The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 60 - TJCTMH 60

    Chapter 60:

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    Shu Yian didn't want to go back to Shu's house for the time being. She didn't know how to explain the current situation to her grandma, let alone how to face her mother who was strong in control but was committed to being good for her.

    Occasionally the sound of birds and birds came from all around, chirping, accompanied her all the way.

    The weather was hot, and even when I walked in the shade of the trees, I was already sweating profusely. It took about an hour to walk before Shu Yian got a taxi.

    When putting the luggage in the trunk, she looked back for the last time and looked at the road she had walked. She didn't know if she was saying goodbye to the bird that accompanied her or saying goodbye to the people who lived there.

    In short, this place, she will never come again.

    "Let's go." Shu Yian finally closed the car door and said to the driver's master.

    "Where to go?" the driver asked her from the front row.


    "which hotel?"

    Shu Yi'an was stunned, and Ji Er laughed helplessly. Only then did she realize that she was not familiar with this place at all, and she was also a native of the country, but she turned out to be like a newcomer.

    "The hotel a little farther away, Mr. Driver, you are familiar with this area, so please help me find a hotel, please."

    The driver glanced at her thoughtfully through the rearview mirror.

    [They are all such adults, can't even name the hotel? Is there something wrong with your brain?

    [But listening to the words is quite normal.

    In order not to be dragged into the police station by people as mentally retarded, Shu Yian had to add another sentence, "I just want to take a car and just stroll around. There is nothing I want to go to, wherever I go."

    "That's it." The driver agreed.

    [This seems quite familiar.

    The driver inadvertently looked at Shu Yian carefully, and then patted the steering wheel, "Oh, I said how familiar you are. Girl, you took my car last time. How long has it passed? How are you? Or do you like to go around by car?"

    Shu Yian looked blank.

    "Wandering around by car?" Isn't she the first time?

    The driver probably forgot to see her, and reminded her: "Just a while ago, you also walked out of this intersection, wearing a foreign style, wearing gold earrings and a big diamond ring. I asked you where you were going. Do you? Let me drive you around a few times and say you want to see the scenery here."

    "I was still wondering what scenery to see in this city."

    The driver had an impression of her, one was because she spoke strangely, and the other was because Shu Yi'an was wearing too high-profile at the time, and he was afraid that the girl would be robbed while walking on the road.

    [This time its pretty plain.

    The driver was muttering in his heart, simple, he didn't even dare to think of the girl and the girl before in the same way.

    Shu Yian was able to conclude that if the driver remembered correctly, then the person in his mouth should be the person who occupied her body before, and she needs to figure out the timeline.

    So she asked the system first, "Did she ever sit in this rental car when you were with the person before, and said these things?

    [No, she always calls her own driver, I never saw her take a taxi. ]


    Shu Yian confirmed a bit of information in her mind. The girl should have taken this taxi during the 24 hours of free activities, and at that time, she might just want to say goodbye to the world.

    She didn't know where to go, which meant that she had no nostalgia in this world.

    Since there is no important person, the "lie" chip is largely not given to others by her initiative.

    Is someone discovering her secret and forcibly depriving her of her ability?

    But one thing doesn't make sense. If she is forcibly deprived, why doesn't she tell the system the name of that person?


    After Shu Yian connected everything, he came up with two answers.

    Either the system is lying, or the girl has made some kind of ulterior transaction with another person.

    [No, Shu Yian, are you stunned? How can you doubt me? The system has a temper in an instant.

    [Which task person have you seen suspects his boss? ]

    Shu Yian snorted.

    [First of all, dont think of yourself as your boss, we are just a transactional relationship, nothing more.

    [Secondly, the decision you made recently makes it difficult for people to continue to believe you, but you can rest assured that I am not a person who does not tell the evidence. I just doubt and do not regard you as a sinner.

    [You... forget it. ] The system knew it was wrong and didn't continue arguing with her. It simply turned a blind eye to things outside the window, shielded all information from the outside world, and rested.

    "Mr. Driver." Shu Yian wanted to change his destination. "Do you remember where I got off the car last time?"

    "Of course I remember. I took you around all morning. When it was lunch time, the lady in my family called me to go back for dinner. I discussed with you and put you next to a high-end restaurant."

    Seeing that she kept asking questions, the driver laughed at her again, "Little girl, do you have a bad memory?"

    Shu Yian smiled, "I have a bad memory, so let's drive me to the nearby hotel. I just happened to take care of the things over there, which is convenient."

    "Good." The driver was very enthusiastic, and was chatting with Shu Yian along the way. When passing by the restaurant, afraid that she would forget the place where she had eaten at the beginning, she pointed her out and then drove her away. Hotel.

    Shu Yian settled down first.

    If giving the chip to others is not premeditated, it can only mean that the two are a chance encounter, and the two must know each other.

    Otherwise, it is impossible for that girl to follow her to a hidden place and be succeeded by her.

    Then push it down. A person who can walk and dine here and understand the neighborhood can only be a person who lives here.

    Shu Yian's first step was to investigate whether there were people living here next to him, and secondly, to beware of people who might come into contact with him in the future.

    She probably felt a lot more relaxed after she had cleared up some things, but when her mind went blank and remembered Su Kiss, she suddenly wanted to order a few bottles of beer to get drunk.

    She would miss that dog woman?

    Oh, that kind of unreasonable and indifferent woman, even if you miss her, she must be strangled to death.

    Shu Yian cracked his fingers

    Where is there no fragrant grass? She is going to find her peonies now, she is going to the bar to tease the most **** young lady! ! !

    She wants to let Su kiss the dog woman know that she is a person who can find a girlfriend when she breaks up, unlike some people who can only be single for a lifetime.

    But let's talk about it, when Shu Yian actually walked into the bar and saw a group of men and women having drinks there, she admitted that she was still counseled.

    Shu Yian finally ran to the mall in silence to buy a laptop, and by the way, on the way back to the hotel, he bought a barbecue and a fat house happy water.

    She was really stunned by Su Kiss, and she had forgotten her original intention.

    What is there to talk about in love? Is the small money not good enough or the game is not fun enough?

    Go home and draw comics!

    At this moment, in the Su's villa, someone who had just finished washing was standing by the bed in a daze.

    Today, she has called Shu Yi'an unconsciously twice, once in the office. After finishing her work, she wanted to tease Shu Yi'an as usual, but when she opened her mouth, no one answered, she remembered that she had driven her away.

    Once during the evening meal, the aunt brought the food, and she subconsciously said to the aunt: "Go and ask her to come down for dinner."

    Now she is staying in the bedroom, looking at the bed where she and Shu Yian have slept together every night, feeling uncomfortable in every way.

    They often acted on this bed because of things that didn't go well. She snatched Shu Yian's quilt. Someone would kick her. She pressed Shu Yian's hair and someone would pinch her.

    He didn't know who he was like, he was very grumpy.

    But even so, what she has in her mind now is the appearance of Shu Yian's domineering in front of her.

    She originally thought that even if the person left, he would be just an insignificant person and would not make a splash in her heart.

    In the end, Su Kiss couldn't sleep alone in this bed. She firmly refused to admit that she was used to having Shu Yian by her side and didn't want to keep the memories of two people here.

    She comforted herself in her heart, she disliked someone on this bed.

    So she began to enter different rooms, hoping to get a good night's sleep, but no matter where she went, Shu Yian seemed to follow her steadily.

    When she is in a good mood, she will laugh and tease her, "Little kiss."

    When she was in a bad mood, she gritted her teeth and called her, "Su, kiss!"

    Su Kiss was so tempered by Shu Yian that she just drove away.

    Can't she live in this house?

    She didn't want to go to a hotel too close to home, for fear that she wouldn't be able to get rid of Shu Yian.

    As soon as I entered, I caught a glimpse of a familiar figure, a laptop computer, a hand-held barbecue, swaying and looking very decadent, walking towards the elevator entrance, which happened to be around the corner, Su Qi was so scared that she did not dare to step forward, for fear of being surprised by Shu Yian See her.

    Is this impossible to get rid of?

    She doesn't believe in this evil today.

    Su kiss was about to leave, walked to the door, and after standing for a few seconds, she couldn't help returning to the front desk.

    "Hello, Mr. Su." The front desk of the hotel greeted her politely.

    Su kiss nodded, some guilty conscience said: "Help me open a room."

    "Okay." The front desk was about to open a VIP room for her, and Su kiss said again, "I want to be next to Shu Yian."

    Front desk: "..."

    After three seconds of froze, polite and elegant, "Okay, Mr. Su."

    After Su Wen got the room card, she refused the service of a special person to lead the way, and when she found Shu Yian's room number, she stood at her door for three seconds, and then put her ear on the door.

    Shu Yian was dumped by her. She must be like a little bitter woman, crying while eating, right?

    Late at night, the most suitable for crying.

    As a result, her ears leaned in, only to hear the laughter inside.

    Su Kiss: "???"

    Shu Yian was eating lamb skewers and drinking ice cola. After seeing the food series in the variety show, he paused the broadcast, and was going to go downstairs and buy an ice watermelon as a reward.

    As a result, as soon as I opened the door, I saw Su Kiss who had not had time to flash.

    Shu Yian's heart was suddenly pierced, and then he showed indifference again, "What's the matter with you?"

    Su Kiss scraped the tip of her nose awkwardly, "It's okay, don't get me wrong, I didn't know you were here."

    "Then please lean aside, I have something!"

    "Oh." Su kiss stood aside to make way for her, and watched her go far without catching up.

    Shu Yian forgot to close the door, Su kiss walked into her room, and when she saw the food and variety show on the table, she couldn't laugh or cry.

    "This heartless dog woman."

    "Eating barbecue? Watching variety shows? How comfortable living alone?"

    Let you eat! ! !

    Su Kiss opened the door of the room and returned everything on the table to her room.

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