The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 65 - TJCTMH 65

    Chapter 65:

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    Completely clean...

    Su Kiss leaned outside the door, muttering these words, meaning that between the two of them, there is no need to meet again, right?

    She originally planned it this way, so she thought she could accept this situation without hesitation, but when she really heard Shu Yian's words like this, she felt as heavy as a stone in her heart.

    The choice seems easy, but the reality is extremely difficult.

    "Shu..." She suddenly wanted to call Shu Yian again, but when the words came to her lips, she felt very funny again.

    There seems to be nothing to chat between them.

    The two do not owe each other, and the two do not meet each other. Perhaps for them, it is the best way.

    Su Kiss smiled bitterly and threw the flowers into the trash can. She was in a daze on the way back to the company. She couldn't tell what the sense of loss came from, and what kind of feelings she and Shu Yian had in the days when they got along. .

    Is it just a pure interest relationship?

    If so, she would have broken cleanly from the beginning, so she wouldn't hesitate so much.

    Is it a friend relationship?

    It's not like that, friends are close friends, how can she and Shu Yian dislike each other like this, but even so, they don't really hate each other.

    There is also a relationship, Su Kiss quickly denied it after a thought flashed through her mind.

    She would never like Shu Yian.

    How could she like the pretentious woman who always goes against her?

    When I was in a good mood, I deliberately called myself a "little kiss", I had to come to disgust her, or I would draw a panda for her and tie a knot in her hair after she was asleep...

    When you are in a bad mood, you will either ignore her or raise your fist to beat her...

    Doing a bunch of bad things, it's not like a lady.

    But at the same time, she can think of the light when Shu Yian is playing the piano. Such a shining person will one day leaning on her shoulder and wiping tears secretly. He will be like a kitten, sleeping in her arms and will be brilliant. Smiling at her brightly, will leave her own mark on her neck, will hug her when she goes to work, like a couple, wait for her to go home, wash her hands and make soup...

    Although the last two things were performed because of grandma, they did not prevent her from liking the way they get along.

    Su kiss suddenly realized that she thought of Shu Yian more good than bad, and even in this contrast, the bad things in front seemed to have become her cute side.

    But now, no matter how much I think about it, it will not help.

    She always thought that Shu Yian was very coaxing, and the two had a lot of conflicts. Without her apologizing, each time they reconciled naturally.

    She thought that they would get together this time...

    Forget it, it's not that she never apologized, Shu Yian has to be so decisive, what can she do? It was as if she couldn't bear to feel comfortable.

    Since Shu Yian can leave her so easily, why can't she?

    Su Kiss returned to the company and had no intention of working. When she was a teenager, she also had a hobby of reading comics, but since she went to college and felt that she was a mature adult, she never touched comic books again. Now she is idle. I was also idle, simply looking for a comic on the Internet to sort out my mood.

    On the comics website, a piece called "Shu Zi's Candy Shop" is particularly eye-catching. The artist is a newcomer, but only a few chapters have rushed to recommend it.

    Unlike other comics involving serious knowledge such as astronomy and geography, this artists style is very refreshing and healing. It is a type of comics that Su Kiss has never seen before. The subject matter is also very special. The heroine of the comic is a little girl named "Shu Zi". , The story is composed of countless short stories, but all are stories of little girls healing people's hearts with candy.

    Su Kiss was so absorbed in her eyes that the extremely boring heart just now calmed down, as if she was also melted into her heart by a candy.

    It's just that this kind of time is short after all, the comics are good, but it's a little shorter, and it took less than ten minutes to read it. Su Kiss spent half an hour to recollect what he had just read.

    A person who can draw this style must be a very gentle person at heart.

    Isn't such a person better than Shu Yian?

    She decided that if she thinks about Shu Yian again in the future, she will read this cartoon. Whether it is the content of the comic or the manga author, it is more attractive than Shu Yian.


    After taking the medicine, Shu Yian lay on the sofa and fell asleep until she was woken up by a phone call.

    "An An." Opposite Lin Ge's warm voice as always, but then, there was a little grievance in this voice, "I found out that if I didn't find you, you would never take the initiative to find me."


    Shu Yian was speechless for a while. When she and Su Qi were still together, Su Qi always ate Lin Ge's jealousy, so even if the two are friends, it is not convenient for her to contact Lin Ge. As for now, she has just resolved After finishing my own business, of course there is no time to contact her before that.

    Seeing that she didn't speak immediately, Lin Ge smiled again and said: "I was joking with An An, how has the matter between you and President Su been resolved?"

    "It's all over, the goddess, have you returned to your country?"

    "Yeah! I just got off the plane, thinking that if you have time, you can make an appointment for dinner, by the way, call President Su together to avoid her misunderstanding in the future."

    Shu Yian looked down.


    She used to worry about Su Kiss's misunderstanding, but now, that person has no right to misunderstand her again.

    She is not a person who likes to tell unpleasant things to others, but the matter of kissing Su, sooner or later, she can't hide it, so she will not hide it, and directly replied: "No, we broke up. No need to call her again."

    There was a brief silence on the other end of the phone. After 30 seconds, Lin Ge asked worriedly: "An An, are you okay?"

    "Very good!" Shu Yian replied with a smile.

    Does she look, or sound like it's bad?

    Now that they are all independent women, who would be wronged by the so-called love that cannot see the future?

    "No matter what you encounter, remember, you and me, I will always be by your side."

    Like Mu Chunfeng's voice, like telling an oath, speaking firmly in your ear, it is hard not to make people's heart move.

    If she was the first person to say this, Shu Yian would probably believe her, just like she believed in Su Kiss at the beginning, but the person who said that would protect her, in the end he kicked her out indiscriminately. .

    She couldn't speculate on the other person's true intentions with malice, but she couldn't give a response anymore. After a thousand words, Shu Yian finally only said two words, "Thank you!"

    "An An."


    "Today's dinner will be cancelled first. You will sort out your mood first. I will have a banquet at home in two days. I won't ask you if you have time this time. I hope you will come!"

    "it is good!"

    After hanging up the phone, Shu Yian stared at the phone in a daze. Time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye it was six o'clock in the afternoon. She seemed to have done a lot of things this day, but she didn't seem to have done anything.

    And in the office.

    Zhou Yu, who was supposed to be off work, stared at Su Kiss for an hour.

    When it was time for get off work, Su kiss called Zhou Yu into the office, but she didn't say a word. She didn't say anything, and Zhou Yu didn't want to take the initiative to speak to her. The two remained silent until an hour later. In the end, Yan Jin came in to break the embarrassment.

    She drove Zhou Yu home every day after get off work. This time she waited for a long time and didn't wait, so she came up to take a look.

    "Mr. Su." Seeing the two men's posture, Yan Jin asked, "Is she the one who committed anything?"

    "No!" Su Kiss turned his pen and answered casually.

    "Then, is there still work to be done?"


    Yan Jin: "..." Then why did you keep them?

    "Since it's okay, why don't you let her get off work?"

    "Yeah!" Su kiss was overwhelmed with joy and anger. Seeing Zhou Yu was ready to slip away and walked to the door, Su kiss suddenly spoke again.

    "You go, she stays!"

    Zhou Yu pretended not to understand, and continued to move forward. In the end, she still didn't escape. Su kiss directly called her name, "Zhou Yu, stay!"

    Zhou Yu gave Yan Jin a bitter look, curled his mouth, and finally stood in front of Su Kiss reluctantly.

    "President Su." Yan Jin helped the gold wire glasses frame, a little helpless, completely unable to understand what Su kiss was doing.

    "Are you talking a lot today?" Su kiss was skeptical.

    Going on, Yan Jin was afraid that she would be too concerned about Zhou Yu's relationship with her. Although the relationship was quite innocent, she also intervened when Zhou Yu was hired. A wink, motioned to her that she was waiting for her at the door.

    Then he said jokingly to Su kiss: "The child is still young, don't scare her!"

    It wasn't until the office door was closed again that Su Kiss felt that this wasting was not a solution, so she spoke softly, "You and Shu Yian are in a good relationship, right?"

    Zhou Yu's heart was pounding, and when it was over, the complaint was exposed, and Mr. Su would definitely not give her good fruit.

    This is the end of the matter, any answer is a dead end, she simply tells the truth, "Yes, I like Miss Shu very much."

    Su Kiss: "..."

    "You first say clearly what kind of like?"

    "It's like as a friend, and worship!"

    Su Wen breathed a sigh of relief, it was almost the same, otherwise this task really couldn't be given to Zhou Yu.

    "From tomorrow, you won't be used to work!"

    "Okay!" Zhou Yu thought of this possibility as soon as things came to light. Although she probably won't have any future in the future, if Su Kiss has been confused with that woman, she will be Miss Shu's friend. , Its really bad to work here.

    "If you don't mind, from tomorrow, you can go to Shu Yian. Don't worry, the company will keep your position and double your salary. If you have something you want to learn, I guess Shu Yian will give it to you. personal space."

    Su Kiss handed her a bank card. She thought about it all afternoon today. Since Shu Yian didnt want to see her, she would not see it. However, she always owes her a little, so she has to do something, "Remember to buy it for her every day. A gift, pick what she likes."

    Zhou Yu shifted his gaze from the bank card to Su Kiss, "Mr. Su, is this compensation?"

    Su Kiss: "..."

    "Your relationship is so good that she will tell you even if we break up?"

    "What?" Zhou Yu looked surprised, "Have you actually broken up?"

    Obviously, the two of them were not talking about the same thing, and Su kiss looked suspicious, "What compensation are you talking about?"

    "Of course you cheated on Mi..." Zhou Yu immediately realized something was wrong before he finished speaking, and quickly covered his mouth.

    When it was over, she reported herself this time.

    This time, Su Kiss was a dumb man who ate Huanglian and had a hard time talking. So, Ruan Xin ran to provoke her. Zhou Yu told her to cheat. She couldn't cleanse after jumping into the Yellow River this time. No wonder Shu Yian was so angry.

    She looked at Zhou Yu, her brain numb with anger, and after a while she asked, "Which eye did you see me cheating?"

    Zhou Yu pouted, "I didn't see the eyes, but the ears heard."

    "So if someone talks to themselves and composes a few sentences, it means I cheat?"

    Zhou Yu covered her face, didn't she? Could it be that she misunderstood?

    "So President Su, did you not cheat?"

    "if not?"

    Su Kiss smiled coldly, her eyes seemed to have a knife about to kill, and Zhou Yu was so scared that she bowed quickly, "I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I will help you chase Miss Shu back now."

    The author has something to say: Su Jizhi: I can't chase my daughter-in-law, can't I let others help me chase it?

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