The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 67 - TJCTMH 67

    Chapter 67:

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    Any show of love will welcome the enthusiastic cheers of onlookers, but this time it is an exception.

    The whole audience was silent, and everyone secretly observed Su Qi's face or looked at Shu Yi'an's reaction.

    Shu Yian has never liked this way of confession. Although it looks romantic in the eyes of outsiders, to her, it seems to be a moral kidnapping.

    If you refuse, you will be very merciless, but if you agree...

    Without love, why agree?

    She has always thought that Lin Ge is a very gentle person who can do everything, but the behavior this time is a bit mind-blowing, and it's not like her style.

    In just a few tens of seconds, Su Qi had already drunk a few glasses of wine. For a moment, she even wanted to stand up and throw away the roses in Lin Singer.

    She keeps saying that she likes Shu Yian and that she knows Shu Yian, but don't you even know that she doesn't like roses?

    However, she is not qualified now.

    She once thought that Shu Yian would definitely be with others one day, but the imagination was only an imagination. If it didn't really happen, she didn't feel any sense of crisis or how much she cared about Shu Yian.

    Until this moment, she was completely flustered, and she realized that she was so unwilling to be with other people.

    But it's too late.

    She couldn't take Shu Yian away here, and couldn't stop her from pursuing her own happiness.

    The only thing she can do now is to do nothing, waiting for Shu Yian's reply.

    Shu Yi'an looked solemn, looked down at the person in front of him, pulled out a smile as much as possible, and took over the flower from Singer Lin.

    Su Kiss's heart was raised to her throat for an instant, and just when everyone thought she would agree, she heard Shu Yian say: "Flowers are very beautiful, and you are very beautiful, so..."

    She returned the flowers to Singer Lin, "Flowers match beauty. This bouquet of flowers is more suitable for you."

    Su Kiss laughed very immorally, and then immediately covered her face with her hands, pretending that nothing happened.

    It is undeniable that Shu Yian's way of rejecting people is quite special, and she suddenly feels better.

    In the eyes of a group of people watching the lively, there was no trace of embarrassment on Lin Ge's face after being rejected. She seemed to have expected this answer long ago, smiling and holding the bouquet in her hand, still gently saying: "No matter when, as long as When you look back, I will always be behind you."

    [Once the divorce is exposed, An An will definitely be ridiculed by some people. If I proactively confess to her in front of everyone, then the topic can be brought to me in the future. At least when the name Shu Yian is mentioned, they only I will think of how she rejected me, and will not mention her and Su kiss again.

    [This is probably the only thing I can protect her.

    At this moment, upon hearing such words, Shu Yian suddenly wanted to dig a hole in.

    Lin Ge treated her wholeheartedly, but she just complained a little bit about her. Not only that, she even imagined whether Lin Ge who suddenly performed such abnormal behavior would have the ability to lie, and would she have been before The perfection of is all pretended, but at this moment, the most original side is accidentally revealed...

    Shu Yian's throat seemed to be blocked by something. She wanted to say something, but she couldn't say a word. Only the flushed cheeks and earlobes showed her shame.

    She is not worthy to be friends with this person!

    She didn't know how to face Lin Ge. Anyone who gave her heart and soul shouldn't be a suspicion.

    The onlookers have been scattered in every corner of the banquet. Since they have already given answers, it is not good to get together again.

    However, their eyes still look at the three parties Shu Yian, Lin Ge and Su Kiss from time to time. Many of them have asked Shu Yian to answer questions these days. Although there is no malice, it is always uncomfortable.

    "An An is uncomfortable here, right? I'm sorry, I was abrupt today. Do you want me to send you back first?"

    "Okay." Shu Yian really wanted to escape here first, "I should be the one who should say sorry. It broke your banquet..."

    "Don't think like this." Lin Ge put his hands on her shoulders, smiling like a spring breeze, "This banquet was originally held for you. You don't need to take the confession just now. It's just a joke, but as My friend, I said that I would always be behind you, but I said to myself, promise me not to be too burdened, okay?"

    Shu Yian's nose is slightly sour, and her eyes are wet, like a child who has done something wrong, her head hung down, her voice choked, "Okay, thank you..."

    Lin Ge made a phone call and then said to Shu Yian: "The driver is waiting for you at the door. You can see him when you go out. I won't send you off. I always feel that I'm with you now. You will be under pressure. Go. ,see you tomorrow!"

    "See you tomorrow." Shu Yian didn't dare to look up at her.

    The better Lin Ge is, the more dirty her thoughts are.

    Su Kiss watched the movements of the two at any time, and as soon as Shu Yian left, she immediately chased it out.

    I didn't dare to say anything to tell Shu Yian, and I didn't dare to walk in front of her, but followed from a distance until I saw her entering the community.

    Shu Yian didn't go upstairs, sitting alone on a bench under the shade of the trees in the community, looking listless.

    Su Kiss doesn't quite understand what she is bothering about again, is it because of Lin Ge?

    But this is not important anymore, what is important is how to make her happy.

    Su Qi suddenly remembered that when she hadn't intended to listen to the company's female employees chatting, most of those girls seemed to have cats. They also said that cats are the cutest creatures in the world, and girls can never refuse a cat who can be coquettish...

    Su Kiss couldn't understand how much affection it was, but since everyone said they liked it, then Shu Yian should like it too...

    There happened to be a pet shop nearby. Su Qi got out of the car and went to choose a short blue and white, blue and white coat. It felt very soft, with pink and tender nose and lips. When he raised his head, it was a pair of pale green. His big watery eyes meowed, his voice was milky and sweet.

    For the first time, Su kiss felt the joy of licking a cat.

    Shu Yian will love it!

    When she returned to the community with the cat in her arms, Shu Yian still sat on the bench and did not leave. Su Kiss walked around the flowerbed and grabbed a handful of mud inside. While saying sorry to the cat, she painted some stains on it.

    Then she found a place to wash her hands before sitting next to Shu Yian, cleared her throat, and spoke very solemnly: "I picked up a cat on the road and didn't have time to raise it. If you like it, take it back and take care of it."

    Shu Yian: "..."

    Seeing that she didn't respond, Su Kiss put the cat on her lap again, "If you don't like it, let Zhou Yu take care of it."

    "Oh..." Shu Yian hugged the cat.

    I have to say that Su Kiss will indeed give gifts now, and her little head keeps rubbing against her cute cat, which is totally impossible for people to refuse.

    Su kisss lips smiled unconsciously, and put her hands on her right leg, seemingly casually said: "I think you came back so early, you should have not eaten dinner, so I didnt eat either. Since I met all of them, otherwise Together?"

    "No need!" Shu Yian got up to leave with the cat in her arms, but the cat who was very well-behaved in her arms suddenly jumped down, took small elegant steps, wagging his tail, and walked to Su Kiss, rubbing her head against her. My calf meows.

    [I go, God assists you.

    Su Qi picked up the cat and said helplessly: "It looks like this cat seems a little reluctant to bear with me. Why don't I help you upstairs?"

    [After going upstairs, find another excuse to enter the house.

    [Then find another excuse to stay overnight...]

    "Why don't you take the cat back?" Shu Yian didn't give her this opportunity.

    Although she didn't quite understand why Su kiss had such a sudden change, she didn't want to bother too much.

    Su Qi's back road was blocked by Shu Yian's words, she reluctantly handed the cat to Shu Yian, "No, you can keep it, I'll go first."

    Shu Yian hugged the cat and turned around, without even saying hello to her.

    Su kiss sighed silently, Ah, it's true and ruthless.

    [But what can I do? The sins committed by oneself are paid by oneself.

    Since she couldn't get in Shu Yian's door, she had to step back first and live in the next room.

    Su kiss made a phone call, and half an hour later, someone sent the key to the next room, and according to her instructions, bought a small cake for people and dried fish for cats.

    This time she straightened her waist and knocked directly on Shu Yian's door.

    It was Zhou Yu who opened the door, seeing her face full of incredible, "President Su, it's so late, why are you here?"

    "You come in first, or the cat should run out in a while."

    Shu Yian was cooking dumplings in the kitchen. When he heard the sound, he immediately said unceremoniously: "Why are you here?"

    Su Kiss is confident, "I just moved next door to you, to visit my neighbor."

    [This reason should always be sufficient, right?

    "Then you have already visited, you can leave." Shu Yian turned off the fire and filled himself with a bowl of dumplings.

    Su Kiss threw the room key to Zhou Yu, "You go to the next room and stay for a while."

    Zhou Yu carefully glanced at Shu Yian's face.

    [You didnt say you wouldnt let me go, you just let me go, right?

    [Hurry up!

    Shu Yian was about to speak, Zhou Yu only left her with the sound of closing the door.

    "What do you want to do again?" The dumplings were steaming, and Shu Yian was afraid of being scalded, so he didn't eat it first, but gave Su Kiss an order.

    "I found a clue about Gu Liyuan, are you still interested in it now?"

    "What clue?"

    "I didn't use dinner, I was a little hungry, and now I have no energy to speak."

    Su Kisss meaning is obvious. This person is shameless and has to eat rice with her. Shu Yian doesnt want to serve her, so she pours the water from the dumplings into the instant noodles, "Take it, you can eat it in five minutes. ."

    Su Kiss: "..."

    [Not even willing to boil a pot of water?

    [Forget it, you are grandma, I am convinced!

    "Can you talk now?"

    Su Kiss held the instant noodle bucket, "Just take care of my three meals a month, I'll tell you."

    Shu Yian rolled his eyes, "I haven't had enough instant noodles?"

    Su Kiss instantly returned to the devil's day when Shu Yian used instant noodles for three meals a day, "With additional conditions, what do you eat, what I eat."

    "Are there any requests?"

    Su Kiss didn't dare to mention too much, "Nothing."

    "Promise you, let's talk!" Anyway, it was just a matter of adding a pair of chopsticks.

    Su Kiss didn't explain directly, but asked her a few questions first.

    "Remember where on the sea Gu Liyu disappeared?"

    "Near the island."

    "If you are Lin Ge, where is the first place to find someone?"

    "Underwater, on the island."

    "Yes, I can't find it underwater. I will definitely go to the island. If she is indeed washed up on the island, she will definitely find someone."

    "What the **** are you trying to say?" After listening to her walking around for a long time, Shu Yian didn't hear any useful information.

    "I found the wetsuit fabric on the island. Normal people don't wear wetsuits on the island. The only possibility is that Gu Liyu will fall."

    "So..." An idea flashed in Shu Yian's mind, "You want to say, did Lin Ge deliberately fail to find it?"

    "It's not necessarily true. If it is premeditated, you can also transfer in advance before Lin Ge goes to the island. Don't forget, Gu Liyu has been to the sea twice. If she has a plan, she can definitely touch her for the first time. The Qing route, the second time, it was the'missing' in full view."

    Shu Yian suddenly thought of the warning left by the person who stunned him, "Is it possible that someone else took it away?"

    "Impossible, Gu Liyuan has no friends or enemies. There are only two options."

    "One, this is a premeditated plot between her and Lin Ge."

    "Second, this is her own plan."

    "Shu Yian, which one do you prefer?" She muttered to herself without waiting for Shu Yian's reply.

    "But no matter which one is, Gu Liyuan herself was involved. She planned her own disappearance. There must be hidden secrets in it. Shu Yian, since you are not familiar with her, then I advise you not to mix it with her. And this matter."

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