The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 54 - TJCTMH 54

    Chapter 54:

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    "Shu Yian, Shu Yian..."

    It was like a misty voice from an ancient and long-distance area, calling her again and again, even if there were still questions to ask, the soul drifted away with that voice without realizing it.

    Shu Yian opened her eyes, Su Qi's familiar and beautiful face was in front of her.

    "I'm home." Su kiss reminded her.

    Shu Yian shivered all over, and didn't feel cold at first, but when the clothes were half wet, and then slept again, he felt cold all over.

    By now the rain had stopped, and she rushed into the bathroom to warm herself up in a hot bath.

    Su Qi interrupted the question she hadn't asked. Shu Yian felt quite regretful. She didn't dream of that person every time she dreamed. She had seen that girl only a handful of times in the past few days.

    That person seems to only appear when she wants to tell her important information, so this time, what does she want to express?

    Shu Yian could not figure out her deep meaning, but she felt it necessary for her to learn more about the ability of'lie'.

    "Is she believed by others no matter what she says?"

    The system promptly explained her confusion: [No, the ability to lie depends on her. If she wants to lie to a person, what that person contacts is the false her, but if she does not want to lie, then what others know is The real her. ]

    "The last host, surely deprived her of her ability before she left, and sent her back to her original world?"

    Shu Yian originally just asked casually, wanting to determine whether there are people with the ability to lie in the current world, but he didn't want the system but was anxious with her.

    [Are you underestimating my ability to do things? ]

    "I didn't mean it." Shu Yian rubbed his temples with a headache, doubting its reaction.

    "But, did you react too much? I didn't doubt you, but now I don't trust you a bit."

    System: [The other party does not want to care about you, and throws a rotten egg at you. ]

    Shu Yian: "..."

    "Really ignore it?"

    System: [The other party has pulled you into the blacklist. ]

    These years, even robots have the attributes of Tsundere.

    Shu Yian sighed helplessly, and seeing the reaction of the system, it was either a ghost in his heart or a complaint that he didn't believe it.

    Seeing that everyone has been getting along for so long, and it seems that there is no reason to deceive herself, she chooses to believe in the second possibility.

    Shu Yian changed her clothes, and when she opened the door, she saw Su Kiss leaning against the wall, which shocked her.

    "What are you doing?" she asked slightly wary.

    Su Kiss looked like she was waiting for her on a special trip. There must be nothing good.

    Su Kiss watched her face flushed, and did not answer, but walked straight towards her.

    "You have something to say well." Shu Yian stepped back until she reached the wall. She was really helpless, so she could only block her in the middle with her hand to prevent Su Kiss from approaching her.

    "Don't move." Her wrists were delicate, and she only needed one hand to grasp it, and Su kiss put her head against her forehead.

    [Sure enough, I have a fever.

    When Shu Yian got out of the car, she saw her face flushed and her steps were vain. At that time, she was afraid that she would catch a cold, so she waited for her after she took a shower.

    Sure enough, this idiot didn't even notice that he was sick.

    Listening to the first half, Shu Yian moved her for a long time, knowing that she cares about people, but when she heard the phrase "idiot", her face collapsed instantly.

    "It has something to do with you!"

    Su Kiss turned around in disgust, turned her back to her, and pulled the person to her back with a strong pull.

    "It has nothing to do with me, that is, watching grandma at home, pretending to be better for you."

    "Don't move, it's already sinking, don't fall together with two of you."

    Shu Yian lay on her back, strangling her neck with two hands, "I don't think I am heavy enough, otherwise..."

    She gritted her teeth slightly and said, "I can strangle you directly."

    Su Kiss sneered, "You can't make it easier if I die, go widowhood."

    "I'm not married to you, why do you keep a widow?"

    "Then get married!" Su kiss put her on the bed, smiling badly.

    "Otherwise, let our grandma accompany us to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a certificate and witness our'beautiful' love?"

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