The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 56 - TJCTMH 56

    Chapter 56:

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    Shu Yian woke up from her dream with moist eyes.

    People's thoughts are always fickle. The first moment she felt that she didn't remember anything and was very empty, but this second she thought again, if she was really unhappy when she was a child, it would be better not to remember.

    At least you can lie to yourself, she was once happy.

    She stood up from the bed and sat up and checked the time. It was already more than six o'clock in the afternoon. Su Wen's house opened early, usually at this point for dinner.

    After changing the bathrobe, Shu Yian changed into home clothes and went downstairs.

    Su Kiss was about to come up and call her when the two met at the stairs.

    "Can you still go?" Su kiss asked Shu Yian tentatively.

    She took care of Shu Yian's body, but after all, she was just a girl, and she could carry her on the flat ground a little bit. This would be a big deal if she went down the stairs accidentally.

    After a while, she fell down, and Shu Yian didn't know how to blame her.

    Shu Yian raised her arms and moved her legs. She turned around in a circle. She originally wanted to tell Su Kiss that she was very well, but because of the dizziness in her mind, she turned like this and directly lay down on Su kiss her arms.

    "Sorry." She held Su Qi's shoulders to stabilize her figure, and said awkwardly, "I just floated a bit."

    [Are you not just a little floating?

    [You are quite floating, floating to the south, east, north and west without distinction.

    Su Kiss looked at her with a look of a three-year-old child, how she felt Shu Yian was stupid, but even if she was stupid, she seemed to have no other choice but to help her.

    At the end, she could only say a kind reminder, "Lets have a snack next time."

    [Even if you have to go round, don't be at the top of the stairs.

    Had she not been here just now, she suspected that Shu Yian would break her head when she fell.

    "I know." Shu Yian said that she was about to go downstairs, and Su kiss quickly stepped forward and took her arm.

    Shu Yian glanced at her slightly suspiciously, and then thanked her like a normal friend.

    At this moment, she is no longer the fragile little girl just now.

    When you like a person, you will feel the deer bumping into each other because of her intimacy or caring behavior, and you will become a young girl with spring in your heart, with her in your heart, and your blush for her.

    But when you refrain from liking someone, you can only thank her politely and alienately for everything she does.

    Su Kiss looked straight downstairs, not looking at Shu Yian, and said inexplicably, "Don't think I care about you, but I'm afraid that grandma will see me and call me bad for you after a while!"

    "That's really hard for you." Shu Yian teased her, "but what about them?"

    She looked down on the stairs and did not see the two old people.

    Su kiss sat her on the dining chair, glanced at the door, "Here."

    Shu Yian turned his head and looked over, and saw the two elderly people pushing the small dining car with a smile, putting dishes on the table one by one.

    She wanted to help, but Tan Xuyun pressed her shoulders and cared: "If you are sick, don't move and take a good rest. If you have any work, let Su kiss do it!"

    Su Kiss: "..."

    [What should I do if my grandma is always partial to outsiders?

    [Is she treated equally only by turning her into a family member?

    [Shu Yian must hope that I think so much, right? I won't be what she wants!

    Under Su kiss's sharp eyes, Shu Yian smiled sadly and took the soup handed over by her grandmother.

    Liu Ruzhen said, "Your grandma Tan made this for you."

    As she said, she started joking about Shu Yian again, "Didn't you still learn this dish at noon? Now compare and compare yourself. Where is your cooking skill worse than your grandma Tan?"

    This dish is made of chrysanthemum chrysanthemum simmered in water, but because of the strange taste of Suwen, only the fragrance of the soup is retained, and no dishes are left. The dishes inside are made of mushrooms, which are delicious and have a different taste.

    Shu Yian took a sip, the same cooking method, but different people make it, the taste is indeed different.

    However, she couldn't tell the difference.

    Tan Xuyun and Liu Ruzhen sat down side by side, looked at Shu Yian's serious and contemplative appearance, couldn't help but laugh, "Don't listen to your grandma's nonsense, there is no difference, the only difference is that I made the taste of grandma, you Do it..."

    "The taste of granddaughter?" Shu Yian answered.

    Tan Xuyun smiled without deep meaning, "I am Su Kiss's grandmother, so it is the taste of grandma. What you make is the taste of a wife."

    Shu Yian and Su Qi were choked at the same time, and they coughed for several times before relieving their energy.

    The two elderly people looked at them, and Liu Ruzhen asked with concern: "What's wrong with this?"

    "It's okay." Su Kiss replied, knowing that their reaction was a little abnormal, and fearing that they would be seen as tricky, she finally bit the bullet and shouted to Shu Yian.

    "Good wife."

    Shu Yian said with a smile, "Hello, daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law eats vegetables."

    The love and affection of the two of them made the old man very pleased. It was not how well they played, but that everyone claimed to know their granddaughter.

    Although the children are well-behaved in front of them, they have their own lofty qualities in their bones. How could such a person be so intimacy with each other casually?

    If there is no love in it, they don't believe it!

    The family had dinner harmoniously and happily. It was too early. The two elderly people wanted to take a stroll in the garden. Shu Yian wanted to accompany her together, but everyone was worried about her body and persuaded her to go back to rest.

    She is usually not that sleepy, but because of the medicine, she can fall asleep by touching the bed.

    During this time, both of them rarely go to the company, unless there is an important thing to go out, Su Kiss has almost moved work to the house.

    She and Shu Yian were busy during the day, each staying in a room, one dealing with official affairs, and the other developing his own painting sideline, and occasionally accompanied the elderly when they were free.

    After a week, the old man clamored to go back for fear of causing them trouble.

    As soon as they left, the huge villa instantly became deserted. Although a little unaccustomed, it was just right for Shu Yian to do other things.

    "Su Kiss, let's go for a trip?" Shu Yian always wanted to investigate Gu Liyuan's disappearance. The investigation report stated that she was going to dive when the yacht was near an island. She wanted to go there. Take a look on the island.

    Although the Gu family must have sent someone there to look for it, the chance of her finding clues is very slim, but she still wants to go and see, by the way, which cities are closest to her.

    She originally wanted to go alone, but because she was not sure about her return date, and there was a ghost mechanism that would punish Su Kiss for three days, she had to date Su Kiss under the guise of traveling.

    Su Kiss glanced at her faintly.

    Will grandma mention it as soon as she leaves?

    "Have you been thinking about it for a long time?"

    "Yes!" Shu Yian did not deny that if it hadn't been for the two elderly people, she might have pulled Su and kissed him.

    Su Kiss pursed her lips, and then took two steps back with a look of fear of Shu Yian.

    [This woman, want to live a world of two with me, travel and talk about love?

    [Emmm, I dont seem to hear her mention her goddess in the past few days...]

    [Isnt it a real act, fell in love with me?

    [Finally, I had a foresight once.

    [However, if you like me, it doesn't mean that I like you.

    [Reject her, resolutely reject her, if you want to refuse yet welcome, I promised her too soon and I dont know how to cherish me.

    "All right, when will you go?"

    Su Kiss thought that way in her heart, but the answer she finally said was different.

    [Oops, it seems I cant wait.

    [Although I am a little anxious, it is not because of Shu Yian, but because I have been too bored recently, and I just want to relax!

    [This narcissistic woman, don't think I am interested in her.

    Shu Yi'an Cheng reluctantly listened to Su kiss's self-talk, who is narcissistic?

    In the end, she really couldn't listen, so she could only interrupt Su Kiss's unfocused imagination, "If you're not busy, will you tomorrow?"

    Su Kiss: "Tomorrow?"

    [So urgent?

    [It is said that a honeymoon is the best way to promote relationships, she wouldnt want to treat me...]

    [Emmm, no, no, neither of us are on our honeymoon.

    [But the heart of defense is indispensable, I am a beautiful girl, still have to be careful.

    Su Kiss looked at the itinerary and found that nothing happened in the last few days, so she said, "Don't wait for tomorrow, just now."

    [Just to be able to reach the hotel at night.

    Shu Yian: "???"

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