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    Chapter 55:

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    Of course, Shu Yian would not forget what Su Wen's "beautiful love" meant. This person really couldn't afford to lose any money. Even if she died, she seemed to have to drag her to death.

    Forget it, can't afford it.

    Shu Yian got into the bed, sneezed several times, turned her back to Su Kiss and said, "If you don't want to be infected by me, just go."

    "You still have some conscience." Su kiss avoided her as if she was afraid to avoid it, as if she was afraid that she would have suffered too, and left without nostalgia.

    Shu Yian listened, the footsteps were getting farther and farther, and for some reason, her nose suddenly sore.

    She is not usually a hypocritical and fragile person, and she is even used to dealing with it alone when she is sick. She takes a spare medicine at home for minor illnesses and pains. It is really uncomfortable and she gritted her teeth and went to the hospital.

    She can take good care of herself alone.

    But this time, she suddenly wanted to rely on Su Kiss, probably because these days, no matter how bad Su Kiss spoke, it was still very reliable when it came to a critical juncture.

    She thought Su Kiss would at least take care of her, she wanted someone by her side.


    Shu Yian sniffed her nose, her eyes were slightly moist, but even if Su Wen didn't care about her, she actually made sense.

    After all, people have no such obligation.

    After a while, Su Kiss came in with a water glass and shouted to Shu Yian: "Get up, take the medicine first."

    Shu Yian first poked her head out of the bed, then sat up and took the medicine from Su kiss with a smile, "Thank you."

    "No need." Su kiss handed her the cup, "but I have to sleep with you at night, I'm afraid that you won't be able to cure it now, and it will really infect me at night."

    "Yeah, what you say is what you say." Shu Yian nodded obediently. The reason is not important to her. What's important is that the feeling of being taken care of for the first time is kind of unspeakable palpitations.

    She must have been taken care of when she was a child, but she can't remember anything because she doesn't have that memory. Pure imagination is different from intuitive feelings.

    The temperature of the water was just right, and it was obvious that Su Qi had spent her heart, and Shu Yian swallowed the medicine. She didn't like to take the medicine, and she would be bitter when she threw it into her mouth, but she had to force herself to eat it.

    But this time the medicine is different, the taste is sweet.

    The heart is sweet.

    Shu Yian drank the water in one breath and handed the cup to Su Kiss.

    At certain moments, she must have had a good impression of Su Kiss, and she must have thought about it, Su Kiss only talks badly, but she is still very good at taking care of others at critical moments, and she must have thought about it. In fact, they just go on like this. It's also pretty good.

    When she usually quarrels, she may not be really angry, but more enjoy it. It can even be said that the only person who has brought her happiness in this world is Su Kiss.

    Ok! She once had so many extravagant thoughts about Su kiss for a few seconds, but only a few seconds!

    There is no result for them, and she can't like Su Kiss, so she will bury that feeling that is not too deep in her heart at ordinary times, because it is not deep, and she will not show up if she pressures it with reason. Not dew.

    No one knows that she likes Su kiss. Sometimes, even she herself is not sure, but once the person walks a few steps towards her, once the sensibility overwhelms the rationality, the goodwill will flow out uncontrollably, even Because it was suppressed for too long, it became stronger.

    "Su kiss." Shu Yian grabbed her arm.

    She didn't have much willfulness in her life, and this was considered one time, "Could you not leave for now?"

    After all, she is rarely willing to admit that she has a good feeling for Su Kiss. In such a moment, she wants to stay with the person she likes. If Su Kiss refuses, then she will not force her.

    Tomorrow, maybe if you can't wait for tomorrow, they will become two strangers who seem to have an intersection, but they end up strangely.

    Su Qi glanced at her suspiciously, turned around, put the water glass on the table beside her, and sat back beside her to cover her with a quilt.

    The first time she saw Shu Yians appearance, she looked like she needed her much, she put away the sharp edges and corners, like a weak little white rabbit, and instantly lost her thoughts of complaining about her, just want to follow her, Hold her in his arms and smooth the hair fiercely.

    The two really seemed to have become good friends and were talking intimately.

    "Shu Yian, tell me about your childhood?"

    Shu Yian leaned on the pillow, trying to remember everything, but finally shook his head helplessly, "I don't remember."

    "Don't remember one thing?" Su Kiss didn't believe it.

    In a persons life, there will always be several impressive things, such as house wine with friends in kindergarten, playing rubber band with classmates in elementary school, who love to copy homework in junior high school, and meeting a girl she likes in high school...

    Everything may sound ordinary, but there is always memory.

    "I just don't remember." Shu Yi'an looked at her, "You don't believe that a person can live so vainly, right?"

    She did not believe it at first, but now she believes it.

    Can't remember the past, can't love the person who wants to love, Shu Yian has lived for half his life, but suddenly doesn't know the meaning of his existence.

    The meaning at this moment is to bring Su Kiss and the heroine together, what about in the future?

    Once the world line is corrected, they are together, what about her?

    Sometimes she doesn't want to do this **** task, but even if she doesn't do it, there will always be someone else who will come. Then, will they still occupy their own shell?

    In this world, everyone has their own life and lives intact, but she is a special person, like a wandering soul in the vast sky.

    Su Kiss lowered her eyes without saying a word.

    Yes, she didn't believe it, even if Shu Yian's eyes looked at her so earnestly, she didn't believe it, she would rather believe that she just didn't want to tell herself.

    She does not believe that a person's existence can have no value.

    Su Kiss always felt that she and Shu Yian could not finish talking while staying together, but at this moment, she didn't know how to proceed.

    "This medicine has hypnotic ingredients. If you are sleepy, take a good night's sleep."

    "Okay." Shu Yian smiled, knowing that this was an excuse for Su Wen to get away, and didn't break her.

    Su kiss felt she was lying, she felt she was talking nonsense.

    But she doesn't blame her. She can understand her distrust. If she hadn't experienced all of this, when she heard others asking questions like this, she would probably think that person was thinking crazy.


    Shu Yian slid down, lay flat on the bed, tilted his head to look at Su Kiss, "I'm going to bed first, you can go to your business."

    "Yeah!" After Su kiss answered, she left in panic.

    When Shu Yian was sick just now and let her go, she was not afraid of being infected, she was just going to get medicine, not wanting to leave.

    But now, she was afraid, and didn't know what she was afraid of, just afraid. At that moment, she thought of the first time she paid attention to Shu Yianshi's back, and she always felt that she could disappear at any time.

    Su Qi suddenly shook her head and laughed. She must have been misled by Shu Yian, and she would be saddened by one of her jokes.


    Forget it, this should be...

    No, it must be, she must be playing with herself again.

    A text message came from the mobile phone, Shu Yian closed her eyes and did not fall asleep. At this moment, she raised her eyes and her eyes hurt.

    [An'an, sorry, I hurried away with something this afternoon, I just finished my work right now.

    [It's okay, if you have something to do by yourself, have you solved it now? Shu Yian knows Lin Ge's character, even if she doesn't explain it specifically, she also knows that it must be something urgent that makes people who have always treated others hurried away.

    [It's all solved, but I feel uncomfortable, and I didn't do well the first time I came as a guest. If An An doesn't mind, I will come to my house next time when I'm free, and I will treat you well.

    it is good. ] Shu Yian left her phone aside after replying to the message.

    She really took Lin Ge as a friend, but she always felt that the two get along quite apart. Normal friends don't have so many rules, so they are busy when they are free and greet when they are free. Everyone gets along naturally.

    But unlike Lin Ge, she always feels like she is treating a guest. Apart from being polite, she has no other feelings.

    Shu Yian is afraid of not taking care of her well only when she treats guests. Of course, Lin Ge has a different personality from her. She is always meek and polite. Probably, everyone treats friends differently.

    She can't take care of everyone's emotions by herself, doesn't mean that others can't.

    The stamina of this medicine was a bit big. After a while, Shu Yi'an felt her eyelids fighting. She slept deeply and had a dream about her childhood.

    In the mansion of Shu's family, a little girl in a princess dress sits beside the piano, and her mother is also sitting aside, one of them plays the piano and the other listens, a very harmonious scene.

    Until there were groups of children coming in outside, they called her, "Yaya, do you want to go out together?"

    The little girl playing the piano jumped off the bench happily and was about to follow them out, but finally waited timidly for the mother beside her to speak.

    It's still the old saying, the lines haven't changed, the tone of her speech hasn't changed, "Yaya will practice piano today."

    With a ponytail, the girl in a small dress used a soft little milky voice to ask her what she wanted to ask but had never dared to say, "But every time she comes to see her, she has to practice piano, Ya Ya When can I stop practicing?"

    "Yaya has to practice piano every day." The mother smiled kindly, but the little girl called Shuya was stunned, like a marionette, the smile on her face gradually disappeared until her face was expressionless.

    The children didn't wait for her anymore. They ran out together in groups. A group of people were already lively. One more person and one less person didn't get in the way. Although there would be a little regret, it did not prevent them from continuing to be happy.

    In the face of her mother, Shu Ya cautiously sent them out. When she confirmed that her mother couldn't hear her, she asked hopefully, "Are you coming back to me tomorrow?"

    She also knew that she couldn't go out, but she was only a few years old after all, and she couldn't understand the cruelty of adults. She always thought that in case her mother promised to let her out someday?

    The children looked at each other. In the end, it was the girl in the little black dress who replied: "We will not come anymore. You can't come out to play every time you come to see you."

    The little girl wiped her tears and watched them leave. The children's figures were getting farther and farther, farther and farther away, so far away that they disappeared completely. The surroundings were quiet, as if she was the only one left between the world and the earth, alone. .

    As if this is her destiny, she should be alone.

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