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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 92 - RBB 92

    Chapter 92: Ahhh Who Is The Pig's Feet

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    Because she is now wearing a special gray striped shirt, acting as a tree on the Wujiang River to die of sweat! Jiang Senyuan wanted to scream, is there anything more bitter than this character? Why did she decide to come and accompany her as a shame? And Xiaopang seemed to have seen Jiang Senyuan on the stage, and she was using her only active eye to discharge Jiang Senyuan continuously.

    Jiang Senyuan hurriedly lowered her head, then raised her head again, her eyes wandering around, in short, to express that she didn't even know this guy!

    However, the show on the stage continued, and Leng Muxuan did not observe Jiang Senyuans reaction anymore. The surrounding audience also watched the stage seriously. Jiang Senyuans Xiao Jiujiu finally put it down and watched it seriously. Performance on stage. This time I was lucky enough to meet Fujietsu! After the performance in a while, she must say hello to her!

    At this moment, under the spotlight of the stage, the Overlord was defeated, dragged his sword, and looked decadent. A few strands of green silk hang down, but it is hard to hide his unwillingness. The soundtrack follows, the sword goes slanting, and the lights and swords reflect each other. Sometimes the sky is full of pride, sometimes filled with grief and anger, on the banks of the Wujiang River, the singing of Chu.

    The actor who played the overlord seemed to really appreciate the essence of dance and the profound cultural heritage. He was able to show his actions vividly and vividly, which made people admire.

    The song gradually stopped, and the overlord returned to camp. Seeing Yu Ji at first glance, I felt upset. Raising his hand to caress his delicate face, tears burst into tears, regretting that his sons and daughters were so passionate at the beginning that it was hard to change the peace of his life. Yu Ji responded affectionately, her eyes were thunderous, and her gestures showed dust. Get up and dance alone, like a fairy descending from the earth, and the fluttering robes are breathtaking. A good Yuji affectionate money, different from fairies, because of affection.

    The audience was stunned, as if they were in a dream at this moment. It seems that more than two thousand years ago, on the bank of the Wujiang River, the heroic king of Chu was defeated by the iron hoof of the Han army. However, even so, the affectionate Yu Ji stood by her side. Playing for you, dancing for you, only for Boss, trying to ignite the fire of hope for your husband.

    However, the sorrow is no greater than the death of the heart, since the heart of the king is dead, the concubine has been with him, drew his sword and squatted himself, and the soul broke Wujiang. Everything is dreamlike, and people can't help but feel a lot of emotions. What kind of affection is this, and even life and death depend on each other? The two dancers on the stage also cooperated so seamlessly that it even made people suspect that they were real lovers. Only when their hearts are full of love for each other can they interpret this extraordinary love so vividly.

    kiss! Gosh! That's a real kiss! The overlord's tearful parting kiss actually kissed Yu Ji's lips, and he didn't want to separate for a long time, as if he wanted to kiss her awake. There was a boo in the front row of the audience, and I don't know who it was shouting loudly: "Wow! It's really fun!"

    Jiang Senyuan was also completely stunned by this roar, oh my god! The Fujiyue in her mind is super pure! Why was he kissed forcibly?

    The light faded, the curtain fell, but the two had no intention of separating, Jiang Senyuan's eyes were about to come out! She squeezed Leng Muxuan's arm hard, "Hey, Dutou, Dutou, tell me, this is not true, I am dreaming! Tell me!"

    Leng Muxuan was pinched with a scream. Fortunately, everyone was applauding fiercely, which drowned out the embarrassing cry. But he is gnashing his teeth to Jiang Senyuan, hell! Is it a woman? When did I know how to write the word gentle! He shook Jiang Senyuan's hand vigorously, and asked angrily, "What are you dreaming about! Your head isn't cramping?" "Of course not! I'm asking you, are the two people in your stands kissing" Jiang Senyuan simply ignored Leng Muxuan's grin, she is now His eyes were staring motionless on the stage, and he didn't even bother to turn his eyes.

    Leng Muxuan looked at Jiang Senyuan incorrigibly, "Is your IQ zero? Or are you highly nearsighted? There is also a problem with your ears, everyone is cheering that the two protagonists are kissing, you still ask!"

    Jiang Senyuan murmured, "Yes! It's true, it's not dreaming that Fujiyue is really kissing someone else? Hey? Hey? Isn't the male protagonist just like that" Jiang Senyuan suddenly discovered a new world Pointed to the stage again.

    Leng Muxuan quickly pulled her arm back, "What are you doing! Just look at it, don't always point and point."

    "No! The actor on the stage is a teacher named Shao Xun! Have you heard of that? I had a fight with him last time!" Jiang Senyuan finally remembered, no wonder she kept watching that The male protagonist is also very familiar. It turns out that it was the teacher who quarreled with him that day!

    But Leng Muxuan sounded terribly, "You were fighting with someone? When did it happen? Why didn't I know? It's just your little arms and legs, and you will be thrown down before you go?! Or hurry up and follow me. Say, I'll avenge you!" Leng Muxuan felt that Jiang Senyuan's charm had once again been revealed. In so many things in the company, he must be strict in every aspect of his work. Even his whole person has become serious, let alone joking, even laughing, it is difficult for him to show that expression.

    But now with Jiang Senyuan, he finally feels that, in fact, he is just a boy under the age of twenty, and he is just a student. All the pressure seems to be removed by Jiang Senyuan in an instant, and his facial expressions have also enriched. .

    Jiang Senyuan gave Leng Muxuan a fierce look, "Who stipulated that all my things must be reported to you? I won't tell you!" Leng Muxuan's mouth is always so vicious! Always take it for pleasure! It's not an ordinary hate!

    Leng Muxuan just laughed this time without making a sound, but his eyes followed Jiang Senyuan and looked at the stage. Is that the actor? Fight with her girl?

    When the two protagonists appeared on the stage hand in hand, the applause from the audience intensified. This is really the so-called Yiwu Allure, and this Yu Ji's out of the dust makes people can't help asking, where did this fairy come from, and he will still miss Fanchen!

    Seeing Teng Yue finally raising her head to look down the stage, Jiang Senyuan quickly seized the opportunity and waved to her vigorously. Since she was sitting in the front row and the geographical position was still very good, Fujiyue probably saw it and responded with a smile.

    But if Jiang Senyuan is right, Fujiyue seems to be still looking in another direction. Following her gaze, Jiang Senyuan looks to the side, and the result is another joyful look!

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