the person was not looking at her, but was teasing the cat, and she could only clean up the scene in grief. She had to pick it up with a broom, and then her fingers deliberately He drew a sharp line, and ran to Shu Yian aggrievedly.

    "I'm injured."

    fast! Comfort me, coax me, love me!

    [After all, I was hurt to help you with housework...]

    It is true that Shu Yian is hurting her bowl a little bit now.

    She squeezed her fist and asked Su kiss with a smile, "Do you need me to blow it for you?"

    Su Wen forcefully pretended to be calm, "It's not impossible!"

    This person really has the face to agree?

    Shu Yian's face immediately became cold, and he didn't even bother to pretend, "Get out!"

    Su Kiss: "..."

    [This inhuman woman.

    But when she saw Shu Yian's cute and lovely appearance even if she was angry, she couldn't help but squeeze her face.

    [It feels very comfortable.

    [Forget it, even if it's a bit bad, it's still likable.

    "Su Kiss, are you nervous today?" Shu Yian didn't think she would have such a numb moment, so he hurried back to the room and closed the door.

    Although Shu Yian made it clear that she did not want to talk to her, Su kiss still did not leave. She carried the cat to the door of Shu Yian's room and asked her outside, "Did you give this cat a name?"

    The people inside did not reply, so Su kiss fed the dried fish while asking, "How about calling dried fish?"

    Before Shu Yian could answer, the cat took the lead in protest and patted Su Kiss on the face, who was squatting on the ground and teasing her.

    Shu Yian in the room fell into deep thought. Yu Guang just caught a glimpse of the yogurt bottle next to the computer, and suddenly thought of Su kiss, "It's yogurt, you can also call it a nickname."

    "What's the nickname?"

    "The repetition of the last word." Shu Yian said with a smile.

    Su kiss tried to pronounce its nickname, "Milk~"

    The cat raised her big watery eyes, shook her tail, and rubbed her leg happily.

    Su Kiss rubbed its furry head, and said viciously, "Is your cat a good one? Just like your mother, I know it takes advantage of others."

    "No, I am your mother too, I should say that I am the same as your mother Shu."

    She felt that she had taken advantage of the second sentence, and she didnt care about Shu Yians linguistic trickery just now. She walked to the refrigerator holding the yogurt, really took a bottle of yogurt out, and poured a small bottle cap to feed it. Cat.

    The cat seems to love yogurt a little bit more than the dried fish. After eating the cap, she has to pull her arm to eat another cap.

    Su Kiss started a conversation with it, one person, one cat.

    Su Kiss: "You still want to eat yogurt? Just scream if you want."

    Cat: "Meow~"

    Su Kiss: "I chased your mother Shu as an assist, so I'll give you something to eat, and I will yell when I agree."

    Cat: "Meow~"

    Regardless of whether the cat really understood it or faked it, Su Wenquan, when she agreed, stretched out her finger to hook her small claw, and stamped it with it.

    After eating and drinking yogurt, Su Wen walked to Shu Yian's door and asked her: "Did you buy cat supplies for yogurt?"

    Shu Yi'an, who was drawing a cartoon, put down her work and planned to buy it after eating. But when Su Qi interrupted her, she forgot.

    Shu Yian opened the door: "I'll go now, you quickly go back to your home."

    Su Kiss couldn't count how many times she had been driven away by Shu Yian. She rushed forward, her face became thicker, and she didn't mind how unwilling to see herself.

    "It's not convenient for you to carry things by yourself, I'll help by the way."

    "No, my name is Zhou Yu." Shu Yian changed his shoes and knocked on the door next door.

    Su Kiss cleared her throat and tentatively shouted to the cat: "Yogurt."

    Yogurt began to follow her with her tail wagging. As soon as Zhou Yu opened the door, she got into Su Kiss's house.

    Su Kiss shrugged her shoulders, her expression distressed, "It looks like this cat likes me very much."

    [Good guy, I didn't feed you for nothing.

    Shu Yi'an looked at her in his spare time, "Why don't you raise it?"

    Su Kiss shook her head quickly, "No, I don't have much time for work, so you still have to take care of it."

    "Oh, then Mr. Lao Su will take care of it for ten minutes first, and I will pick it up after I finish shopping."

    Su Kiss nodded, "You're welcome!"

    After watching Shu Yian into the elevator, she hurriedly closed the door with a guilty conscience, hugged the yogurt on her lap, coaxing it like a kid, "I wet the bed on your mother Shu's quilt at night, and I will feed you three bottles of yogurt tomorrow. Okay? You just yell if you agree."

    Yogurt did not cry this time, and patted her face with his paw.

    Su Wen changed her mouth, "Four bottle caps."

    Yogurt: "Meow~"

    Su Kiss: "..."

    A clever cat who can bargain.

    After Shu Yian finished shopping, she immediately went to Su Wen's house to pick up the cat.

    Su kiss handed the cat to her very plainly, and blinked at the yogurt.

    [Good boy, it's all up to you.

    Shu Yian glanced at her contemptuously.

    Is Su Kiss now naive enough to talk to a cat?

    She didn't care about Su Kiss, took the cat into the house, prepared a series of cat supplies for it, and then put the yogurt in the litter box and cat litter, and took it to get familiar with it before going to her work.

    Yogurt followed her into the room. When Shu Yian was working, it was lying on her lap without making a fuss. She stayed quietly, opened her belly for a nap, and snorted with her pink tongue.

    When Shu Yian finished her work and was ready to wash, Yogurt opened her eyes, jumped onto her bed, sprinkled urine on it, and hurried to hide under Zhou Yu's bed.

    After washing, Shu Yian looked at the wetness on the quilt and fell into thought.

    Sure enough, we still have to train it well, can't we let it go?

    She sighed helplessly and threw the quilt into the washing machine. There was originally a bed to change the quilt, but that bed was given to Zhou Yu, and she didn't know how to sleep now.

    Zhou Yu, who had received Su Qi's reminder in advance, secretly sent a message to Su Qi, "Mr. Su, that cat really peeed, you are so sure."

    "Open the door." Su Wen who received the news immediately stood at the door, and when Zhou Yu opened the door, she hurriedly walked in and asked without knowing it.

    "What's wrong?"

    Zhou Yu cooperated with her and said, "The cat is wetting the bed in Miss Shu's room."

    Su Kiss looked like he hated iron but steel, "This cat is really naughty!"

    Well done!

    [Ma Ma must feed you yogurt every day]

    Shu Yian glared at her, and Su Wen immediately pretended to be concerned.

    "It's not very good to have no place to sleep this night. Anyway, we are used to sleeping. Why don't you go to my place to sleep for another night?"

    Shu Yian: "???"

    Zhou Yu: "..."

    [Get used to sleeping...]

    [The two of them share the same bed every day, um, ah, dont, lighten up and so on...]

    The author has something to say: Dont ask where there are cats like yogurt, the question is that everything serves the plot [akimbo]

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