Royal Bad Boy
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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 97 - RBB 97

    Chapter 97: The Ugly Duckling Turns Into A White Swan

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    Leng Muxuan watched Jiang Senyuan standing quietly by the lake, her long hair fluttering gently, and her skirt blowing together, she was as beautiful as an elf that suddenly descended at night. He knew that at this time he was not good to say anything, so he could only let Jiang Senyuan vent.

    "I always feel that a true friend does not need to greet each other every day. As long as you give the other party a phone call when something has something to do, then the other party can leave everything behind to help you. I have never thought that this is a manifestation of true friendship. Am I wrong? Huh?"

    Leng Muxuan also moved his eyes away from Jiang Senyuan and looked at the other end of the lake, "You are not wrong, but it's impossible for everyone to have the same thoughts as you. Everyone's thinking is different, maybe You think so, but the other person does not necessarily think so. You can't impose your thoughts on others, understand?"

    Jiang Senyuan listened carefully to Leng Muxuan's words, and nodded her head seemingly, "Perhaps I should give them more greetings in peacetime? I don't want to, but I always can't think of it!" .

    This tweaking action directly amused Leng Muxuan, and he put his forehead against Jiang Senyuan's forehead dozingly, "Fool, just do what you want, I just like your heartless look."

    Fool, just do what you want, I like your heartless look

    At this moment, hearing Leng Muxuan's words like this, I don't know why, no matter how much Jiang Senyuan's dissatisfaction with him was, it vanished in an instant.

    Who said that it is difficult for a girl to conquer a boy's heart, because a boy can always keep his sense in front of feelings. But a boy wants to conquer a girls heart, but its so easy, because just such a simple and warm sentence can melt her heart

    Leng Muxuan turned Jiang Senyuan slightly sideways, and brought her into his arms. Jiang Senyuan did not reject either, and even gently hugged Leng Muxuan this time, with a silent smile on the corner of her mouth, which was full of sweetness and happiness.

    The figures of the two people under the moonlight slowly widened and lengthened, adding a mysterious and beautiful color to the night. I dont know how long the breeze has been before Leng Muxuans words reached Jiang Senyuans ears, "Tomorrow is the day when I inherit the Leng Group. Will you come?"

    When he was with Leng Muxuan before, how much Jiang Senyuan hoped he could talk to herself in a questioning tone, even if she was dreaming, she could not dream of such a scene. But Leng Muxuan is really asking for her opinion now.

    Jiang Senyuan really wanted to vehemently oppose him once, but the temptation of this was so great that she couldn't hold it anyhow, so she replied stupidly, "Okay."

    Early the next morning, Jiang Senyuan was awakened by the alarm. She rubbed her distraught eyes, scratched her hair, and started to get up and wash quickly. It wasn't until she got herself done, when she was about to eat breakfast, she suddenly remembered that she seemed to have asked for leave last night!

    what! Yes, she took time off because Leng Muxuan said that she would let herself participate in his inheritance ceremony. Ouch! Jiang Senyuan patted her head vigorously. How could she almost forget such an important thing after a sleep! No longer miss Leng Muxuan's night, it turns out that even sleeping is so sweet!

    Jiang Senyuan, who reacted, quickly began to look for clothes. If he were to participate in the inheritance ceremony of Leng Muxuan, wouldn't it be too grand to wear? Otherwise, they are all **** horse nobles, she will be shivering in wearing, isn't it embarrassing to Leng Muxuan?

    But looking around, the only thing Jiang Senyuan could take out of those shivering clothes was the red dress that Leng Muxuan forced herself to buy. Of course, there is one more thing to wear out, that is, the dress that Leng Muchen took him to buy last time, and only that one seems to be able to go with the ceremony at Leng Muxuan.

    But should I wear it? I already know that there must be a holiday between Leng Muchen and Leng Muchen. If you wear the clothes Leng Muchen bought for yourself, will Leng Muchen go crazy on the spot and throw himself out of the ceremony?

    Thinking of Leng Muxuan's grinning yelling at herself, Jiang Senyuan shook her head vigorously, alas, forget it, she didn't want to risk her life.

    Just when she was struggling and uneasy, the doorbell rang, and Jiang Senyuan only had to wear cartoon pajamas to open the door. A man in a gray suit stood outside the door, holding a box in his hand, "Hello, is this Ms. Jiang Senyuan? I'm here to send you a dress."

    Jiang Senyuan was startled when she saw a big man. She was taken aback when she heard the dress. Just when she was worried about not having a dress, someone came to give it away? "Who are you?"

    "Oh, I'm the second young master of the Leng family. The second young master specially asked me to send you this dress. He said that you are ready and let me send you to the ceremony venue."

    "Ah! Really? Then you come in, I'll change my clothes and go with you later." Jiang Senyuan is indescribably happy now, but Leng Muxuan was so thoughtful that he would send someone directly to give the dress away. Come here. She happily took the box and walked to the bedroom.

    Opening the beautifully packed black box, a snow-white slim dress appeared. Gorgeous but not high-profile pearls are set on the neckline of the dress, forming a meteor shape, which looks very dazzling. The whole self-cultivation line is very smooth, and the waist area is also made with special folds, adding a bit of cuteness. The last skirt is also lined with a thin and narrow lace, just to show Jiang Senyuan's purity.

    Jiang Senyuan carefully put it on her body, feeling like a princess walking out of a fairy tale. She felt that what she was wearing was not a piece of clothing, but a rare piece of art. Of course, she did not know that this was designed by Leng Muxuan, who had specially invited a famous French designer before, but she had never had the opportunity to wear it. This time, in the name of celebrating herself, she can finally take it for granted. Put this dress on her.

    Jiang Senyuan stood in front of the mirror, turning her body over and over again. The joy of that joy was absolutely comparable to the mood when she went to buy a red dress with Leng Muxuan, and was even more joyful and excited than that time. She has the illusion that she has changed from an ugly duckling to a white swan, and a voice in her heart has been telling her that it was Leng Muxuan who made her metamorphose, so she Jiang Senyuan is a white swan belonging to Leng Muxuan alone.

    Don't worry, friends! Mo Mo should be fighting the cherry leaves hungrily in Laoshan now! I will be back in the evening! Wait until I come back!