The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 63 - TJCTMH 63

    Chapter 63:

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    Shu Yian raised the corners of her lips, and there was a moment of turmoil in her heart, but for a moment, she showed a sense of calmness.

    She smiled and gently pushed away Ruan Xin's palm with her index finger, and she joked, "What is so good about that incomprehensible person Su Kiss? Miss Sister, you are so good-looking, and the world of flowers is so wonderful. It's better to change your personal favorite and follow. How am I?"

    As soon as this was said, everyone present was dumbfounded.

    The executives of the group looked at Shu Yian with an unbelievable appearance, and were surprised how she dared to talk to Ruan Xin in this tone, while the blonde girl and Yao Yao were surprised by the attitude of Shu Yian.

    Although they haven't figured out the situation, Ruan Xin probably knows that the two are in a rivalry relationship. Isn't it true that a normal person meets a mistress? Even if they have the quality, they will find a way to show the majesty of the palace, so that the foxes will retreat when they know the difficulties.

    But what happened to Shu Yian?

    Is she actually prying her wife's corner?

    If Ruan Xin is really in the position between Shu Yian and Su Wen, Yao Yao and the blonde girl can't tell who the cheating is.

    The real family of three cannot be adulterated at all.

    Ruan Xin didn't get angry when he heard this. Instead, he looked at Shu Yian with admiration.

    She deliberately provoked Shu Yian, wanting to see how the girl would respond, or embarrassment, or arrogance. She had thought about these attitudes, but she had never thought that Shu Yian would respond to her in such an interesting way.

    Ruan Xin suddenly became interested, and cooperated with her to ask: "You can do it with you, but what qualifications do you have to let me follow you?"

    Shu Yi'an was full of self-confidence and blurted out without thinking, "I am qualified to stand by your loved one."

    Ruan Xin applauded her from the bottom of his heart, "It's great."

    Shu Yian didnt say too much, she deliberately left the follow-up to Ruan Xins own imagination, and the final result that came up was: She is still looking up at Su Kiss, but Shu Yian is already standing next to the person, which is equivalent to herself. Looking up at Shu Yian.

    She was a clever girl who won a battle without a single soldier.

    Ruan Xin patted her shoulder, her red lips lightly opened, and she narrowed her beautiful peachy eyes and exhaled softly, "You are indeed more interesting than Su kiss, and we look forward to our next meeting."

    After finishing speaking, she said to the senior leaders behind: "You don't need to give it away."

    Shu Yian did not look back at her, only heard the sound of high heels stepping on the ground and gradually moving away.

    Both the blonde girl and Yao Yao looked at Ruan Xin's back and sighed tacitly, What an arrogant vixen.

    At this moment, the blonde girl's attitude was better than before, and she even asked Shu Yian with a little sympathy, "Ms. Shu, are you okay?"

    Shu Yi'an grabbed the bitterness in her eyes, then raised her head, her eyes staring, "Should I have something to do?"

    Just like when she was making things difficult at Yan Ruxues birthday banquet, it seemed that no matter what she faced, her arrogance would never subside, she would always be high, would never care about anything, would always be above the embarrassment that outsiders thought. , Hand in a perfect and amazing answer sheet.

    The blonde girl was unconsciously impressed by her behavior.

    I have to admit that some people are inherently attractive, and this kind of charm cannot be learned by others.

    "Then let's go now, Miss Shu." The blond woman led the way for her.

    Several senior executives greeted her and returned to their respective jobs. When they saw that there were no more employees in the company, the blonde woman whispered and asked, "Miss Shu, are we doing this in secret?"

    "No!" Shu Yian replied categorically, "I want you to gather people together and directly express your doubts."

    The blonde girl frowned slightly, "Ms. Shu wants me to directly ask who is the undercover agent sent by the enemy company?"


    The blonde girl originally thought that Shu Yian would at least use a crystal ball or tarot card for divination, but she didn't expect it to be such a straightforward way. She originally believed her, but at this moment she was unaware of it.

    "If Miss Shu wants to observe their expressions, then this trick won't work. I have scammed several people I suspect before, but it didn't work."

    Shu Yian babbled, "Everyone has a kind of energy. The reason why I can accurately divination is also because I can feel this energy. I didn't plan to look at who looks to find out who is behind the scenes. If you have doubts, you can call them before me first."

    "Okay." The blonde girl completely believed Shu Yian's explanation this time, and hurriedly called a few people to come and explain the reason.

    Among these people, there are two types of mental activities.

    The first is innocent but suspected, and I feel uncomfortable.

    The second is innocent but suspected, but can understand the behavior of blonde women.

    Shu Yian shook his head, "Neither, continue calling others."

    The blonde girl was obedient and obedient. Not many people called each time. They started from the suspicion in her heart in batches. But after seeing so many people, Shu Yian couldn't find any one.

    Just when the blonde girl called the last batch of people hopelessly, who she thought was the least likely to betray the company, Shu Yian's eyes stopped on the mediocre-looking girl with black-rimmed glasses and ponytails.

    The girl's expression was very natural, she was not flustered at all, and even accompanied by mockery.

    [Can I find an undercover by just finding a young woman?

    [It's not a god, how can I tell it? I have also studied anti-psychology, and even a powerful psychologist cannot catch me.

    "It's a pity." Shu Yian bent down, hooked the girl's glasses off, and said dismissively, "I caught you."

    The girl looked at her with a ghostly appearance.

    How can it be?

    She was clearly disguised and seamless, with no flaws in it.

    The blonde girl opened her mouth wide, completely unbelievable, "Miss Shu, are you sure?"

    This girls name is Tan Li. She is from an ordinary family, she is honest, she has nothing extraordinary, and she has no shortcomings. She is completely the kind of person who will not look at the second glance when she is in a crowd. To be honest, she has never I thought it would be this person.

    Shu Yian didn't care: "I have found out the person, believe it or not, as for the evidence, you can check the recent transfer records under her mother's name."

    This girl is also smart, afraid that things will be exposed, and she didn't keep her own number for bank card transfers.

    The blonde girl asked the security guard to surround the girl first. She didnt do anything too outrageous. It was considered a kind of supervision, and then she was asked to check the transfer records. In less than three minutes, several two million bills appeared in front of her. .

    There is hard evidence that the girl named Tan Li did not quibble, and was sent directly to the police station.

    After handling everything, the blonde girl solemnly bowed to Shu Yian, "Miss Shu, I sincerely thank you, you can mention anything you need, as long as I can do it."

    "No." Shu Yian smiled and shook his head, "I don't want anything."

    That's it!

    Shu Yian secretly scolded herself for hypocrisy in her heart, how could she not have what she wanted? The reason for saying this is that she wants to share favor.

    But fortunately, the blonde girl is still a good person. When Shu Yian refused, she said: "Then I owe you first."

    "Alright!" Shu Yian did not refuse this time, and waved at her, "If Miss Qin has nothing else to do, then I will leave first."

    "I'll see you." The blonde woman followed behind her and sent Yao Yao and Shu Yian to the door. Because there were other things to deal with, she told Yao Yao, "Sister Yao, help me send Miss Shu home, please. ."

    "No problem, it's on me." Yao Yao smiled brightly. Seeing his two good friends from the beginning to dislike each other to now recognize each other, he was naturally happier than anyone else.

    When the car disappeared from sight, the blonde girl entered the company and couldn't wait to dial the phone.

    "Hey, Xiaoxue."

    "What's the matter?" Yan Ruxue listened to Shu Yian's words, regained her ideals, and started her dancing career. Now she has just finished her practice, she is still breathing heavily.

    "I just got a big news, do you want to know?"

    "I don't want to." She was still brooding about the blonde girl making things difficult for Shu Yian at the last birthday party, but since the two were friends, the original intention of the person was for her. Yan Ruxue is not good to blame her, so she can only try not to mix it up. And her gossip.

    Regardless of whether she wants to listen or not, the blonde still speaks, "Your sister cheated."

    Yan Ruxue's mind didn't turn around for a while, "Which sister?"

    Blonde girl: "Apart from Su Kiss, which sister do you have?"

    Yan Ruxue's voice was obviously unhappy, "Are you kidding me? Sorry, I don't like this joke."

    "It's true!" Seeing that she didn't believe it, the blonde also raised her voice, "I have seen it with my own eyes, I really don't lie to you, the vixen is going to provoke Shu Yian. He looks like a very powerful man, and I don't know which muscle No, I have to like someone who has a fiancee."

    "I see, I'm busy now, let's call later." Yan Ruxue hung up the phone with a serious expression, and immediately changed her dance clothes.

    The blonde girl at the other end had an expected look. She knew that if Yan Ruxue heard about this incident, she would definitely interfere with it. After all, Su Kiss had an extraordinary position in her heart and she could not accept others. To deceive her sister, she can't accept that there is a stain in her sister's life.

    So, just treat her as an apologize to Shu Yian for the previous matter.


    Zhou Yu was a little strange today, Su kiss felt that way after lunch.

    As soon as the man saw her, he began to sing, and the lyrics were still, "You bad bad woman..." over and over again, just like that.

    Su Kiss didn't know if she fell in love with this sentence, or Zhou Yu had an opinion on her and used the lyrics to scold her.

    She is not easy to ask directly, so she can only hold this doubt in her heart.

    I don't know how long it took, Zhou Yu knocked on the door again, "Bad woman, Miss Yan is here."

    Su Kiss: "???"

    Zhou Yu pretended to be innocent with a strong desire to survive, "I'm sorry, President Su, I'm sorry, but I was taken aback by singing this song recently. I really didn't mean to scold you."

    I just scolded you intentionally.

    Su Kiss didn't care about her, and said in a calm voice: "Just don't be careful with your customers."

    "I know Mr. Su." Zhou Yu bowed to her, feeling a little bit when he left the house.

    President Su has nothing to say about employees, but why is he a scumbag in his relationship? It makes people love and hate.

    "Why are you free today?" Su Kiss was curious about Yan Ruxue's arrival.

    "I saw a woman today, claiming to be your girlfriend, provoking in front of Shu Yian, sister, are you really cheating?" Yan Ruxue did not go around with her, and asked her directly.

    Su Wen suddenly pulled into a ball, "Ruan Xin, this lunatic!"

    If even Yan Ruxue thought so, Shu Yian probably thought so too. How would she explain it now?

    But after another thought, Su Qi frowned. She had something to explain, and no one cared anyway.

    Seeing that she didn't deny it, Yan Ruxue asked again in disbelief, "Sister, did you really do something to sorry Shu Yian?"

    "I have broken up with her." Now Yan Ruxue has no longer obsessed with her, and Su Kiss has no need to hide her from her.

    "Why did you break up? Didn't my sister love her very much at the time?" Even if the person involved said it personally, Yan Ruxue was unwilling to believe it.

    She gave up on loving Su Kiss, based on her acknowledgment of Shu Yian. If the two people only fell in love for a while, then what was her initial concession?

    Su kiss persuaded her bitterly, "Xiaoxue, you have never been in love. Adult love is not as simple as what you see. The passion will fade at any time. As long as the ordinary days, one party will get tired of this dullness. life."

    "I don't want to listen to the so-called true nature of love." Yan Ruxue has always been like this, she must go to the corners of the things she values.

    It was like this when I liked Su Kiss, and it is like this now, "I just want to know, does my sister fall in love with someone else?"

    "No love!" Knowing that Yan Ruxue would continue to ask if she didn't give an explanation, Su Kiss simply spoke out.

    "Did Shu Yian fall in love with someone else?"

    Su Kiss: "..."

    No answer, no denial.

    Yan Ruxue understood.

    "I still have things, sister, please do it first."

    She was going to ask Shu Yian to ask. From the very beginning, she told Shu Yian that she could not hurt her sister.

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