The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 49 - TJCTMH 49

    Chapter 49:

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    Su kiss raised her eyebrows, and after a moment of surprise, the corners of her lips immediately raised a smile, full of affection and said: "My fiancee specially recorded the ringtone, forgot to mute it, which made everyone laugh."

    An understatement, no need to deliberately explain anything, but the answer is self-evident.

    The two of them are okay.

    A farce came to an end. The male reporter who asked the question was embarrassed and wanted to dig a hole in and ran away.

    Su kiss winked at Yan Jin who was standing by, and Yan Jin immediately understood, and brought the security guard in casual clothes to directly restrain the man.

    "President Su, do you want to ask in person?" After everyone had gone, Yan Jin brought people over.

    The man was restrained by the two security guards, his eyes glared at Su Kiss, "Let go of me, didn't you just ask a question? It turns out that President Su is such an indisputable person? If this is passed, you will be fine. Eat fruit!"

    Su Kiss gave him a cold look, and didn't take him seriously, "No need, just ask."

    She has more important things to do and has no time to deal with such people.

    "Understood, President Su."

    Yan Jin turned around and said to the two security guards: "Take me to my office!"

    When Su kissed to be free, the first important thing was to call Shu Yian. During the live broadcast just now, she didnt like to reveal her privacy to the public, so she didnt get through the phone, and she had to call her back now. Dial it.

    "doing what?"

    Shu Yian glanced at the two elderly people who sat on the sofa and watched her call. He could only bite the bullet and said in a gentle voice: "Grandma asked me if I would like to go home for dinner at noon and what would you like to eat? Make some dishes by yourself."

    "I can do it, look at you, I will come back for dinner at noon."

    "Okay, then you go home early." Shu Yian felt that she had been forced to become a virtuous wife before she was married.

    "Wait!" Seeing Shu Yian was about to hang up, Su Wen quickly stopped her again, "Shu Yian."

    "what happened?"

    "You took my cell phone in the morning to record ringtones for incoming calls, right?"

    "Yeah!" Shu Yian did not deny. She called, Su Qi is not deaf, she must be able to hear it. The reason for this recording is purely because Su Qi told her to call her baby before making her feel sick and deliberately gave her It's hard to find it!

    "Oh!" Su kiss hung up the phone, put her hand on the table, and leaned her forehead, her heart was as sweet as wiping honey.

    This woman, shouldn't she fall in love with me?

    So what I did last night was obviously to have **** with my grandma, but in fact it was to take advantage of me?

    Call me baby wanting to seduce me?


    She glanced at the time on her watch, and had never thought of going home so urgently, as if she lived in that place with all her important people, and she couldn't wait to see those people.


    Although Shu Yian's original idea was to stay at home with the two elderly people, at the moment there was a lot of conversation among others. She couldn't get in at all. She was no different from an invisible person. In desperation, she could only stay aside and do it silently. Own business.

    The first is to carefully check Gu Liyuan's investigation report.

    Two completely different personalities of Gu Liyuan are mentioned here. At first, they were sensitive, inferior, and gloomy.

    Because of her obesity, she has been isolated by others, which has led to her dislike of associating with people, or talking to people. She is always a lonely person, and because of her low self-esteem, she always Head down, so it gives a gloomy feeling.

    She likes to stay in her own world and delve into her own paintings, especially the color lead painting is the best.

    Until she met Lin Ge.

    That simple and kind girl seemed to be a star, lighting up all the light in her gloomy life.

    With Lin Ge's encouragement, Gu Liyuan began to lose weight. Although she did not lose weight immediately, the effect was much better than before.

    She began to become more confident, and the smiles on her face increased. For Lin Ge, she regarded her as a friend and an idol, and she had an almost crazy worship.

    And her personal hobby is also very simple, besides painting, it is eating.

    Like Lin Ge, she likes meat and desserts the most, but since she made up her mind to lose weight, she has been eating only vegetarian food. There is nothing fussy about food, but she doesn't eat chrysanthemum chrysanthemum. She is allergic to such dishes.

    Shu Yian continued to look down, and then talked about the last missing point of Gu Liyu.

    It was after Lin Ge finished the exhibition. According to the staff's memory, it was Gu Liyuan who took the initiative to ask Lin Ge to go out on a yacht. She had already gone there before. Because she thought the scenery was good, she invited Lin Ge to travel with her.

    She was in a good mood that day. When the yacht drove to the side of an island, she took the initiative to say to dive in the sea. As a result, she didn't find anyone again.

    Since then, Lin Ge returned to China and locked herself in a house depressed for half a year, and during that half a year, she hadn't seen anyone. She came out again after half a year.

    The once lively girl has become quiet and less talking, which is not unbelievable.

    Shu Yian read the survey data in one breath and fell into a daze.

    It's no wonder that Gu's family failed to find someone. It is really unlikely that the person who disappeared in the sea will survive.

    Now Shu Yian can only hope that the plot will be tacky, and the plot that Gu Liyuan was picked up by a good-hearted person, but lost her memory in the end.

    But then again, even if she finds Gu Liyuan, what can she do? Can you really figure out the truth about the matter?

    Shu Yian was lying on the table, confused by all this.

    Probably, it is better than doing nothing. After all, the only one who came out of her book disappeared.

    "Oh!" She sighed deeply, she didn't dare to write any more.

    Although the data is good and the income is pretty good, it is terrifying. Now she has to develop other side business.

    Shu Yian continued to check his mobile phone. The investigation report was very detailed. Some stories about Gu Liyuan's previous relationship with Lin Ge were recorded, and some of Lin Ge's hobbies were also included.

    In some respects, they are two similar people, and in some respects, they are two completely different people.

    The same is that they all love desserts and fishy dishes.

    The difference is that one will gain weight if he eats it, while the other will not get fat if he eats anything, and Lin Ge does not have allergies.

    Another difference is that Gu Liyu hates cats because she was scratched by cats when she was a child, but Lin Ge likes cats very much.

    The two of them moved quietly. Judging from the description alone, they did not lose Gu Liyuan's previous forest song. They possess all the characteristics of a heroine, simple, cute, lively, and kind.

    Not stupid, but very sweet.

    Shu Yian always felt that there might be a tacit understanding between her and Lin Ge. Very often, as long as she thinks of her, Lin Ge will look for her in the next second.

    For example, at this moment.

    Shu Yian's phone rang, the caller was Lin Ge himself, and the voice over there was still gentle, but after learning that this gentleness was due to the loss of a girlfriend and changed her character, Shu Yian felt a little bit more distressed for her.

    "An An is home now?" Lin Ge asked.

    "Yes, what happened to the goddess?"

    "Emmm." Lingo paused, as if a little shy, "In fact, it doesn't matter, just staying at home bored and thinking about coming to you.

    "Ah? Yes." Shu Yian glanced at the two elderly people next to him, afraid that Lin Ge might feel embarrassed by that time, so he said hello again, "My grandma and grandma Su kiss are here, I don't know the goddess you Would you mind?"

    She could feel that Lin Ge might not be very good at dealing with strangers. She was afraid that she would not be used to it, so she still had to explain in advance.

    The person on the phone was stunned for more than ten seconds, then smiled again: "Don't mind, will An An mind?"

    "Of course I don't mind!"

    Shu Yian didn't mind anything. If there were more friends in the family, it would be more lively.

    As soon as I hung up the phone, less than ten minutes later, Lin Ge entered the villa and smiled to Shu Yian: "I asked you on the way, would I be too sudden?"

    "Suddenly it's not sudden, it just feels too fast, I'm not ready yet." Shu Yian smiled and welcomed her in, and introduced each other's identities as they passed by the elderly.

    "Hello grandma!" Lin Ge nodded at them, and followed Shu Yi'an with a voice.

    "Xiao'an's friend, sit down!" It was Tan Xuyun who was talking. Liu Ruzhen's mind was a little unconscious right now. The two talked about things that she still remembered a little when she was young.

    Lin Ge Wan refused: "No, grandma, An An said last time that she wanted to eat the pastries I made. I came here to work as a pastry chef for her."

    Tan Xuyun looked at the two children.

    [Why do you always feel that this is a bit ambiguous?

    [I hope I think more...]

    "Then you go! I'm bothering you." She said kindly.

    When Shu Yian heard her voice, she stood stiffly on the spot, not knowing how to explain it. She was always afraid that the more she explained, the more chaotic she would become, and finally she took Lin Ge into the kitchen.

    There were everything in the kitchen. Lin Ge was preparing. Shu Yian wanted to help, but Lin Ge asked her to sit and watch because she didn't understand.

    It was embarrassing that the two of them were silent, so Shu Yian opened the chatterbox and started chatting.

    "Goddess, I visited your book yesterday, how did you think of writing "Parallel World"?"

    Lin Ge mixed the sticky rice flour and glutinous rice flour, and said while stirring: "The idea is simple. It is nothing more than the hope that the regrets of this world can be fulfilled in a certain world!"


    When Shu Yian thought of Gu Liyuan, she probably knew it, presumably the girl was the goddess' regret.

    Afraid of touching Lin Ge's sadness, she quickly changed the subject, "What about "The Third Dimension"?"

    After Lin Ge's stirring action, his expression suddenly became serious, and he looked at Shu Yian, his eyes flashed with a complex color.

    "An An hasn't thought about it. Is the world we think, even what we think of us, just an illusion?"

    "You think you are you, you think that your life is in charge of yourself, but in fact, maybe you are just a character written by a certain author in the third dimension. You eat, sleep, fall in love, win the lottery, whether it is plain or An exciting life is nothing more than a setting given to you by others!"

    "An An, have you really never thought about it this way?"

    "I..." At this moment, apart from being surprised, Shu Yian was more confused.

    This is not a question of thinking, but this world is originally a book, but no one should doubt the world he is in. Why does Lin Ge think so?

    What does she know? Or is it just a pure guess?

    Seeing her look surprised, Lin Ge immediately laughed again, "Don't be nervous, the book "The Third Dimension" was written out of this idea. Just now, I was just joking with you."

    Shu Yi'an pursed her lips and suddenly couldn't tell the truth from what she said.

    Is it really just a joke?