The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 47 - TJCTMH 47

    Chapter 47:

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    "Wake up." When Shu Yian went downstairs, the table was just set up on the table, and her mother's attitude was neither lukewarm nor cold.

    "Good morning!" Shu Yian greeted her, looking at the woman in front of her, a little at a loss.

    This person is her mother, but after crossing a world, she has no joy in her reunion after a long absence.

    She had forgotten the warmth of the past, and in her memory now, only this person was the only one who suppressed her severely.

    She was conflicted.

    On the one hand, she resisted this woman a little, on the other hand, she felt that she was her own mother and wanted to try to get close to this woman.

    In the end, she mustered up the courage and took the initiative to get into a relationship with her.

    Before the word "Mom" was yelled out, Lin Qinghan looked at her but spoke first, "Are you going to kiss Su back today?"

    "I'm not sure yet. I have to ask her if she has a job for a while." If it was changed to yesterday, Shu Yian would definitely answer "Yes" because this place makes her feel uncomfortable and the people here make her feel stressed.

    But now, she couldn't answer like that. After all, it was her own mother. Even if she was not comfortable in her heart, this blood relationship still made her want to be closer to her.

    She couldn't make up her mind in leaving and leaving the two opposite answers, but in the end she could only decide to go with the flow and give Su Kiss the final choice.

    If Su Kiss has time, they will stay together. If Su Kiss has no time, she will leave with her.

    "You are not married now, and staying in someone else's house has always been a bad influence, or just move back."

    [In this way, I can also urge you to practice piano.

    Shu Yian's thoughts of wanting to be intimate with her instantly disappeared, and she concealed her deeply, not daring to show any more.

    The relationship between them is very good, and they can have a certain amount of space for each other. At the very least, the current mother can no longer control her everywhere, at best she can only give tactful suggestions.

    She suddenly remembered that dream, of Shu Yian in that world. That person so hoped that her parents could support her in practicing piano. It stands to reason that she should be lucky now, but her parents support was too much, but she didnt realize it. , Tied her invisible shackles.

    Shu Yian smiled, somewhat self-deprecating, "My previous reputation was not very good, but now it has finally stabilized. Everyone has accepted the relationship between me and Su Kiss. If I move back again, I will inevitably arouse criticism. ,just forget it."

    She refused with euphemistic yet plausible language, and Lin Qinghan had nothing to say this time.

    They were originally a pair of mother and daughter, the closest people in the world, but at this moment, getting along is not even as natural as ordinary friends. After the two had spoken, they just stuck together and the atmosphere dropped to freezing point.

    Father Shu sat on the side, not daring to say a word, just bowed his head in silence, pretending to read the newspaper, but his mind was focused on the conversation between the mother and daughter.

    Last night, he and Lin Qinghan also talked about Shu Yian for a long time. Although the results of the initial trial were not satisfactory, from the following Shu Yian's behavior, it is indeed like Xiaoan before.

    So from a personal point of view, as a father, he certainly hopes that Shu Yian can stay.

    But since they had driven her out before, he himself didn't know how to speak, he finally heard Lin Qinghan ask, he was expecting in his heart, and was finally rejected by Shu Yian.

    [It seems that the child is still complaining.

    But even so, he didn't regret the decision he had made before, after all, the daughter before was unfamiliar and too much.

    "Dad, mom, I'll go see grandma first." Shu Yian didn't want to disappoint Shu's father too much, so she tried to address him.

    Shu's father helped his glasses, as if looking at her in disbelief, he was stunned for a few seconds, and then quickly said with a smile: "Go, dinner is about to start, and you guys will come back soon."

    Shu Yian's yelling made him feel more comfortable. At least this "daddy" means that the child still recognizes him.

    "Okay." Shu Yian glanced at Lin Qinghan's face and saw that she was not happy, but in the end she pretended not to see anything and went straight out.

    Before reaching the back garden, Su Kiss walked slowly with the old man. The two seemed to be talking about something. They were so far apart that Shu Yian could not hear. Only the grandma was smiling from ear to ear, and the corners of Su Kisss lips were also Rarely raise a sincere smile.

    She walked over, and Su kissed her grandmother one to the other. There was a faint fragrance of flowers in the air, the sun was not dry, and the breeze was just right. People felt very comfortable in an instant, and even their heart calmed down.

    She suddenly slowed down, slower than the old man, and wanted to be more greedy for the gentle time of three people.

    When the old man noticed her movement, the original bright smile on her face instantly darkened, with a bitter expression on her face.

    [Xiao An wants to accompany me more.

    [Xiao An must leave.

    [Grandma can't bear you, but grandma knows that you are not happy at home.

    The old man lowered his head, he could only hide his depression, and he was not willing to tell Shu Yian's thoughts.

    Shu Yian held her hand tightly and didn't say a word. She pulled Su Kiss out to whisper until she helped her grandma to the table.

    "I have something to discuss with you."

    This is the first time Shu Yian whispered and talked to her in a pleading manner. Although she knew it was not a good thing, Su kiss still greatly satisfied her vanity.

    [It's finally time to beg me.

    "Ahem." She coughed uncomfortably, her expression indifferent, "Go ahead."

    "I want to take my grandma over and stay for a few days." After all, it was Su Kiss's house. When Shu Yian made this decision, he still had to discuss with her.

    "If feasible, let's go back to the old house and take your grandma over. The two old people have not seen each other for a long time, so it just happens to let them reminisce about the past."

    The joy in Su Kiss's heart disappeared instantly.

    She thought that Shu Yian could not do anything, and had to rely on her to do things.

    this one?

    "Yeah." She hummed a word from her nose.

    Originally this was a good decision. If Shu Yian finished speaking in one breath, she would gladly agree.

    But after letting her have the desire to express, she poured cold water on her again, and Su kiss was not happy now.

    Shu Yian was puzzled by her thoughts.

    Does this person like to beg her?

    She shook her head, suddenly thought of a question, and then asked, "Didn't you have a transnational conference today? When will it take place, and is there enough time?"

    Of course she knew that this was what Su Kiss lied to her before, but at this time, because she really didn't know how to get along with her parents in this home, she could only pretend to believe in Su Kiss.

    Su Kiss was stunned for a moment, completely forgot about it, only when Shu Yian mentioned it, she nodded her head and said, "Well, the meeting at two o'clock in the afternoon."

    "Then we have to hurry up, and we have to pick up grandma in a while." Shu Yian pushed her into the house.

    Su Kiss couldn't tell the complexity.

    She knew that the "grandma" in Shu Yian's mouth referred to her grandmother, and she was also very happy that Shu Yian could like her grandmother.

    [But this person...]

    Calling my grandma can be so natural and kind, why can't you call me dear like other girlfriends naturally? Baby?

    She suddenly realized that her idea was a bit dangerous, and quickly rejected it.

    [Bah, who rarely calls me that?

    [If she really called that, she would have to make people sick.

    When Shu Yian, who was walking in the front, heard these words, she didn't smile.

    Disgusting, right?

    You wait for me.

    But at this moment, although she was upset in her heart, she didn't show it at all. Instead, she went back to the living room. Breakfast was already on the table, just waiting for her and Su to kiss.

    Shu Yian sat at the table. The family did not have the habit of eating and talking. It was not until everyone had finished eating that she said, "Dad, Mom, I have discussed with Su Kiss, and I want to take my grandma to live for a few days. "

    When the old man heard this, his eyes lit up, but only for a moment, he began to feel depressed again.

    [I'm so old and confused, I would trouble their young people in the past...]

    In order to make the elderly feel at ease, Shu Yian went on to say: "Then Su Kiss's grandma will also be there. We thought that their two old friends had not seen each other for a long time due to physical reasons, and they happened to be able to talk."

    When I heard that Su Kisss grandma was going too, the old man immediately answered, "Okay, when shall we leave?"

    Seeing that she couldn't wait, Lin Qinghan and Shu's father were uneasy, but they still had to answer: "Take the medicine and let Tao Zi follow along. She waits on her grandmother closely and knows her habits."

    "Okay, mom and dad, we are ready to leave, we have to pick up people in a while, Su Kiss has a meeting at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I'm afraid that time is too late."

    "Go ahead."

    Lin Qinghan nodded, and after Shu Yian and the others packed everything, they didn't send each other away, only Shu's father went to see them off.

    It was not until the man came back that she asked, "Gone?"

    "Let's go." Shu Yuanqi sighed, sat next to her, and said with his arms around her shoulders, "You talk about you, but you are obviously reluctant, why do you have to carry it? The child thought you were angry with her and left. I blamed the loss at that time."

    "I can't bear it, so I don't give it away at all, so I don't feel upset. Doesn't she also want to avoid me?"

    Lin Qinghan knew exactly what Shu Yi'an was thinking about the child she gave birth to.

    Father Shu looked at her expression, and finally said tentatively: "Actually, I think we should just leave her alone. Look at the house next door. The child can do whatever he wants. Isn't the family happy? "

    "Shu Yuanqi, why did I take care of her so disgustingly, and why is it not all for her? Don't be a good person here, sitting and talking will not hurt your back." Lin Qinghan reacted as soon as the incident was mentioned. Big.

    "Yes, yes, you are all for her good." Shu Yuanqi was busy following her, "but her daughter is also big and has her own judgment. The way is her own, you just..."

    "Okay!" Lin Qinghan interrupted him, "I also have my own judgment."

    The topic of the two ends here.

    On the other side, two hours later, Su kiss also picked up her grandma into the car.

    As soon as the old man got in the car, he smiled when he saw Shu Yian's grandma, "Oh, old man, it's been a long time."

    The old man sitting next to Shu Yian squinted and looked at her carefully. After looking at her for a long time, he said, "Old man, who are you?"

    Shu Yian explained on the side: "Grandma, my grandma is suffering from dementia. Don't mind it."

    "It's okay." Tan Xuyun sat down and introduced it patiently.

    "I, Lao Tan, I used to like to pull your hair at the same table, remember?"

    Shu Yian made room for them and took the initiative to sit in the co-pilot. Originally, she felt sad. He laughed out loud when she heard this, and whispered to Su Kiss: "So you learned about hair pulling from your grandma. ?"

    Su Kiss glanced at her, did not speak, but Shu Yian's grandma spoke up.

    She touched one of her short hair, and she suddenly realized, "It's you, I remembered, the person I hated the most at the time was you."

    Tan Xuyun giggled, "You just remember that you hate me, don't you remember that we are good friends?"

    The old man thought for a moment, "I remember, you helped me knock out a **** at that time, and since then, I don't hate you anymore."

    Elderly, you talked to me about the interesting things in the past, Shu Yian listened carefully, and occasionally laughed with them.

    Su Kiss wanted to drive and didn't dare to be distracted, but when the person next to her laughed, she didn't feel happy in her heart.

    She likes Shu Yian's smile.

    In a lively atmosphere, I arrived home without knowing it, probably chatting with Tan Xuyun evoked too many memories, and Shu Yian's grandma returned to normal when she got off the car.

    Shu Yian and Su Kiss went to clean up the beds for them, and the two elderly people followed them upstairs, with their eyes facing each other, and they knew the meaning with one look.

    "Where does Xiao An sleep at night?" Tan Xuyun asked.

    "I slept in that room. Grandma can call me anytime if she has something to do." Shu Yian pointed to her house. The two rooms are close together, so it is convenient for her to come over.

    [Sleep separately?

    Tan Xuyun knew the truth as soon as he asked, and looked at each other with his old girlfriend, sighing.

    [It seems that the relationship has not progressed to that point yet.

    The two old friends began to sing together.

    Tan Xuyun was clutching her heart. She has always had a bad heart. Su Kiss knows this best, "Did grandma shouldn't marry you? Are you complaining about us?"

    "No, Xiao'an and I have a very good relationship, and we are also very happy now." Su kiss said without conscience.

    "Then why are you sleeping in separate beds? You are not lying to us, are you? It's okay, don't worry about us, if you really can't get along, then you tell grandma, it was grandma talking about this relative, grandma canceled That's it." Grandma Shu Yian also answered at this time.

    "Yes, anyway, Lao Liu and I have a bad memory and a bad heart. We are all half-length people. As long as you are happy, even if we have some regrets, it doesn't matter. Exciting, Lao Liu, I'm probably stupid, I don't remember anything. I might just stay awake, but as long as you are happy, this is nothing."

    Su kiss listened to it for a long time, and it was considered that it was forcing them to sleep together.

    When these two old people are usually alone, they only feel amiable. How can they get together to become monkey spirits?

    But there is no way, she can't afford to offend, she can only say: "Actually, Xiao An and I were in separate beds some time ago, and now we have the same room."

    "is it?"

    The two old people obviously didn't believe it, but it was too obvious to urge them, so they could only ran into Su Kiss's room and took out all the things that could be spread on the floor.

    That night, Shu Yian and Su Kiss were forced to share the same room, and outside the door there were two elderly people who wanted to listen to the news in the name of a walk.

    Su kiss sighed, rather helpless, "What should I do now?"

    The moonlight came in through the screen windows, and there was a hazy beauty. The light and shadow were dazzling. Shu Yian gritted his teeth, turned over, blushed and looked at Su Kiss, "I can only follow them first."

    Su Kiss: "..."

    "Sorry, it's the first time. If it hurts you by accident for a while, don't mind."

    Su Kiss: "???"

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