The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 50 - TJCTMH 50

    Chapter 50:

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    Su Kiss rushed home eagerly. She had a stomach question and wanted to ask Shu Yian, but when she went into the living room and heard her grandmother say that Shu Yian and her friends were making pastries in the kitchen, her enthusiasm was instantly cold.

    Shu Yian's friend, without even thinking about it, was the only one she could bring into the house.

    She hurried to the kitchen immediately, and saw a harmonious scene inside from a long distance away.

    These two people, one cooks, and the other knows nothing, but they are also with them.

    She suddenly remembered that when she was busy with work, did Shu Yian accompany herself?

    The answer is of course, but she kept it with money, even so, some people have to run outside halfway.

    Su Kiss hesitated to step forward, not knowing why, she was very uncomfortable now, one thousand and ten thousand uncomfortable.

    But when she thought of Shu Yian's phone recording today, she couldn't help but think too much, Shu Yian deliberately called Lin Ge home, is it just to make her jealous?

    Su Kiss stood there and was silent for a long time, before finally turning around and leaving.

    Regardless of the reason, whether Shu Yian liked Lin Ge or Shu Yian wanted to make herself jealous, she didn't want to go forward.

    The former reason made her feel uncomfortable when seeing the two people getting along, while the latter reason made her not want Shu Yian's trickery to succeed.

    She couldn't be jealous because of Shu Yian.

    Su kiss returned to the living room silently, but after not taking a few steps, she felt really upset in her heart, and sent another message to Yan Jin.

    [Call me when I'm free in a while.

    After doing this, she walked in Shu Yian's direction.

    "I'm back so early?" Shu Yian kept turning her back to the doorway and couldn't see anyone. She didn't know that she had arrived home until Su Kiss sat next to her.

    "Yeah." Su Kiss snorted coldly.

    [Is it back early?

    When she was on the road just now, she always felt that the driver was driving slowly and that she came back late. In the eyes of some people, she came back early?

    Su Kiss began to get angry with her, deliberately not talking to Shu Yian, and asked Lin Ge bitterly: "Miss Lin and Xiaoan, it looks like a good relationship."

    "Yes." Lin Ge smiled slightly, his hands kept moving, but he looked at Shu Yian, "I like An An and get along well. She is my closest friend."

    [Preferences are similar? Get along well?

    [Really, Shu Yian did pretend to be Xiaojiabiyu in front of some people.

    If this remark were to be regarded as an overt and secret fight between two rivals in love, then Su kiss lost this round. After all, she didn't know anything about Shu Yian's preferences and could not say anything similar, and Shu Yian was never gentle in front of her.

    Fortunately, Yan Jin's phone call came in time, and she still has a clever trick.

    The ringtone of the phone, Su Kiss, did not change, as soon as the call came, "Baby answer the phone, baby answer the phone..."

    Lin Ge and Shu Yian are so familiar, it is impossible not to hear that this is Shu Yian's voice.

    The bell like a magic sound continued to ring, and Su kissed her without answering, looking at Lin Ge with a smug look.

    [What about the same preferences? Will she call you baby?

    [Will she record the ringtone for you?

    Shu Yian was sitting on pins and needles at the moment.

    When I was recording in the morning, I was thinking about being tricky about Su Kiss, but I didn't feel ashamed. As a result, Su Kiss kept putting these words in her ears, which made her want to dig a hole in.

    "You answer it!" Shu Yian couldn't stand the embarrassment, and pushed Su kiss's arm.

    Su kiss raised her eyebrows, squeezed her face, her eyes jokingly, "What are you panicking? Don't you want to listen to this wonderful sound?"

    Shu Yian: "..."

    She could see it, Su Kiss deliberately prevented her from coming off stage.

    I also blamed herself for shooting herself in the foot.

    Shu Yian couldn't sit here anymore. At this moment, he just wanted to flash people, found an excuse, and said to Lin Ge: "Goddess, I suddenly remembered that I have something to do. I'll come back later."

    "Go!" Lin Ge saw her embarrassment and didn't keep her.

    As soon as Shu Yian left, the smile on her face disappeared instantly, and she asked Su Kiss in an extremely alienated tone: "The relationship between Su and An An is so good, surely Su must love her very much?"

    "It's not for you to worry about Miss Laurin." Su Kiss didn't directly question, she didn't know whether she loved it or not, and she didn't want to answer without conscience.

    "I'm an outsider, I really shouldn't worry about it, but the status of an outsider is only relative to you, Yu An'an, I am her friend, and I am concerned about my friend's relationship. There should be nothing wrong with it?"

    "So?" Su kiss tapped her fingertips on the table. She knew that Lin Ge was far from being as good as she seemed. When Shu Yian left, she stopped pretending to be a goddess, and she started to speak aggressively.

    "So?" Lin Ge lowered his eyes and smiled, tilting his head to look at Su Kiss.

    "So, you should answer me now, is it love or not? It's just an answer. Is it difficult for President Su to answer?"

    Su Kiss has never been so flustered in her heart. She has always thought that "love" is a very sacred word, so even if she plays with Shu Yian in front of outsiders, she will never say the phrase "I love you".

    She had a wonderful feeling for Shu Yian. She couldn't say love, and she couldn't say no, she didn't know what kind of feeling it was.

    After a long silence, she replied with an answer that she thought was justified: "Of course I love my fiancee!"

    She did not say that she loved Shu Yian, but that she was her fiance.

    This answer seemed to make Lin Ge very satisfied, "That's good, Mr. Su must remember that you love your fiancee."

    "And what kind of person is your fiancee? Mr. Su still remember her original appearance now?"

    "Arrogant and domineering, who loves the poor and loves the rich, is your fiance who stalks you. Now An An is different from the previous one. President Su is so smart, I'm afraid it can be seen."

    Su Kiss had indeed doubted this matter. Shu Yian's attitude changed too much before and after, it was impossible not to make people suspicious, but at the beginning, she never figured out the reason, but in the subsequent getting along, she did not want to think about the reason.

    The appearance of Shu Yian is not important, she just likes to get along with her now.

    "What do you want to express?" Since Lin Ge can speak so bluntly, she must have her plans, and Su Kiss didn't want to get around her.

    "What I'm going to say next may be a bit weird, but Su is always a smart person. If I think about it, I can figure it out."

    Lin Ge said bluntly: "She and the Shu Yian who used to be your fiance are two people, so she shouldn't be your fiance either."