The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 53 - TJCTMH 53

    Chapter 53:

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    This person is always like this, annoying people from time to time, and will come to coax you in the end.

    Actions that make people angry are naive, and actions that make people happy are clumsy.

    "Let's go." Seeing that Shu Yian did not act, Su Qi had no choice but to take her hand and lead her away.

    "Isn't it just a quarrel? Still ran away from home and can't go home?" She said helplessly.

    [Really donated to an ancestor at home, dare not offend at all.

    Shu Yian broke free of her, because of sitting, she had to look up at Su Kiss.

    I thought that Su Kiss came to her when she knew she was wrong. After a long time, did someone have no sense of the wrong thing? Moreover, the meaning between the lines seems to be saying that she is stingy.

    Shu Yian came up angrily. When Su Kiss didn't come, she was not happy, but she was not so angry. As a result, when this person came, she now hated not to tear people for a minute.

    Don't talk if you can't speak! Sealing her mouth with tape and pulling her away directly is better than Su kiss still chanting in her ear.

    Seeing her cold attitude, Su kiss knew that Shu Yian must still be angry, so she could only sit opposite her, taking the two elderly people as an example, "If you never go back, grandma will definitely be worried."

    "So you are threatening me with grandma?"

    Su kiss was noncommittal.

    [Is that a question that threatens you?

    [That's the question that if I don't say that, you won't go with me.

    Shu Yian closed her eyes and tried her best to calm her mood. She was still quite general, and naturally she wouldn't worry the elderly because of this small matter.

    "All right, go home!"

    Su kiss came to pick her up because she was worried about her grandma's mood, and she followed Su kiss home because of her grandma's mood. In essence, the temporary compromise between them was not because of each other, but because of her. people.

    Shu Yi'an pursed her lips, her throat was bitter. She suddenly became a little curious. If she didn't take her grandma over, would Su kiss come and look for her when something like this happened?

    But she was afraid to ask this question.

    Because I don't trust the people around me, I don't want to hear the disappointing answer.

    The umbrella is not too big. If two people get closer, it can barely cover the rain, but Shu Yian doesn't want to get too close to her. In that distance, the rain wets half of her arm.

    The driver's car stopped not far away, and she didn't take a few steps. She wanted to get into the co-pilot and avoid Su Kiss as much as possible, but one of them didn't pay attention, and was dragged by Su Kiss, and pushed her directly. seat.

    Then someone straddled his legs, the door closed, and a cold voice rang, "Drive."

    Shu Yian was not given a chance to go back.

    Su Kiss sat beside her with a sullen face, and Shu Yian's various behaviors were obviously still not calm.

    But she couldn't understand it. It was clear that everyone was quarreling together. After two hours of calming down, she had already compromised. Why did Shu Yian's anger still persist?

    "Shu Yian, can't you be more generous?" When Shu Yian had a stinky face, she took the initiative to speak to her, Su Kiss assured her that this would definitely be the last time she gave in.

    "No." Shu Yian didn't give her a look. "You don't like me like this, and I didn't tie you to prevent you from looking for others. There are thousands of young ladies in the world, there is always one that suits your heart."

    Although Su Kiss may not be what others want!

    Just this opening can anger people's virtue, which girl would be willing to follow her?

    If the world line is not messed up, at least there will be an official daughter-in-law who the author has assigned her, but now the world line is messed up, and even the official line should be reluctant to follow some people.

    Su kiss snorted coldly, and asked her to find someone else, right?

    Find it!

    "Don't worry, I will definitely find someone who is well-behaved, considerate, and has a good temper, so you don't have to bother to coax, as for you..."

    "Don't worry too." Shu Yian knew that she would hurt herself again, so she didn't wait for her to finish her words and just answered her mouth. "I will also find a gentle, virtuous, beautiful, generous, dignified and elegant girl in the future, just like Like my goddess, one thousand times and ten thousand times better than you."

    "You say it again, like who?"

    "Like my goddess, do you have bad ears or..."

    Su kissed her body, trying to stop what she was about to say, but before her lips touched her, she was suddenly slid by a burst of electricity when she was about one centimeter left.

    System: [Warning! caveat! The host must not have a shameful relationship with the hostess, and is now forced to isolate. ]

    Shu Yian: "..."

    Su Kiss held her numb and unconscious mouth with an incredible face, "Shu Yian, you?"

    Is not it? She wanted to forcibly stop Shu Yian's mouth and give her a punishment, so that some people would never mention the surname Lin again. Why is there such a weird thing?

    I lost it! Shu Yian smiled stiffly on her face, but the system simply punishes her, and now she leaves a mess for her?

    How can someones mouth be charged? This will not be regarded as a monster sacrifice to the sky, right?

    But now it is a legal society, it should not be that serious...

    Shu Yian bit her scalp, squeezed a charming smile on her face, and blinked with Su kiss, "Perhaps, this is our telepathy?"

    Su Kiss: "???"

    "Puff." An uncontrollable smirk was particularly noticeable in the suddenly quiet car.

    Perceiving the coolness coming from the back of his head, the driver didn't need to think about it. Su Kiss must have been staring at him behind his back. He was sweating on his forehead in a hurry. After holding back for a long time, he suffocated an explanation, "Excuse me, Mr. Su, Miss Shu sounds like it. It might be a little absurd..."

    [More than it sounds, this is completely illogical.

    "However, I have actually heard this statement..."

    [That's strange!

    "Because this happened before when I kissed my first love..."

    [How can I have any first love? No matter what, make up first.

    "So when I remembered that pleasant and funny thing, I couldn't hold back it for a while, and I laughed. Please believe me, I'm really not laughing at you."

    [Ah no, I just think Miss Shu's explanation is quite funny, but in order to keep my job, I have to speak against my will.

    Su Wen glanced at him, knowing that he was lying, but didn't care too much, instead asked Shu Yian, "Telepathy?"

    [Do you really treat me as a fool?

    "Yeah!" Shu Yi'an nodded unexpectedly, "but the so-called telepathy here is different from what you think in your heart. We two don't have the feeling of love."

    Su Kiss: "???"

    Shu Yian opened his eyes and said nonsense, "When I was a child, I made a wish in front of the Bodhisattva, saying that if someone who doesn't love me wants to kiss me in the future, then she won't be able to kiss me, and sincere is the spirit. I never thought that the Bodhisattva really gave me a wish. Achieved."

    Su Kiss: "..."

    [Although I don't believe it very much, I can't explain the current source just now.

    "You and the driver fell in love for the first time, I am afraid it was a wish made in front of a Bodhisattva."

    The driver who was named suddenly straightened his back immediately, and he didn't dare to take a mouthful, while Shu Yian pretended to be open-minded, "What you said makes sense, probably this is fate."

    Seeing her look like this, Su kiss couldn't wait to slap her face, and said in a calm voice, "Don't be lucky, I will mention that person next time..."

    She didn't finish her words, and gave Shu Yian a cold look, and the warning was self-evident.

    Shu Yian pushed her face away, not afraid of her at all, "Don't play the domineering female president suit for me, it's useless, forgot your rogue end just now?"

    Su Kiss: "..."

    "It's okay if you don't want me to mention it, but you always have to tell me the reason." Shu Yian was puzzled by this matter. It was obvious that the two people were polite before, so why are they acting like enemies now?

    "No reason, I just don't like Xiaosan." There was a trace of disdain in Su Kiss's eyes. Knowing that this was ugly, Shu Yian would definitely defend her goddess out loud. She didn't like listening to her words for the surname Lin, so she interrupted in advance. Any possibility that Shu Yian could justify her.

    "Don't tell me how good her morals are. Anyone who has a good attitude and knows that someone has a family will distinguish the boundaries between friends and lovers, and will never do anything that crosses the line and makes people misunderstand. "

    "But your goddess is not such a person, she almost confessed to you and asked you to cancel the marriage contract with me and fly with her."

    "From her behavior alone, Shu Yian, don't you think you can't make it to the stage?"

    "Yes." Shu Yian nodded. "Judging from the behavior you described one-sidedly, it is true, but the point is that there is no such relationship between us. We are clearly two good friends. Can you not think so dirty? "

    In this world, she has only one friend of Lin Ge. After Lin Ge lost Gu Liyuan, she now has only one friend beside her. Two people who have no friends cherish each other's friendship. Is there anything wrong?

    How do you say it as if there is something wrong with each other?

    If you really want to talk about **** and love, it's also Su Kiss and Lin Ge. In the original story, didn't Su Kiss put her fiancee as a decoration, and went straight to Lin Ge, and then canceled the marriage contract with her?

    She hasn't spoken yet, but this person first slapped them and blamed them?

    Su Wen didn't expect Shu Yian to shake the pot like this, and sneered from her nose.

    [Okay, after doing it for a long time, it turned out to be my bad thoughts.

    [There is nothing to say, just count on some people to speak, dont slap yourself in the face first.

    Shu Yian rolled his eyes and wondered who would slap in the face.

    Anyway, she sits upright and has never done anything to apologize to some people, but for some big trotter, that's not necessarily true.

    Shu Yian closed her eyes and didn't want to ask Su kiss, so she simply called the system in her mind.

    [System, come out!

    [You said. ] There was a cold mechanical sound in my mind.

    Shu Yian sighed, [The relationship between the heroines is frozen like this, are you sure they are really lovers?

    For the first time, the system spoke to her in a wronged voice, [Actually, I'm not too sure...]

    Shu Yian: "???"

    The system continued: [In previous missions to repair the world line, as soon as the heroine appeared, the world line would be automatically repaired after 24 hours, but Lin Ge has been around for a long time, but the world line has not changed at all. ]

    [I have also doubted whether she is the real heroine, but after checking all the information, she does meet all the information related to the heroine, so at present, I don't know what went wrong. ]

    [However, although the hostess is still uncertain for the time being, it doesn't mean that the host can mess with Su Kiss. ]

    [Who messed with her? ] Shu Yian retorted subconsciously.

    [Since you can't find the reason, do I continue to do this task?

    [From a certain point of view, the host can actually abandon the mission at any time. After all, you are different from the previous host. You will be a person in this world. Although it is not clear why you arrived in that world, even if the mission is over, I can't fulfill my promise and send you back to that world. ]

    [Since I cannot fulfill my promise, I am not qualified to let the host continue to help complete the task. ]

    [Hmm. ] Shu Yian smiled satisfied, so she is now a free person.

    [It's just...] The system suddenly spoke again.

    [I think the host, you are doing divination business very well by mind reading, otherwise, you think about it, I don't bother to find someone, you can also make more money, everyone has the best of both worlds. ]

    Will robots talk about transactions these days?

    Although I didn't really want to agree, Shu Yian responded without stubbornness for the money, "Deal."

    Some people, on the surface, are the daughters of a big family, but no one knows how frustrated she is except for herself. She can't get a penny from the family, and can't stay at home.

    After all, I still have to rely on myself.

    [But then again. ] Shu Yian suddenly had a problem.

    [Are you all the abilities conferred by the host are mind-reading?

    [No, we are different from person to person. At first, we thought that the host was stupid. In order to prevent you from being deceived, we gave you mind reading. ]

    Shu Yian: "???"

    Who do you look down on?

    [Then what was the ability of the previous host?

    [It's a lie, an ability to lie that can make anyone believe her and believe her identity, but she is so capable, even if no one else has doubts about her, the closest people still start to doubt her in the end. ]

    [Lie...] Shu Yi'an murmured and repeated these two words.

    I don't know how long it took, and suddenly her mind went blank, and then she saw Shu Yian in another world again.

    They stood face to face, close enough to reach them, but when Shu Yian stretched out her hand, they went straight through her body.

    The girl stood quietly on the spot, did not move, and was extremely calm when facing Shu Yian's surprised look.

    "A lie." She pointed to her injured forehead and murmured these two words with her lips.

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