The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 58 - TJCTMH 58

    Chapter 58:

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    It was late at night, and Shu Yian hadn't returned. Su kiss was fidgeting in the room, but finally couldn't hold back, and dialed her phone.

    She even thought about her words, she must not show her anxiety, she must yell at her fiercely and without emotion, asking her where she died, and don't come back if she doesn't.

    But the phone call was passed, but no one answered it.

    [Sorry, the number you dialed is not in the service area.

    Not in the service area? Could it be that there was no signal on the island, and she stayed there and didn't come back?

    Is it always lost?

    This night, there is no light when I go there, do you want to find her?

    What to look for, look for the surname Lin.

    Su Kiss threw the phone on the bed. After a few minutes, she picked it up very badly, then dialed another number, bought a flashlight in the mall downstairs, and took a taxi directly to the coast.

    There have been a lot of people gathered here. They were all called by Su Qi. As the saying goes, there are so many people and strength, and the night on the island is not too safe. She would not be so stupid to run there alone.

    The people at the yacht charter company have already got off work. Tourists rent boats during the day instead of at night. When Su Kiss was about to find a way to rent a boat, she saw lights flashing on the sea level in the distance. The returning yacht drew ashore.

    A middle-aged man came off the boat with three-dimensional features, a little beard, and a sailing suit. He seemed to be the only person on the boat. He cursed as he walked, "fuck! wha."

    The destination is a Chinese-style garden in the suburbs. The antique design is a unique scenery of foreign buildings.

    The door was designed in a knock-on style. Su Kiss held the handrail on the door and knocked twice. Soon a middle-aged woman opened the door and introduced her into the other courtyard.

    There is a hot spring here. When Su Kiss went in, the spring water was misty and there was a graceful woman sitting in it, with her hair curled up and her white jade shoulders exposed.

    Su kiss looked away, and threw the bathrobe beside her, "Get your clothes on."

    After hearing the sound, the woman stood up from the hot spring with a chuckle, unclothed, rubbing her body without shy, and then she put on a silk pajamas with obvious pink on her chest.

    "After so many years, I heard that President Su had a fiance when he went back, why is he still so abstinent? It's not that he hasn't tasted the love of a bed, so he is still shy?"

    The woman walked gracefully into the inner room and poured two cups of tea, which was a bit out of tune with the elegance here.

    She is a **** and gorgeous woman like a rose.

    When Su Kiss didn't pick her up, there was still no expression on her face, "I came here this time because I have something to look for you."

    The woman also learned her appearance, not answering the conversation, but changed the subject, "I am new to learning tea art, will you taste it?"

    Su Kiss: "It's urgent!"

    She was repeatedly disappointed, and the woman was obviously not interested. She put down the tea cup in her hand, half leaned against her body, leaning on the mahogany sofa, very charming, "If you are not urgent, you won't come to me if you want to, say it. ,what's up?"

    "Find someone!"

    "Yes, if you associate with me, I'll help you, how about?" The woman leaned forward, she had a pair of peach eyes, but anyone who wanted to tease, use this eye to hook there, almost no one can refuse she was.

    Except Su kiss.

    Su Kiss is an exception, always rejecting her again and again, and this time is no exception.

    She didnt see the slightest surprise in her eyes, the persons eyes were always indifferent, she only saw tenderness in her eyes once, or in a news interview, when her fiancee called her, she mentioned that Human appearance.

    I don't know what kind of girl that person is. It is really enviable to cover the ice of Su kiss.

    Su kiss pulled her away, her face became very ugly.

    No one in this world can cover the sky with just one hand. Everyone has a site they are familiar with. Her site is in China. Although there are some businesses abroad, it is just a new venture, and it is no more than Ruan Xin who has taken root here in the first place. .

    If you want to find Shu Yian, you must ask for the help of this person.

    She knew that this person had liked her for many years. Although she didn't know what she liked, she was ready to be teased by her.

    Ruan Xin's proposal was in her expectation.

    And her refusal was also expected by Ruan Xin.

    "I photographed a piece of land here some time ago, and after someone finds it, it belongs to you!"

    "Tsk tusk." Although she knew that Su Kiss would definitely mention other conditions, Ruan Xin really didn't expect it to be so generous.

    "Are you sure you don't go back?" A condition that cannot be rejected.

    Merchants always give priority to interests, and Ruan Xin is no exception. Like is only a temporary favor, but the money is in her hands, but it is permanent peace of mind.

    This piece of land is very valuable, and its commercial prospects are very good, and Su Kiss needs this piece of land more than she does.

    As far as she knows, Su Kiss is planning to establish a commercial center for her abroad, and this piece of land is the most important step for her to open the way. Missing this opportunity, she still doesn't know how long she will wait.

    Such a big benefit, actually willing to give it to her?

    Ruan Xin said in a sour tone: "Let me guess, the person you are looking for must be your fiance?"

    Otherwise, she couldn't think of anyone so valuable.

    Su kiss was noncommittal.

    "I need to check her hotel check-in information. If I can't find it, I will check it from the surveillance on the South Coast."

    "Then what if you still can't find it?" Seeing Su kiss's appearance, I knew that things might not be easy after thinking about it. Ruan Xin has always been cautious, and will never directly agree to things that are uncertain. In case of failure, it will be detrimental. Her integrity.

    "Then when will you find out and when will you get the land!" Su Kiss said with a calm face.

    Ruan Xin shrugged and got up helplessly. She knew that it was not that easy, but there was no way. The temptation was too great, and she had to work hard anyway, right?

    "Send me a copy of your fiancee's name and photo." Checking in the hotel does not mean that there is no person with the same name and surname, so she needs a photo investigation.

    Name: [Shu Yi'an. ]

    As for the photos?

    Su Qi suddenly reacted. The two had been together for so long, and she didn't even have a picture of Shu Yian. As a last resort, she could only search for her name on the Internet, and finally found a picture of Shu Yian's piano performance and sent it to Ruan Xin.

    Ruan Xin glanced at her meaningfully, didn't ask much, sent a message, then raised the phone and said to Su Kiss: "It's done, will President Su stay here with me waiting for news?"

    "No! I'll go back to the hotel first, so you can just notify me when you arrive."

    "All right." Ruan Xin grumbled, "It's really ruthless. When I use it up, I will pat my **** and leave."

    Su Wenquan didn't hear her, and after walking out of the Bieyuan, she called the person over there again.

    There is no signal on the island and no one answers.

    She could only go back to the hotel and wait. There was no reply from Ruan Xin on the phone, and Shu Yian still couldn't get through. After a long time, I don't know how long, someone finally knocked on the hotel door.

    The headed man in black lowered his head and did not dare to look in her eyes, "Manager Su, no one was found, but we found this."

    He took out a piece of fabric, light blue in color, delicate and flexible in the hand, and it looked a little shabby under the light.

    Su Kiss glanced, "This is not her clothes."

    But then, as if thinking of something, she took the thing from the man's hand. This kind of cloth was a special cloth for diving suits.

    No one would go to the island wearing a diving suit, except for Gu Liyu who disappeared after diving not far from the island.

    "How did you find it?" Su Qi's mind suddenly thought.

    The man replied respectfully: "It was dark at night and the ground was difficult to walk. A friend accidentally fell down and found this piece of cloth."

    A piece of worn-out clothing can be left by anyone. It is absolutely impossible for Shu Yian. Of course the man knows this, but the investigation report of Gu Liyuan's disappearance happened to come from him.

    Ordinary clothing is fine, but if it is neoprene, it is very problematic.

    Su Kiss frowned, "I see, work hard, let's go rest first."

    At the same time, she also received news from Ruan Xin.

    "I haven't found it. There is no trace of your fiance in the hotel or South Coast surveillance. I have never been out after entering the sea. I am afraid that I can't bear it."

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