The Dragon Of Infinite Evolution
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    The Dragon Of Infinite Evolution Chapter 415 - TDOIE 415

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    In the next moment, the change resumed, and the infinite and violent light overflowed from the huge wolf orc, and gradually, from the light, a figure appeared.

    This figure seems to come from the beginning of chaos. It seems to come from an infinite future. Perfect, powerful, completely integrated with the world, even above the world. It looks like this figure. It is the ruler of this heaven and earth...or in other words, everything between this heaven and earth.

    Whether it's a living being, or a dead thing, or even the rules of truth in it. All between the thoughts of this figure.

    When this figure appeared, the whole world changed, and the rules and principles of all operations became different.

    Afterwards, the shadow of the wolf man disappeared, and the perfect figure that emerged from the infinite light finally appeared completely.

    A perfect face, a perfect body, a perfect breath, everything is perfect, as if the whole world has poured all its strength into a body that was created by force.

    However, Ai Luo did not move.

    "Although it's just a dying struggle, I respect your wishes."

    After the last word fell, Ai Luo suddenly pointed out his arms.


    Suddenly, there was boundless power rushing in, and he stripped off his perfect body in a flash, and then countless points of light poured out of his body-those were all from other dimensions. But now, these exposures are also disappearing.

    "Although the position is relative, I admire you for being able to watch until this moment, walk well and show your arms."

    Ai Luo pointed out again, and the supreme power came again, weakening Luhuai again, the terrifying energy equivalent to the total energy of this world, and disappeared without a trace in a flash.

    Then, the shadow of the giant wolfman appeared again. But in less than a second, that huge body actually began to slowly become nothingness and began to disappear.

    Ailuo, sitting cross-legged in the void, still has no sorrow or joy, but slowly spread out his palms.

    A thing appears immediately, it is a line of fate, a mysterious thing that should have been in the dark, and there is no way to show it, even if it is the former control of the destiny of all things, it cannot extract the line of fate at will.

    But now, the line of fate of the entire world is in the hands of Ai Luo!

    "Luhuai, you are the world itself, so as long as you destroy this world..."

    As if it were a conclusion, Ai Luo uttered this sentence, and the long thread that seemed to lead to the end of the world broke immediately.

    At the same moment, the unconscious voice sounded, with a little relief.

    "Thank you, keep going."

    As soon as the voice fell, the last breath of Luhuai disappeared completely.

    "It's over... No, everything has just begun."

    Looking at this world that was beginning to collapse, a soft light flashed in Ai Luo's eyes. In the next moment, a figure emerged from his body, his appearance was exactly the same as Ai Luo.

    "I'm going to do what I need to do, Rotan de Gili and the others, please."

    The man smiled: "We are one in the first place. I understand your wish."

    At the last moment, behind Ai Luo seemed to condense a huge white tower tall enough to connect the top and bottom of the universe.

    Then, endless white light enveloped the entire universe.


    The Ark of Eternity finally found a habitable world, but at that time everything seemed too late: energy was on the verge of exhaustion, and the survivors in hibernation died one by one. In desperation, Paret chose to cut off its energy supply from low to high in accordance with the importance.

    So, first goblins and skilled laborers, then humans, elves and children, and finally dragons and scholars...

    After confirming that the world in front of him is suitable for living, the huge white ark finally crashed into a secluded valley overwhelmed.

    However, at the moment when the remaining people were desperate, the figure they had been looking forward to for so many years finally appeared in front of them.

    He said: "Don't despair, the code of life is still there, hope is still there."

    4.6 billion years later.

    This quiet world finally became lively. Dragons traveled in the sky, elves guarded nature, humans explored the eight poles, dwarves dig for mineral deposits, goblins circulated wealth... Hundreds of races stood side by side, and all kinds of frost and sky competed freely, an unprecedented prosperity has arrived.

    And those who passed on the hope of the new world in the past finally only left two.


    Ai Luo sat in the empty hall, opened his slightly closed eyes, and there was amazing tenderness in his eyes.

    Secretly sighed and stepped off the throne.

    "Rotan De Gili," as if worried about what was disturbing, he stroked the green dragon lying on the cold ground, while Rotan De Gili seemed to be extremely tired, just raised his eyelids slightly.

    "Am I... to the limit?" Rotan De Gili's voice suddenly sounded in the empty hall, with a little unwillingness and stubbornness.

    "Yeah." Ai Luo's eyes were calm, and his voice was full of inertial indulgence, "Even with the almost indestructible power of the realm, your life span has reached its limit."

    "I'm not reconciled..." Rotan De Gili said indifferently, "After Sajepui, Yanfeng, and Dalast, now even me disappear?"

    Ai Luo did not speak, but looked at him endlessly and tenderly, there was no sadness in his eyes. Nothing lasts forever, like mortals, and the power of the realm will one day dissipate. After 4.6 billion years, Rotan De Gili's life finally came to an end.

    "Teacher, you know, I would do it anyway! Now obviously as long as you have a thought, you can--" Rotan De Gili said with complicated eyes.

    But Ai Luo stopped his words, "That would be too painful. So, all I can give you is for a lifetime."

    For Ailuo, who has completely controlled the world's highest theocracy, this kind of thing couldn't be easier. However, he didn't give anyone eternal life, but only earnestly and wholeheartedly accompany each of the remaining people until they get old and disappear, free from illness and disaster, peaceful and happy.

    Rotan De Gili looked at his gentle eyes, but felt that his heartbeat was weakening.

    Although he looks like a teenager, the energy in his body is no longer enough to support him. In the empty hall, after today, there is only one person left...

    Such a scene made Rotan De Gili's heart trembled, and he couldn't help but want to stand up, but unfortunately he couldn't even do this action.

    His mouth moved, but he still didn't say that sentence"So, from now on, what do you do!"

    Sitting alone in this hall, one thousand 4.6 billion years, or ten thousand 4.6 billion years...?

    Probably his regretful eyes were too obvious, and Ai Luo seemed to understand what he was thinking. He smiled slightly, but said soothingly: "Go to sleep."

    I don't know how long it took, Ai Luo looked at the empty ground, and the familiar green figure had disappeared. His eyes did not change, and he stood up slowly, his expression still very gentle.

    As if answering a teenager's question, with a heartbreaking smile on his face, he whispered: " am I willing."

    Eternal life is eternal calamity. How can he be willing to experience a bit of a struggle that can't see the end no matter how many years?

    Besides, now that my two wishes are over, there are no regrets in this life...


    "Sir, the seventh month, the test is complete. According to the results, we are more than 99% sure that the White Tower of Wind can be built."

    The silver little dragon sat in front of a huge wall panel, looked at the scene projected on it, smiled with satisfaction, and then manipulated a few times on an extremely complex virtual panel connected to a huge machine, making the projection change It got dark.

    "Oh? I calculated the simulation more than 17 billion times and finally got the result?"

    A faint voice sounded from the void, and then a red dark pentagram array appeared beside the silver dragon, and five red light **** that were obviously used to transmit information quietly rose from it.

    "Liu Yin, give me the specific data."

    "Yes, my lord."

    The silver dragon nodded, and there was another operation on the panel, only to see the five small light **** quickly returned to the magic circle.

    "It turned out to be like this..." The indifferent voice groaned for a while, "Our enemy really did it again, but fortunately, Mr. Head has made arrangements for this aspect, and this has not been able to delay those guys too much time..."

    Xiaolong, known as Liuyin, smiled and was obviously very satisfied with the result: "Yes, my lord. Although I owe a favor to Mr. Head, I can get the results now ~ is better than anything else. it is good."

    "Well, then it's almost time to officially start... Let's inform the Heiyou Lie Prison. You should also prepare for Liu Yin. The soul of that guy named Li Xinghai should have great potential. Is the cleaning finished?"

    Liu Yin nodded: "My lord is right. Hong Ye has evaluated the condition of the soul and reported it to me. Combined with the simulated data, there is reason to believe that this soul fits the plan very well."

    "That's good. Remember to supervise the whole process. This time it is not a simulation, so there is no room for loss."

    The voice fell, and the red dark pentagram array was gone, leaving only the silver dragon.

    He was silent for a moment, then suddenly sighed.

    "I didn't expect our plan to go so smoothly, haha...Although a large part of the reason is thanks to the blessing of the leader, but during this time, the husband is busy with our side, and the other adults, I don't know what will happen..."

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