Royal Bad Boy
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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 96 - RBB 96

    Chapter 96: The End Of The Song

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    "Little whistle, who called just now?" Qian Lin seemed to have seen some clues from the unnatural expressions of Shao Xun and Teng Yue, waving chopsticks while asking him, "It's all so late. Is anyone coming?"

    "Uh!" Shao Xun was slightly startled, his expression even more unnatural, looking at Teng Yue, he took a sip from his wine glass, frowned but smiled bitterly: "It's okay, maybe my dad saw Qing Wu today. Said the report, so" he paused slightly, and looked at Koto Yue beside him, the pain on his face even worsened, "Baby, my dad wants to see you!"

    "What?" Teng Yue was shocked when he heard the news, staring at him blankly, with a surging heart.

    Shao Xun, whose face was pale, had already awakened from his drunken alcoholism before, and he nodded seriously at Fujiyue, "Yes, baby, my dad said I want to see you." The atmosphere is very different from just now, everyone can do it. I felt how depressed he was when he said this sentence. "Oh!" Teng Yue responded lightly, but quietly lowered his head, his eyes darkened.

    Shao Xun once grasped her hand, anxiously with a bit of anxiety, for fear that she would give up. "I don't care! Xiaoyue, you must promise me that no matter what happens, you are not allowed to retreat! You are mine, and no one should try to separate us!"

    Before Teng Yue could answer, a familiar voice replied with envy: "Haha, old whistle! You are really affectionate enough, I believe Xiaoyue is not the kind of person who gives up easily, you Dont worry!" As he said, he unceremoniously sat down beside Qian Lin, that Zhengtai still had a cynical smile on her face, but it was a bit different from the past, a bit more vicissitudes. , A bit less agile.

    This was the first time Jiang Senyuan saw this person, so when Leng Muxuan cast an inquiring look, she also shook her head.

    "What are you doing here?" Qian Lin's eyes actually ignited after seeing the incoming person. She turned her head and glared at Shao Xun, then decisively got up and left without leaving a word.

    "Sister Qian Lin Qian Lin" Xiaozheng who had just sat down too hurriedly got up and chased him out.

    Now Jiang Senyuan was completely stupid. She said that she had a strong bad feeling! Take a look, now everyone has disappeared inexplicably, leaving Fujiyue and Shao Xun as a pair, both of whom are also worried.

    Jiang Senyuan especially wanted to ask what happened. Who would tell her what happened to her good friends? It feels really uncomfortable to want to help but not help! Especially for her most helpful character, she is super unhappy! But Leng Muxuan, who was on the sidelines, either pulled his clothes or pinched his arms, or refused to let him ask, and whispered in his ear, "Farewell to them, let's go."

    Jiang Senyuan began to refuse, but looking at Shao Xun and Teng Yue frowning and sad, she finally said, "Xiao Yue, it's late, or let's get here today! After the grading test is over, let's get together again. How? I'll be the host at that time, I hope everything is fine for us!" Just after speaking, Leng Muxuan pulled his body out of the hall, and the whole celebration party disappeared.

    After walking out of the restaurant, Jiang Senyuan shook off Leng Muxuan's hand, "Let go of me! Why do you have to drag me out!" "Why are you staying there if I dont drag you out? Didnt you see that there must be something between them? Even if we are staying there, we are two redundant people ."

    Why didn't Jiang Senyuan understand this, but when Leng Muxuan talked about the pain, her face was still red, ashamed and angry, she stomped her feet in anger!

    Leng Muxuan couldn't bear to see Jiang Senyuan like this, so he went up to comfort her, "Well, everyone has secrets that they can't tell. Naturally, your friends also have things they need to solve. Don't worry about it." Gang She also praised her for not worrying about her innocence.

    Jiang Senyuan flattened her mouth, looked back at the location of the restaurant, and then walked away.

    Seeing this situation, Leng Muxuan hurriedly followed from behind, and naturally took Jiang Senyuan's right hand, which fell to his side, without speaking.

    The colorful neon lights are already on, and the tranquil lakeside is as bright as day. Jiang Senyuan walked forward with Leng Muxuan cautiously, letting the breeze hit her face, it was so wet that she felt refreshed all over.

    She is not a person who often complains, but at this moment, an indescribable sense of melancholy arises in her heart. Looking sideways at Leng Muxuan, his eyes gleamed like stars, as if he could get power from it just by looking at her. The hair hit Jiang Senyuans face, scratching like itchy To my heart, "Dighead, you say, am I a failure to live?"

    Jiang Senyuans voice was light and fluttering, as if it had blown onto Leng Muxuans heart along the shore of the lake, causing layers of ripples. He really rarely saw Jiang Senyuan speaking so softly, but he also knew that Jiang Senyuan was fragile at this moment. "Yeah! You really failed to live!"

    Leng Muxuan is really invincible! Knowing that Jiang Senyuan was feeling uncomfortable, she had to say so, so that Jiang Senyuan's **** Qiqiao would become smoke.

    Jiang Senyuan waved her small fist and hit Leng Muxuan's chest. Leng Muxuan used his free hand to stop Jiang Senyuan's attack, "Why? Want to murder her husband? Isn't it good?!"

    Jiang Senyuan was said to be dumbfounded, what is this really called? She was always so ambiguous about murdering her husband, but she had to make a clear distinction. She felt the essence of the ambiguity from Leng Muxuan.

    But Jiang Senyuan did not laugh after all. Instead, she slowly put down her hand that wanted to attack Leng Muxuan, and looked at the lake under the moonlight, "I really failed to live, and I always feel that my parents are very hard to support me. , So I worked hard to make money, but after studying last year, it seemed that I would only be with my family during the Chinese New Year, and I would work at other times."

    Leng Muxuan patted Jiang Senyuan on the head, "Hey, you are a good boy, and your parents understand it."

    Jiang Senyuan ignored Leng Muxuan, and just continued to say, "I thought I was just enough, just like when I met you, I brought you home without even thinking about it, just to help you heal you." Stealing obsessive-compulsive disorder'. I treat everyone who can talk to them as my best and best friends. If something happens to them, I will do everything to help them, even at the expense of myself. I think this is friendship Its very important, and I have deep affection for my friends, but now it seems that I actually dont even know what they are doing."