Royal Bad Boy
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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 98 - RBB 98

    Chapter 98: Inheritance Ceremony

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    As time passed by, Jiang Senyuan probably fell into her own dream, and she didn't recover for a long time. She didn't react until there was a knock on the door.

    "Miss Jiang, are you still there? Are you okay?" The people waiting outside finally couldn't help knocking on Jiang Senyuan's bedroom door after reading the watch countless times. Fortunately, the second young master arranged the time early, otherwise the ceremony should have started if you have to wait so long.

    When Jiang Senyuan opened the door in a panic and walked out, even the driver standing at the door was dumbfounded. Is this the girl who went in just now? "Are you Miss Jiang??"

    Jiang Senyuan touched her bangs strangely, "Of course it is! I am the only one here."

    Then the driver invited Jiang Senyuan out with a gold star in his eyes. I still muttered in my heart, no wonder the second young master can sit on the chairman's seat, but he can only be a part-time worker! Just looking at people, he didn't have the eyes of the second young master. It turned out that he came in and thought about how the Second Young Master would like such a little girl. He didn't expect that the difference between wearing such a dress would make this little girl change so much! Become a great beauty! Make people salivate

    The car ran smoothly on the bustling asphalt road, with no intention of speeding up at all, and even kept going and stopping. No way, it's just in the rush hour. The more downtown area, the more the vehicles will not move.

    So when Jiang Senyuan arrived at the venue, the parking lot was already full of vehicles, and their car was only able to stop after finding a corner.

    Leng Muxuan was greeted at the door by all the people with faces in the mall and some qualified newcomers. He tried his best to keep a smile and face every smiley face, even though the smile looked very awkward, even at all. There is no meaning to laugh, after all, this is really difficult for Leng Muxuan. In front of Jiang Senyuan, he can show his true temperament again and again, but in normal times, he is really not a person who loves to act and expresses every time.

    And most importantly, Leng Muxuan is already waiting a little anxiously! I asked the girl to prepare early, and sent someone to pick her up, but seeing that the guests were about to be there, the dead girl hadn't appeared yet!

    It was at this time that Jiang Senyuan walked to Leng Muxuan's high heels with difficulty. She couldn't help but look at the majestic door of the building, and sighed for a while, wow! She stepped on the carpet all the way!

    When Leng Muxuan saw Jiang Senyuan, his face was almost green, "Why did you come here!"

    "Ah? Didn't I change my clothes?" When Jiang Senyuan received Leng Muxuan's growl, she squeezed the hem of her dress aggrievedly.

    Leng Muxuan seemed to have noticed Jiang Senyuan's dress today. Although it was within his expectations, he was still very surprised. The effect was even better than what he had expected! The little girl is really good! The temperament comes out as soon as she is dressed, and she must be firmly anchored by her side when she enters the meeting place, and don't let other men stare at her.

    Because Jiang Senyuan's image is very controversial today, Leng Muxuan didn't blame her for being late, but inadvertently pulled her to his side and continued to greet the guests who came in. However, the two did not stand for a few more minutes, and the time to enter the venue was almost over. Jiang Senyuan had to take Leng Muxuan's arm and walk into the venue.

    Leng Muxuan wanted to laugh as he watched Jiang Senyuan twist and turn and didn't dare to squeeze, "Didn't my eldest brother take you to a cocktail party last time? Why? You can't wear high heels?"

    Jiang Senyuan whispered weakly, "I just can't, this root is so high and so thin! It's like walking on stilts."

    "You're stupid! I admit that your IQ has always been low, but when will you learn to be smarter? Can you not even the most basic things of women be good?" Leng Muxuan ignored it. The eyes around him tapped Jiang Senyuan's forehead with her middle finger.

    Jiang Senyuan rubbed her forehead a little embarrassedly, and couldn't help complaining, "Can you wait to go home if you want to hurt me? Can't you just look at the occasion? Today is the big day when you inherit the chairmanship. Look at everyone. I'm all watching you." She said, before Leng Muxuan teased, Jiang Senyuan lowered her head, because she also obviously realized that everyone was not only watching Leng Muxuan, but herself.

    Jiang Senyuan had a feeling of being pushed to the cusp of the storm in an instant, my God! My IQ is really not generally low! Because of Leng Muxuan's invitation, she stupidly ran over. But what is Leng Muxuan doing today? To inherit the Leng Group! To inherit the entire Leng family! And now she is holding the arm of the future Master Leng

    The more I think about Jiang Senyuan, the more chaotic her heart becomes. Why did Leng Muxuan tell herself to come! In what capacity does she appear here! She and Leng Muxuan, he and Leng Muxuan are not even considered male and female friends.

    Although she likes Leng Muxuan now, Leng Muxuan also said that she likes herself! But so far Leng Muxuan has not formally confessed to himself, and invited her to be his girlfriend! This point, in Jiang Senyuan's heart, has always been a knot that cannot be let go.

    But Leng Muxuan's next sentence made Jiang Senyuan instantly full of expectations. Feeling the anxiety of the girl beside him, Leng Muxuan deliberately attached to Jiang Senyuan's ear and said, "Will you accompany me to speak later?"

    There was an indescribable heartbeat on Jiang Senyuan's ears with warm heat. Jiang Senyuan felt that she had mobilized all the cells in her body, exhausted all her strength, and then said that word, "Okay." At that time, she thought, her Jiang Senyuan's spring is finally coming, right?

    However, at this moment, when Leng Muxuan and Jiang Senyuan were doing small gestures that could be called affection, most of the eyes of the venue were on them. After all, Leng Muxuan was the focus of everything today. A big boy under the age of twenty actually inherited such a huge Leng family. That should arouse the attention of many people.

    Among these concerned eyes, there is one pair, but it is the most special and the most unexpected.

    When Leng Muxuan led Jiang Senyuan to the assistant, when Leng Muxuan was about to ask the assistant to preside over the speech, a clever figure suddenly appeared in front of them.


    As this voice fell, Leng Muxuan almost simultaneously released Jiang Senyuans arm quickly and decisively. He looked at the beautiful shadow in front of him with extremely shocked and unbelievable eyes, and his eyes were flowing. , Is some kind of unknown liquid