The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 52 - TJCTMH 52

    Chapter 52:

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    Shu Yian didn't expect her to behave like this, and her ears became blushing unconsciously. She pushed Su Kiss away in a flustered manner, pretending to be angry and said, "Who is yours?"

    Even if you act in front of the elderly, how can this be taken seriously in private?

    Su kiss pulled her arm to prevent her from leaving, suddenly a little anxious.

    [Who else can? Who else but you?

    Of course, she also knew that the status of her fiance and Shu Yian's was tied to interest, but even so, as long as she carried the name on the first day, Shu Yian was nominally hers.

    But Su Kiss couldnt tell Shu Yian directly. If she said it for this reason, she would know it without even thinking about it. Shu Yian would definitely tell her, "The relationship between the two of us will be dissolved soon. Dont worry about it. width."

    Didn't that just follow the wishes of a certain villain surnamed Lin? Someone is wishing them to dissolve their marriage now.

    So Su Wen changed her words: "I know you were foolish for half a year."

    Although Su Kiss hadn't seen Shu Yian before, she had heard some things about her. Shu Yian's temperament changed drastically, which was after drowning.

    She definitely wouldn't believe the absurdity of two different souls in a person's body, so there is only one reason why Shu Yian looks like two people.

    Shu Yian was stupid for half a year before, and now he is back to normal.

    Shu Yian listened to Su Kiss with a stupid expression on her face. She wanted to look at this person's brain circuit and come up with some stories.

    Su Qi squeezed her cheeks and pulled her hair behind her ears, as if playing with a porcelain doll. "I heard that mental patients will relapse even if they are cured temporarily, so I guess if you find Target, others will surely mind this."

    "Shu Yian, you have helped me a lot, and I'm not the kind of person who doesn't remember favors. If you ask me, I can continue to take care of you in the future."

    [Shu Yian, do you understand? It's not reliable to find others after all. In this world, only I can be your support.

    [Only I, whether you are smart or stupid, will not despise you.

    [If you are smarter, you should keep me well, you know?

    Shu Yian yawned sleepily, thinking that Su Kiss was going to make up a story with great brainstorming. After a long time, that's it?

    waste time!

    "Are you finished? I'm going to take a nap after I'm finished." Shu Yian rubbed his eyes, and left if he didn't save face.

    Su Kiss: "..."

    "Do you understand what I mean?"

    "Understood." Shu Yian nodded in cooperation, "You want me to stay by your side, but you don't want me to like others."

    Su Kiss: "..."

    [What nonsense are you talking about?

    [Do I mean this?

    [What do you mean by not wanting you to like others? I just sympathize with you, how can I be so narcissistic?

    Shu Yians smile flashed bitterly. No matter what Su kiss said or disliked her, she didnt care much about this kind of thing. But now, she has to admit that her mood has changed. Su Kiss regarded her as a close person, and she could no longer ignore Su Kiss's words.

    When a person has a bond in his heart, he has a weakness.

    Shu Yian seemed to have made a soft place for Su Wen in his heart, but now that place has broken and is bleeding tricklely.

    She feels a little bit painful, but she is not qualified to shout out, not only that, she has to force a smile.

    "Su Kiss, you can't chase a girl like this."

    Shu Yian pulled off the bench and sat down, calmly, and imparted knowledge to her extremely seriously.

    "Let me teach you. In the future, if you meet a girl you like, when you confess, you must remember to put down your face, and you must say that you love her sincerely, and don't be superior."

    "If she is like me, she is also a fool in your heart, then the line you want to say at the moment is,'No matter what you look like, I will never leave you,' instead of saying,'As long as you ask me, I Just reluctantly take care of you.' Although they all take care of people, they mean different things."

    "The former will make people feel moving, the latter will only make people reject you."

    Su Yi'an suddenly felt a little nagging, even a little unnecessary, but there was no way, she just wanted to tell Su kiss these words.

    She wants to teach her how to love someone.

    Su Kiss's face was sullen, and her aura became a little bit cold. She didn't seem to talk softly and said in a soft tone: "So, are you teaching me how to pursue others now?"

    [Just push me to other people so impatiently?

    Su kiss sneered from the bottom of her heart, her slender fingertips lifted Shu Yian's chin, the smile did not reach the bottom of her eyes, "Since Miss Shu likes teaching people so much, how about precepts and deeds?"

    The unfamiliar and alienated title, it was obvious that she was completely angry.

    "Come on, you confess to me yourself, maybe I will learn it after reading it."

    "Are you sure?" Shu Yian couldn't figure out what kind of anger she was, but she was the one who said badly. What right does she have to be angry?

    "If you are sure that you can learn well, then I will confess to you now, three thousand six hundred love words, I will say whatever you want to hear."

    Who doesn't have a temper yet? An angry person can do anything and say anything. She doesn't want this old face in a big deal, and she has to fight Su Kiss to the end.

    Su Wen didn't expect that she had the courage to agree, but she guilty for a while, "Who rarely listens to your confession?"

    "Who is rare to confess to you? I just use you as a test subject, so that I will not be so nervous when I confess to others in the future!"

    The two were tit-for-tat, and they didn't let anyone else. In the end, it seemed that everyone was reluctant to quarrel anymore, and simply ignored anyone.

    Su Wen and Shu Yian went out at the same time, one to the left and the other to the right, parting ways.

    Shu Yian didn't go far when the phone rang. It was Yao Yao's call. She connected, and a polite voice came from the other side.

    "Hey, Miss Shu." For fear that she would not remember herself, Yao Yao declared her name again and said, "I am Yao Yao. I asked you to fortune the girl before. Do you have time today?"

    Shu Yian knew that she wanted to ask Gu Liyu about it. She temporarily couldn't figure out Gu Liyuan's affairs, but this didn't affect her meeting with her at all.

    There is no other reason, just don't want to stay in this home.

    Shu Yian replied, "I have time, but you may need to come and pick me up. Is it convenient for you to see you?"

    "Okay, then I'll come over now." Yao Yao asked her for the address.

    The two old people had already gone upstairs for lunch. Shu Yian spent half an hour in the garden alone. Half an hour later, he received a second call from Yao Yao, "Miss Shu, I'm here."

    "I'll be out soon." Shu Yian hurried to the door and got into the car.

    She didn't plan to greet Yao Yao to enter the house. She and Su Kiss were in a cold war. After all, it was someone else's home. It would not be nice to bring friends in at this moment.

    "Otherwise, find a coffee shop and chat while drinking?" Shu Yian suggested.

    "Also!" These words are exactly what Yao Yao wanted. Since she saw Su Kiss last time, she has been invisible to Su Kiss by three points. She is really afraid that Shu Yian will invite her to sit in. She will face Su Kiss. .

    "Miss Shu, about the thing about my cousin I mentioned to you last time..." Yao Yao held back his words, but because he was worried that driving would not be convenient for chatting, he waited to sit in the cafe. ask.

    "I'm sorry, I'm not very good at finding people, but I will try my best to help you find her." Shu Yian knew that since the last time she helped Yao Yao see the scumbag, this girl treated her 100%. The trust of Gu Liyuan is all placed on her.

    But she can't afford such a large expectation. Instead of letting people have hope and finally despair, it is better to tell her straightforwardly from now on how slim the chance of finding Gu Liyuan is.

    If you really can't find someone in the end, that's expected, but if you find someone, it's beyond the surprise.

    The look in Yao Yao's eyes dimmed instantly, "Is that so? It turns out that Miss Shu is only good at divination feelings..."

    "However, Miss Shu is still very good. If you are so good, you must also know her powerful fortune teller? Is Miss Shu planning to ask them to help find a cousin?"

    "Forget it..." Shu Yian stirred the coffee spoon with her hand. This explanation seemed quite reasonable. If she told Yao Yao that she was looking for someone to investigate Gu Liyu's trail, she would seem suspicious.

    Two unfamiliar people, why did she achieve this level?

    She had always been afraid of trouble, and she was afraid that telling the truth would make Yao Yao curious to ask why, and she simply agreed to follow Yao Yao's words.

    "Although Miss Shu said that the opportunity is not great, thank you very much, but then again, Miss Shu is so good, don't you consider opening a divination studio?"

    "If Ms. Shu has ideas in this regard, I can also introduce you to my friends in the early stage." Yao Yao felt in his heart that Shu Yian was really accurate in terms of emotions, and naturally hoped that she could open the door to do business. There are silly girls who meet people like her, as long as they have met Shu Yian, they can be wary of them earlier.

    This matter can not only help Shu Yi'an build a reputation, but also protect those girls from being deceived by scumbags. She thinks this is a good thing for both worlds.

    Shu Yian was tempted by what she said, and tasted the sweetness of a single 500,000 yuan. It is fake to say that she is not tempted. Isn't it more profitable than her other sideline?

    Even if other people can't give Yao Yao so much, these wealthy people will certainly not give too little. How about a single 100,000 yuan?

    Getting rich is just around the corner.

    "I think it's feasible." Shu Yian said directly, "but I hope you can do me a favor."

    "What's busy?"

    "Don't tell others who I am. If you really find someone to do the divination in the future, I might have to put a curtain in the middle."

    This was something that Yao Yao had expected. She thought she could make Shu Yian famous, but she didn't expect Shu Yian to be low-key.

    Yao Yao didn't ask much, patted her chest and promised her, "No problem, then if I have a friend who needs consultation in this regard, I will contact you when that time comes."

    "Thank you." Shu Yian wanted to say that the people she introduced should divide the account between the two, but then I thought that others were not short of money. She was so tacky to say so, so she could only ask her more For the meal, by the way, I added more snacks to Gu Liyuan's affairs.

    "Ms. Shu doesn't need to be polite to me, you helped me a lot." The two chatted for a while, and the coffee in Yao Yao's cup also saw the bottom. She saw that it was late and asked again.

    "Ms. Shu needs me to take you back now?"

    "No, I still want to go shopping for a while. If you have something, you can go first." Shu Yian doesn't want to go back to Su Kiss's house at this time. She is willing to spend a little longer if she can spend a little time outside.

    Yao Yao scratched the back of his head embarrassedly, "The elders in the family called for dinner. I have to go there earlier. Then Miss Shu, I will be separated first. See you next time.

    "See you next time." Shu Yian smiled and waved to her.

    In summer, the sky is always changeable. It was clear that it was still sunny a second before, but in an instant, the sky was overcast and gray, and there would be a heavy rain.

    In less than five minutes, the sound of rain fell down, as if even God was keeping her.

    There are not many people in the cafe, but they are all in groups. Everyone is complaining about the spooky weather. Only Shu Yian, but her heart suddenly calms down.

    She seems to have a valid reason to go back later.

    Looking through the window, I can only see the traces of rain. The street is empty. I dont know how long it has been. A woman with a white transparent umbrella pushed in at the door. In this caf where no one came in for a long time. Exceptionally conspicuous.

    Shu Yian naturally saw her at a glance, but at one glance, she turned her head away in anger.

    Su Kiss closed the umbrella and walked towards her, there were slight wet marks on the wooden floor.

    "It's raining, I'll take you home!"

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