The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 46 - TJCTMH 46

    Chapter 46:

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    As the little girl fell asleep deeply, Shu Yian's dream collapsed in an instant.

    The surroundings were suddenly quiet, no sound was heard, she seemed to be standing in a confined space, surrounded by darkness.

    Shu Yian walked forward aimlessly, not knowing how long he walked, and finally saw a corner of light, clearly a remote corner, but because of the sudden light, this area became the center.

    The surroundings were still very quiet, there was nothing around, and after a while, a mirror suddenly appeared under the light.

    Shu Yian walked over and she was the girl in the mirror.

    It was the first time she dreamed of her, it was her in that world.

    The blood on the girl's forehead still didn't dissipate, and she just stood there sadly.

    "Who are you?" Shu Yian was the first to speak out, panicking when she asked this question.

    She has a vaguely uncertain, even absurd answer.

    If there are parallel universes, and if things in the dreams have really happened in another world, is there any possibility of their souls interchange?

    At a certain moment, she went to the free world she wanted, and Shu Yian of that world came to this world where she could play the piano to the fullest and be loved by her parents?

    But there are still many doubts.

    Even if they are not alone, Shu Yian knows that the original owner is not a rampant girl in that world, she is a gentle and kind girl, and she will not do such outrageous things.

    The girl in the mirror opened her lips, but still did not speak, just gestured.

    As before, she slowly raised her index finger, pointed at herself, and pointed at Shu Yian, the blood on her forehead slipped down her face at this time.

    "Can you not speak?" Shu Yian asked uncertainly.

    The person in the mirror nodded.

    Shu Yian asked again: "Is that OK? I ask you a question, do you express it?"

    The person in the mirror continued to nod.

    Shu Yian: "Am I, originally from this world?"


    "We had a soul exchange?"

    -Shaking his head.

    "Then why did I go to your world? Where are you now?" Shu Yian suddenly became excited.

    The person in the mirror cried and shook his head.

    Shu Yian just remembered that she couldn't answer these questions.

    "Sorry." She knew that this must have hit the person's sadness. Shu Yian wanted to reach out to wipe the tears from her face, but she was shocked that she could not touch the person at all.

    The girl continued to shake her head, put her hands on her chest, instead bowed to her, and then said with her lips, "I'm sorry!"

    This sentence completely blanked Shu Yian's mind.

    "Why do you want to say sorry? Why do you want to say sorry to me?" They obviously never met.

    However, she can no longer get the answer she wants.

    The girl disappeared, the mirror disappeared, and the darkness gradually dissipated. There was a vast expanse of white all around, and the sunlight stabbed her to open her eyes.

    Its daybreak.

    When Shu Yian woke up, she was lying alone on the bed.

    The old man woke up early, went to the back garden early in the morning, and even set the quilt for her when he left.

    Although she was completely drowsy, Shu Yian did not get up immediately. Instead, she sat up with a pillow behind her.

    She rubbed her temples with her hands, only feeling burnt at the moment.

    Such a real dream, even if she wants to treat all of this as her own random thoughts, there is no way to convince herself.

    She is really the Shu Yian of this world, so she can play the piano and feel irritated when her mother chants the piano.

    But when she learned about this, she was not relieved, but more confused.

    How did she get to that world?

    Where did the first Shu Yian in that world go?

    Why would she apologize to herself?

    Moreover, she remembers that the system said that the world line of this book was wrong only because of the disappearance of herself and the heroine, so what did she do?

    Shu Yian's mind was like a paste, and there were too many questions in his mind. In the end, she couldn't think of the answer, so she had to wash her face and clear her face.

    Perhaps, all of this has something to do with the missing Gu Liyuan.

    She must check this out!