The Jealous Ceo Treats Me Hypocritically Chapter 45 - TJCTMH 45

    Chapter 45:

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    Shu Yi'an couldn't laugh or cry at once, she knew that Su Kiss was kind, but the way this person comforted others was too awkward.

    She leaned on Su Kisss chest and shook her head helplessly, "Su Kiss, you really have to change your character, otherwise there will be no girl willing to follow you in the future."

    Su kissed her ears with redness and turned her face away.

    [You are not just a girl! And still following me now.

    She didn't love to finish her words. Just when Shu Yian wanted to earnestly declare their relationship with her, Su kiss said again.

    [Even if everything is fake, but...]

    She suddenly looked at Shu Yian seriously, "I know you dont like staying at Shus house. Although I dont know the reason, now you seem to be the only place to go here, Shu Yian. Regarding the previous matter, do you want to think about it again? consider?"

    "What happened before?" Shu Yian didn't realize what she was talking about.

    Su Kiss: "???"

    [I forgot?

    [I'm the only one who dares to think about it in my heart, don't you take it seriously?

    [Shu Yian, you are almost...]

    Su Kiss was faintly unhappy. She wanted to blame her, but she didn't know how to say it. She could only pull the person out of her arms like angrily, and finally realized that her behavior seemed a little wrong, and she pulled Shu Yian's arm. Lead her to the pavilion and sit down together.

    "There is one thing I haven't told you."

    "You said." Shu Yian was accustomed to her uncertainty, and didn't care about this kind of naive behavior.

    Su kiss coughed dryly, "It's about the video that I carried you before. I accidentally got a wife doting on the Internet, and the positive image has also risen with the company's shares. Take what you need?"

    Shu Yian looked down, her smile gradually becoming bitter.

    In this person's mind, is there really only interest?

    She suddenly became curious, if there were no such accidents, would Su Kiss leave her five days later, but she dared not ask.

    She knew what answer Su Kiss would say.

    "No, I can rent a house then, so I'll be more comfortable alone."

    Su Kiss immediately became anxious, "You are used to living a life of fine clothes and food, if no one takes care of you, can you do it?"

    "It works!"

    "That..." Su Wen wanted to say something, but Shu Yian was determined, and she couldn't find an excuse to keep her by her side.

    [Its true, dont you feel sorry for me?

    I can't bear you a little bit.

    [Bah, I'm just kidding, don't take it seriously!

    [How could I not bear you?

    [Even if I can't bear it, probably no one can bully suddenly, I'm not used to it!

    Shu Yian pulled the corners of his mouth, this person really likes to ask and answer questions so much forever.

    Although she was rejected once, Su Kiss still asked without giving up: "Shu Yian, are you not making money?"

    "On the basis of your original ten times salary, I will double you again!"

    Before the three words "stay" were spoken, Shu Yian got up and bowed to her.

    "Okay, President Su, if you have anything to do, please give orders, I promise to be there on call!"

    No matter how many secrets there are in this world, how suffocating Guan Shu's family feels, the former cannot be decrypted by her in a short while, and the latter can only come back a few times.

    In the final analysis, her ultimate goal is to make money. With money, she can live a better life.

    Su Kiss was frightened by her huge transformation.

    [Essential wealth fan, really can't change it.

    [I knew her virtues a long time ago, what did you do to make her happy just now? Isn't it easy to throw a million to her and let her enjoy herself for a long time?

    Shu Yian: "???"

    Isn't Su Kiss afraid that she has any misunderstandings about "trying hard to make people happy"?

    Do you squeeze your hair to coax people? Is that called owe beating?

    Su kiss sighed. Since the matter has gone to her heart, she is unwilling to continue to argue with Shu Yian about this matter. The conversation turned around and she curiously asked, "What did you do this morning?"

    Shu Yian put her chin in her hands, took a cherry from the table, and took a tentative bite. Her sour facial features were transformed. She covered her face with her hands, so that Su kiss did not see her embarrassment.

    "Looking for something."

    "This cherry is quite sweet, would you like to taste it too?"

    "Come on, open your mouth, I'll feed you!" Shu Yian wanted to trick her, deliberately not giving her a chance to refuse.

    Su Qi glanced at her suspiciously, "Will you be so kind?"

    Shu Yian pretended to be depressed, and lay on the table weakly, "So in your heart, I am actually this kind of person."

    Knowing that she was not in a particularly good mood today, Su Qi had to bite the bullet and cooperate with her, "Hey!"

    [You have the ability to feed with your hand, you have the ability to feed with your mouth!

    Shu Yian pretended not to hear, and threw a cherry into her mouth.

    Su kiss cursed in her heart again, [Nothing!

    [Fuck! So sour!

    A question arose in her heart. She was getting along with Shu Yian, who was bullying whom?

    [Such an excessive woman, do you still keep the New Year without breaking up?

    Su Kiss clutched her cheeks, and the passing maid saw the two sitting here and came over to remind her kindly, "Miss, President Su, you'd better not eat the cherries on the table. They are for the old lady's sleepiness."

    "I see, you go ahead." After Shu Yian's prank succeeded, she smiled brightly on her face.

    Su Kiss looked at her like this, even though her heart was angry, she instantly disappeared.

    [Forget it, keep it for the New Year.

    [It seems that this time I feel better.

    Shu Yian pushed the sweet-scented osmanthus cake next to her, "Well, in fact, sometimes you are a nice person."

    When she boasted, Su kiss blushed.

    [Count you still have a bit of foresight.

    Su Kiss rose up a little, and then asked, "Which is better for your goddess or I?"

    If it was changed before, Shu Yian would have answered her without thinking, "Of course it is a goddess", but today she sincerely thanked Su Kiss and didn't want to splash her cold water.

    "Only speaking of today's performance, it's still hello!"

    Su Kiss nodded in satisfaction and stood up directly, regardless of whether Shu Yian wanted it or not, she put her arms around her neck, "Go, go to the mall!"

    "Why are you going?"

    [In a good mood, can I spend money on you?

    Su Kiss smiled in her heart, but her face was steady, "When she came, she only prepared gifts from your parents. I dont know that grandma is at home, so she has to buy some nutrition for her. You can also see if you have anything you want. ."

    Shu Yian looked at her and was dragged away by her.

    Is the happiness of some people so simple?

    I just praised her a little bit...

    But usually when she sees other people praising and blowing rainbow farts to Su Kiss, Su Kiss has no response.

    Even after being dragged into the car by Su Qi, Shu Yian didn't understand why this person was so weird.

    She fastened her seat belt, and didn't really want to take it at home, so she just went out to relax.

    After Su Kiss drove to the destination and parked the car, the two first selected grandma's things, which are some nutrients that are beneficial to the elderly.

    Su kiss bought a double copy specially. She rarely went shopping, and the other copy was bought in advance. Next time, she will prepare it for her grandma when she returns to her home.

    It was not until after shopping for the two elderly people that Su kiss took Shu Yian to choose what she wanted.

    Girls like nothing more than those, nice clothes and bags, beautiful new shoes, some girls also like cosmetics, but she has never seen Shu Yian ever use them.

    She deliberately brought Shu Yian to the fourth floor, which was full of clothing items.

    "See if there is anything you like?"

    "No!" Shu Yian answered directly without bothering to go shopping.

    Su Kiss was startled for a while, "Aren't you a girl?"

    "I have enough clothes and shoes." Shu Yian looked serious.

    Su Kiss has nothing to say, "Then do you have anything to eat?"

    "Neither, I'm not hungry!"

    Su Kiss: "..."

    [The girlfriends of other people's homes are coaxing their objects to buy gifts.

    [I took the initiative to spend money for you, why can't I spend it?

    Su Kiss doesn't believe in evil today. She wants to spend money for Shu Yian today. She feels uncomfortable if Shu Yian doesn't accept it. "It's still early, just go shopping! Would you like to see skin care products?"

    "Then go and have some barbecue." Shu Yian estimated that she was either panicked because of the money, or she was too happy. In short, she didn't seem to spend any money today and couldn't leave.

    Although this kind of "buy, buy, buy" behavior seemed weird and sultry on the inside, but why Su Kiss made her feel so helpless, Shu Yian could not figure out this at all.

    "Alright!" Seeing Shu Yi'an finally let go, Su Wen couldn't force her to shop anymore.

    She wanted to take her to the Food City, but Shu Yian took her to the roadside stall.

    It was a small trolley selling barbecue. There was not even a storefront. There were a few tables around it. There were many people sitting on it. The operator was a couple.

    Su Kiss has never eaten in this form.

    [Is this unhygienic?

    [Does it really cause problems after eating?

    [Can the taste work?

    She still asked Shu Yi'an in a slightly unbelieving voice, "Are you sure you want to eat here?"

    Shu Yian knew that their wealthy people didn't like these, so she didn't make it difficult for her, "If you don't want to eat it, you can skip it!"

    Su Kiss stood aside, surrounded by the smell of barbecue smoke, and she walked over to pay after the boss gave the things to Shu Yian.

    "Forget it." She was afraid that Shu Yian would think she was hypocritical, and finally reluctantly took a string of roasted string beans and said in a tone of death, "I will leave it to you for the first time."

    Shu Yian almost choked herself to death because of this sentence, "You don't say anything that is misleading."

    Su Wen ignored her and took a small bite. It tasted good. After the speed of light finished eating, she took a skewers of lamb from Shu Yian's packed lunch box.

    "Aren't you not eating it?" When the barbecue was finished, Shu Yian fell into silence looking at the sign she had more than her own.

    Su Wen calmly wiped the corners of her mouth with a tissue, and also wiped Shu Yian by the way, "I heard that barbecue and beer are better. Next time we might be able to buy two bottles of wine."

    Shu Yian: "..."

    When the two returned to Shu's house, it was late. The old man had been sitting at the door, and he was relieved after seeing them go home.

    As soon as she woke up, she hurriedly looked for Shu Yian. Even though the family said that the two children were just going out for shopping, she still didn't believe it, and she had to see them with her own eyes.

    "Xiao'an, can you sleep with grandma at night?" The old man asked anxiously, expecting and panicking, for fear that he might be rejected when he gets older.

    Shu Yian took her into the house and answered without hesitation, "Okay."

    Lin Qinghan prepared a guest room for Su Kiss. That night, Shu Yian didn't feel uncomfortable next to this strange and familiar grandma. On the contrary, she even liked to lean on her, giving people a sense of peace of mind. feel.

    Shu Yian had a dream.

    The dream was when she was a child. She was seven or eight years old. Some of the white walls in the house were unpainted. It was night and the lights were dim.

    There was only a middle-aged man drinking a little wine on the dining table, his mother was sitting on the sofa knitting a sweater, and the black-and-white TV was broadcasting news.

    The little girl ran out of the room and walked around the room several times. Finally, she mustered up the courage to walk to her father and said with a soft voice, "Dad, our school teaches piano."

    The man didn't look at her directly, and said perfunctorily: "Isn't that good?"

    The little girl went on to say: "But, the teacher said, if you want to practice the piano well, it is best to buy one at home to facilitate practice."

    The small hands clasped the corner of the man's clothes in a panic, "Dad, can we buy a cheaper second-hand piano?"

    "Buy, buy, buy!" The man became drunk and waved the dishes on the table to the ground with one hand, and the dishes fell down with a crisp sound.

    "Just tell me, what's the use of learning piano besides burning money?" With great strength, he lifted the little girl up with one hand, and then threw her a butt, so that the little girl cried instantly.

    "I don't know how to make money, I just know how to spend money all day long!"

    "Enough of you!" The woman sitting on the sofa couldn't stand it, put her hands down and picked up the child on the ground.

    "Shu Muchen, you have no abilities, don't blame your child for anything!"

    The man was poked to the painful spot, stood up instantly, and grinned about hitting her, "I regret choosing me now? Seeing that Shu Yuanqi is rich and living well now, my heart is itching? I tell you, you are going back now, others I dont necessarily like you!"

    Before the slap was slapped, the room was full of children crying, and the old lady came out from the back room and berated him, "What are you doing?"

    She picked up one side of the broom and slapped it on the man, "Get out if you drink too much. Don't hit someone today and kneel tomorrow. I look ashamed!"

    The man dared not quarrel with her, slammed the door and left.

    The little girl dared to speak, "Mom."

    The woman hugged her and sat on the sofa, raised her head to suffocate the tears in her eyes, and then she held her face and said bitterly: "Xiao An, Dad is right. The piano is something rich people learn. Let's practice a little. Just practice it, there is no need to learn so well, okay?"

    "Good!" The girl lowered her head sensibly, her eyes were red, and tears fell on her clothes.

    The old man came over to lead her at this time, "Xiao An sleeps with grandma tonight!"

    As soon as the door was closed, the old man comforted her, "It's okay. Dad won't buy it for you. Grandma will buy it for you. Let's buy it tomorrow."

    The little girl smiled and shook her head, "Grandma, don't buy it anymore."

    She lay in her grandma's arms and closed her eyes, but she couldn't stop her tears.

    [It would be great if there is another me in the world. I hope my parents will never quarrel. I hope they can support me in playing the piano. Maybe I will still be a piano genius. ]