Royal Bad Boy
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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 99 - RBB 99

    Chapter 99: Who Is Who's Who

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    Time seemed to freeze at that moment, Jiang Senyuan stupidly raised her hand that Leng Muxuan had just thrown away, and stared blankly at the girl in front of her at a loss.

    Only the girl who spoke just now, wearing a gorgeous dark blue evening dress, with the sweetest smile in the world, looked at Leng Muxuan seriously, innocent and innocent.

    In fact, at that moment, Jiang Senyuan felt that she was beaten by the girl she had never met before, regardless of her appearance, dress, or even her temperament. Of course, the most important thing is that Leng Muxuan stared at her closely

    Seeing the scene in front of her, Jiang Senyuan was already aware of the sense of crisis, but she did not give up in her heart, because she still had expectations, because her expectations were so heavy, because just now, Leng Muxuan asked her to go together Is the speech on stage good?

    But time passed by, Jiang Senyuan was disappointed, not only disappointed, but even heartache because she watched Leng Muxuan tightly holding the blue girl in her arms, her eyes were indescribable distressed And gentle

    Just when the two were hugging each other tightly, Jiang Senyuan heard her heartbreaking voice. It is the most harsh sound. It can stimulate your eardrums and you cant hear any sound, even with your brain.

    Jiang Senyuan herself wore unaccustomed high heels and tilted again and again, and she kept backing up and back again. She subconsciously wanted to escape everything she saw, and she was doing it desperately, but she still heard it.

    She heard the girl say, I miss you so much, Xuan. "She also heard Leng Muxuan say, "Me too, Xiaoxiao. "

    In the end, Jiang Senyuan didnt remember how she left the venue, and she didnt know what happened next. She only knew that she rushed to the road and ran forward like a lunatic in her formal dress. No one cared.

    No one cares, because the only one who cares about themselves and who should care about themselves is now talking to other girls thinking about you. She doesnt know why things turned out like this, or why such an excellent girl appeared, no I know why Leng Muxuan has such expressions and reactions when he sees other girls, let alone what he is now!

    Yes, Jiang Senyuan still doesn't even know what happened! But looking at Leng Muxuan's eyes, she couldn't stay any longer! what is love? She may not understand, but no matter how stupid she is, she can still see what it means to pamper! Leng Muxuan looked at the girl's eyes clearly with pity! Leng Muxuan hasn't he seen himself with that look

    In the rampage, Jiang Senyuan finally got closer and closer to her home, but just at the entrance of the alley in the community, a bicycle suddenly appeared in front of her, and then she slammed into it firmly.

    "Ah, classmate, are you okay?" The perpetrator hurriedly jumped out of the car, threw the bicycle aside, and then came to Jiang Senyuan to observe her injuries.

    Coincidentally, Jiang Senyuan was so cold that she couldn't lift her strength. When the car was hit like this, she knelt on her knees and fell off her buttocks, even the corner of her dress was given by the bicycle wheel. The clothes are obviously torn apart

    But by the way, Jiang Senyuan not only didn't care if she was exhausted, let alone her injury, as if she didn't feel any pain at all, she just sat on the ground stupidly and motionless, only tears falling.

    She cried again, she cried again! Why does she have to cry every time! Why is she so weak every time! Jiang Senyuan hates herself from the bottom of her heart! She never wanted to be a cowardly person, but she just couldn't control her tears like opening the gate

    Chen Ye immediately saw Jiang Senyuans exquisite evening dress, but there was a hole in it. The original haircut was not shaped now, and the hair at the corners was scattered, bringing a bit of decadence, his first reaction Can't help but export, "God! You are especially like a depressed girl in Riman, do you know? Especially the expression"

    When talking about her expression happily, Chen Yi found Jiang Senyuans tears, and she suddenly felt a little in her heart, "Are you alright? Dont cry! Tell me where the injury is!" Yuan, want to see her injuries.

    But Jiang Senyuan sat there really, meaningless to get up, Chen also took a lot of effort to pull her up and let her sit on the stone on the side of the road.

    "Unexpectedly, you are a girl who is so heavy." Chen Yi muttered while checking Jiang Senyuan's injury, but there were a lot of question marks in her heart. This girl is so strange that she didn't catch the perpetrator quickly when she was hit by a car. Alas, she is lucky to meet herself today.

    Both of Jiang Senyuan's legs and knees have large areas of bruises, slowly becoming congested, and there is also a small area of bruises in the calf of her left leg. Chen can also look at Jiang Senyuan's miserable situation and just ask, "Where is your home? I'll take you back, so you can get some medicinal wine."

    Jiang Senyuans eyes seemed to have found the focus, and she looked at the boy in front of her dimly. She somewhat knew what happened to her just now, as if she had been hit by a car. She didnt speak, but slowly came down from the stone. Then he walked slowly forward with his limping leg, it seemed that the thigh area was also injured.

    This time Chen can also be anxious, "Hey! This classmate, stop me! Although it is not all my responsibility, but after all, I hit you, how could you just leave like this?" He quickly picked up his own The bike caught up with Jiang Senyuan in front.

    Jiang Senyuan turned her head and glanced at Chen, but she said lightly, "I'm fine, you can go."

    Chen can also be stupid directly! what! This girl "No, I hurt you, at least you let me take you home, treat the wound for you, and then I will leave."

    Jiang Senyuan stopped her slow pace and seemed to look at the boy in front of her earnestly, "Don't you think you are stupid? I let you go and you have to stay, so you are not afraid that I will ruin your medical expenses. Huh?"

    Chen Yi coughed a little, "If you want to wrong me, you won't drive me away like this. Besides, even if you wronged me, that should be the case. I was the one who hurt you, compensate you. Of course."

    If it weren't for Chen, he could keep pushing a bicycle, Jiang Senyuan would immediately conclude that he is a rich young master based on what he said just now. Because those self-righteous noble young masters always don't take money seriously, and think that money can solve all problems.

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