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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 91 - RBB 91

    Chapter 91: Cheering For Chubby?

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    Leng Muxuan said faintly until there were clear frogs in the pond outside the community, "You know now, I go home and work in the company, the company will have more and more busy things, I really Its rare to have time to be with you like this."

    Why didn't Jiang Senyuan know the truth of Leng Muxuan's statement, if it was said that when Leng Muxuan escaped, she had no such consciousness at all. But now when she saw Leng Muxuan standing in front of her door in a sports car, she had to admit that the boy in her heart was indeed superior, and there was always a gap between nobles and commoners. He must be busy now, right?

    But thinking of what she said in the daytime self-study class today, Jiang Senyuan still couldn't help but say, "Aren't you going to the school?"

    "Go, but not for the time being. After all, the company's affairs still need time to decide. But once I'm done with the inheritance, I will temporarily leave the company's affairs to my uncle for management. After all, I don't have enough experience now. I still need to learn." Leng Muxuan stroked Jiang Senyuan's soft hair, seeming to enjoy it.

    Jiang Senyuan nodded, and still asked timidly, "Then there will be a Farewell My Concubine show at school tomorrow. My good friend is participating in the competition. Can you accompany me to watch it?" I don't know why, Jiang Senyuan always feels Asking it this way gave me a hint of dating, and my tone was full of shyness.

    Leng Muxuan instinctively wanted to say no. Although the company was already on top of the list, he had to be extremely careful before making the final decision. If something went wrong at a critical moment, the previous efforts would be wasted.

    But Shao Bing's determined eyes appeared in his mind again, and Leng Muxuan finally shook his head, "Okay! I will go to your class to find you tomorrow."

    "Ah? Go to my class? Let's not do it." Finally, the rumors have almost disappeared in the past two days. If Leng Muxuan suddenly appears again, I am afraid that there will be another uproar, and then she should be full again. Flies.

    "What? Are you afraid that others will know about our relationship?" Leng Muxuan thought that Jiang Senyuan had something to say, and immediately said with an unhappy expression, "Anyway, it's a deal. You don't want to find any reason to refute it. "

    Leng Muxuan didn't know that Jiang Senyuan was also stunned by his words. If he is willing to admit himself in front of others, how can she be unhappy? But what is their relationship

    In the afternoon of the next day, Leng Muxuan found Jiang Senyuans classroom in a high-profile manner, but unfortunately at the same time, there was a lecture by a beautiful male teacher in the school auditorium, so most of the people in Jiang Senyuans classroom went to the auditorium to see the handsome guy. went.

    Of course, Jiang Senyuan was among the remaining people, and when she saw Leng Muxuan, she smiled happily! I was still worried at first, but I didnt expect that it was such a coincidence that there would be three or two people. She was not afraid of what they said. As for later, if she decides to be with Leng Muxuan, she will always face it sooner or later.

    In fact, when the two of them reached the scene of the game, they were already head-to-head. But Leng Muxuan, as the second young master of the Leng family, always had a good way. Although they went late, they sat in the front row. The competition is still relatively high-end, so the program is also of a certain level. Its just that Leng Muxuan seems to be really lacking in interest in this, and Jiang Senyuan always feels that many programs either have obvious flaws or lack something.

    She was a little upset in her heart that she called Leng Muxuan, but she didn't expect that their first date would be so tragic, chubby, chubby! I hurt you badly! To cheer you for your loyalty, but you ruined my date gorgeously! This account depends on how I ask you to settle it!

    Fortunately, Yinghua Academy's program was not far behind, and the two did not wait too long when they heard the host report that Farewell My Concubine was about to perform. Jiang Senyuan was sitting right now, widening her eyes, and tugging at Leng Muxuan's sleeves beside her, beckoning him to take a closer look at the stage.

    Leng Muxuan reminded Jiang Senyuan that she seemed to wake up from a certain thought, and she looked at the stage carefully, thinking in her heart that Yinghua College is a noble school anyway, and it shouldn't be embarrassing to show some three-legged cats.

    The lights dimmed, and immediately after the curtain, the students were busy moving the props to the front of the stage. The dancers then went on stage or squatted, stood, or lie down, or lay down, set up their posture, and only waited for the protagonist to play.

    With the host's exit, the faint pipa sound passed through the slowly opened curtain, echoed in the auditorium through the speakers, and echoed in the live broadcast room of the TV station.

    The entire auditorium was quiet, and everyone's eyes turned to "Yuji" on the stage, and the drum beat came, gradually responding from light to heavy.

    Only Jiang Senyuan was stunned on the spot, her hands tightly covering her mouth to prevent her from yelling suddenly, and then her eyes full of surprise.

    Are you dazzled? Although that person is wearing costumes and wearing makeup, Jiang Senyuan can still tell at a glance, isn't it the Fujietsu whom I knew before! Gosh! It turns out that Yu Ji was played by her! Why did she forget to ask Xiaopang who played the leading role before? Or did she ask last time and then forgot? Gosh! When can she not be so confused!

    Seeing Jiang Senyuan slapped her head vigorously, as if suddenly becoming very tangled, Leng Muxuan also felt puzzled. He admitted that Yinghua Academy was not ashamed this time, and just this first-ever appearance had already shocked the audience, and the next performance should not be too bad. But what is this little girl struggling with?

    Leng Muxuan couldn't help but elbow Jiang Senyuan next to him, and put his mouth close to her ear, "Hey, are you watching a horror movie? Are you trying to cheer your friend? Why are you suddenly doing this? Expression?"

    After Jiang Senyuan reacted, she also covered her mouth and whispered to Leng Muxuan, "I tell you! I know the one who played Yuji on the stage! It's a friend I made before!"

    Leng Muxuan is suspicious now. Did she ask herself to watch the game with her, wasn't it because her friend played Yu Ji? How come you look surprised now! "What about your friend? What is she acting?"

    Jiang Senyuan looked at the stage suddenly, my God! Chubby! ing Jiang Senyuan now feels more and more that she shouldnt ask Leng Muxuan to accompany her. This time its embarrassing to be thrown at grandmas house. Thats really not a shame Xiaopang