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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 94 - RBB 94

    Chapter 94: Quirky Celebration Party

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    Just when everyone was a little stunned, Shao Xun responded, "Hehe, that's OK, let's see or leave at night!"

    "Yeah!" Jiang Senyuan responded to Shao Xun. She was a little surprised when she heard Qian Lin said that she was not drunk or not. After all, they were all students. Anyway, she didn't have this kind of experience of going out to party, so she couldn't help but worry , But when I thought of being with these friends, I couldn't help but look forward to it.

    As soon as the matter was finalized, Jiang Senyuan quickly returned to the gate of the competition venue and found Leng Muxuan.

    Seeing her running happily out of breath, Leng Muxuan was out of breath, "Where did you go? Why did you come back in such a long time!"

    Jiang Senyuan ignored Leng Muxuan's anger. Alas, it was the temper of the eldest master. This is too big, so she shouted and waited for a long time, "Well, didnt I come back to call you? My friend To celebrate, shall we go together?"

    Leng Muxuan squinted Jiang Senyuan with contempt, "Celebrating? The game has just ended, and there is no result yet?" He was not aimed at Jiang Senyuans friends, but it was because of Those few people who had never met, let him stand in the cold wind and wait in the cold wind. Can he have an opinion! Can he balance in his heart! The dead girl is her woman!

    Jiang Senyuan didn't care about Leng Muxuan's awkwardness, she just kept pulling his hand forward, "Dwarf oil, don't talk nonsense, everyone is waiting for us!" But what she was thinking at the time was nothing. Yes, you can just go with me, if you dare to have any comments, I will definitely leave you alone! Has ing been with Leng Muxuan for a long time and she has become evil too?

    The wine glasses filled with beer clashed with a crisp sound. In a barbecue shop on the lively Qingying Street, a group of young people were celebrating happily. The one who was hugged in the middle was the pair who was doing the best in the Qingwu competition. Little couple.

    It is rare for Teng Yue to keep smiling. Shao Xun beside him was as excited as a child. His frequent toasts made him a little drunk. However, he didn't care at all. From time to time, he held Teng Yue lightly. He put his head on her shoulders recklessly.

    "Shao Xiao whistle!" Jiang Senyuan is still a little uncomfortable, how to say that he is also a teacher of Yinghua College, although he is now a boyfriend of his friend, talking with him still seems a little unnatural.

    "Huh?" Shao Xun was already drunk, and when he looked sideways, he was a little confused, but he used Teng Yue as his pillow, sticking to her unscrupulously, and he couldn't see the slightest appearance of a teacher.

    "Is there anything wrong? Yuanyuan, you! I like to stand up against me the most, I don't know where I offended you!"

    "No!" Yuanyuan was impatient, she suddenly became energetic when she heard this. Teng Yue quickly covered Shao Xun's mouth, for fear that something would come out of his single cell. He was happy, tilted his head, and instantly fell into her arms, smiling but not smiling, awake but not awake, and whispered Teng Yue's name in his mouth. At the same time, Leng Muxuan's eyes stared at Shao Xun on Teng Yue with a smile. Really can't help pouring! On the way here, he kept asking Jiang Senyuan which one she had fought with, but Jiang Senyuan stammered for a long time before clarifying.

    It was nothing more than really worried that his power would be bad for Shao Xun, and then he said a lot of good things. What Shao Xun is already Fujiyue's boyfriend? She doesn't remember anything about the fight. Shao Xun actually has a tacit understanding with herself.

    Leng Muxuan is not a child, so naturally he wouldn't really find someone to avenge Jiang Senyuan, not to mention that everyone has become friends now. But if you want to punish Shao Xun a little, it's easy.

    So from beginning to end, with Shao Xun's happy energy, Leng Muxuan kept pouring him. Originally, he was fully prepared, but he didn't expect that after only a few cups, Shao Xun would be like this. It really embarrassed their men.

    At that moment, Fujiyue was really embarrassed to the extreme, and wanted to push Shao Xun away, but he was "drunk" like a piece of mud again, and he had no choice but to bow his head without saying a word, letting my friends say anything to me.

    "Hey, come on!" Jiang Senyuan didn't seem to give up yet, she wanted to get to the bottom of what he said before. But everything was in vain, he was really drunk. Leng Muxuan pulled Jiang Senyuan's clothes corner with his hand under the table, indicating that she didn't need to scream, and his triumphant eyes indicated that he had indeed overwhelmed him.

    After receiving Leng Muxuan's eyes, Jiang Senyuan realized, ah! Leng Muxuan deliberately got Shao Xun drunk! Hey, this guy is really the best in viciousness! But she likes seeing Shao Xun's drunk look! Haha

    Seeing that it was getting late and late, but no one appeared, Jiang Senyuan couldn't sit still a little bit. She admitted that she was too much! Even her best friend Ji Xiaotiao, she didn't have any sympathy during this period of time. Just now from their mouths, she knew that she had changed school.

    Stinky girl, what happened to the point of transferring to another school? Why does she always refuse to tell herself something? She always doesn't protect herself so much, is she letting someone bully again? Where was that handsome guy from Fenghua College last time? Dont you take good care of Xiaotiao? Or is it just for that person?

    A series of question marks burst out of Jiang Senyuan's mind, and she anxiously murmured Ji Xiaotiao in her heart. When she came, she must ask all these questions clearly!

    When Jiang Senyuan was in a hurry, Fujiyue seemed to be worried and dialed out the phone, but she held the phone for a long time without speaking, and it seemed that no one answered.

    At this moment, a thin figure suddenly appeared in front of them, "Sorry, I'm late!" The phone in her hand was still making music, and Fujiyue hadn't had time to hang up. Everyone unanimously cast their gazes up, those familiar spirit eyes, tender and delicate skin, and long flowing hair. Isn't this the Ji Xiaotiao who has been "missing" for a long time?

    "Little jump! Why are you here now? Didn't Fujiyue call you a long time ago!" Jiang Senyuan finally said annoyed, really. Fortunately, she rushed over now, or should she worry about her death? After such a long time, she finally had the opportunity to get together, if she never saw one side, she would have been unhappy. While blaming Xiaotiao, Jiang Senyuan squeezed to the side and gave her a seat, "Come on, sit here! Really, I can't do this next time!"

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