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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 89 - RBB 89

    Chapter 89: You Finally Came Here

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    But when Jiang Senyuan walked to the door of her house, she was frightened by the car in front of her! A silver-gray sports car was parked there quietly, and at this moment, Leng Muxuan opened the door and walked out of the car.

    Jiang Senyuan couldn't believe her eyes. She couldn't believe that the person standing in front of her was the pig head she was still thinking about just now.

    But Leng Muxuan showed her the most charming smile. He wore the same clothes that he had been wearing when he lived in Jiang Senyuan's house, and said in the tone Jiang Senyuan was most familiar with, "Girl, I'm coming to see you."

    Girl, i came to see you

    Jiang Senyuan didnt know how long she waited for this sentence, but she knew how excited she was physically and mentally when she heard this sentence. She couldnt express her feelings at the moment. The teardrops that fell instantly told the unknown. .

    This is not the first time the two met after they separated, but the most formal meeting after the two separated! Because Leng Muxuan said to wait for him to come back, and he is really back now. Leng Muxuan couldn't bear to wipe Jiang Senyuan's face lightly with his thumb, his eyes filled with distress, "Hey, stop crying."

    But after hearing these words, Jiang Senyuan cried even more raging! She didn't know what was going on now, things seemed to be very strange! Hasn't Leng Muxuan already left and betrayed himself? What's wrong with being so gentle now? She shook off Leng Muxuan's arm hard, and squatted back on the ground a few steps, "Don't touch me!"

    Whether it was an angry word or sincere, these words stung Leng Muxuan. He was really aware of the emotional crisis between the two of them. After listening to Shao Bing's words, he didn't want to lose her or be taken advantage of by others at this time. So Leng Muxuan finally put down all the company's affairs and ran here to wait for Jiang Senyuan.

    He doesn't care about everything that happened before. No matter what method Leng Muchen used to seduce Jiang Senyuan, and no matter how stupid Jiang Senyuan was to be stupid and follow his so-called big brother, he also put herself in danger and put him in trouble. But Leng Muxuan doesn't care anymore. He doesn't want to deliberately investigate and question, nor does he want to complain about Jiang Senyuan, because as Shao Bing said, after all, it is because of himself that she has experienced such an impossible experience. disaster.

    So Leng Muxuan finally sighed and walked to Jiang Senyuan, squatting in front of her likewise, "Fool, don't cry, let's go home."

    "I don't want to take you home. That's my home. Why would you go to my home?" Jiang Senyuan cried out in a sobbing voice. She didn't know why she couldn't stop the tears, but from the beginning to the present, she Is really wronged.

    Wronged Leng Muxuan left without saying goodbye, wronged Leng Muchen suddenly appeared to take advantage of herself, wronged Leng Muxuan's indifference to herself, wronged Leng Muxuan even being with other girls brought her betrayal, wronged she has been A man was waiting silly for the tall boy in front of him

    Seeing Jiang Senyuan's unstable mood, Leng Muxuan also felt a lot of emotion. He tightly hugged Jiang Senyuan in his arms, and his heart was full of self-blame. It turned out that he had really caused so much harm to her inadvertently, and if it hadn't been for Shao Bing's reminder, he would not have known it, and he had always thought he was working hard for their future.

    In fact, the girl who fell in love is really sad, because she has love in her heart, and she has the determination to give everything for each other. So even if the person she loves is wrong, it's okay to make a mistake once, or make a mistake a hundred times. As long as she loves him, even if she has a temper, she will forgive him in the end. is like Jiang Senyuan. Although she complained so much about Leng Muxuan at that moment, she finally smiled stupidly when she looked at her familiar brows. Because she really missed him, she has always wanted to see him, maybe she really doesnt need to do anything from Leng Muxuan, as long as she looks at his handsome face so quietly, she seems to have no worries. .

    Jiang Senyuan scolded herself fiercely for being disappointed! But the arm still can't help but wraps around Leng Muxuan's back

    Seeing Jiang Senyuan stop crying and active movements, Leng Muxuan smiled triumphantly. He wasn't asking for Jiang Senyuan's consent either. He directly took out the key from Jiang Senyuan's pocket, and first got up and opened the door.

    Jiang Senyuan followed in angrily, "Hey! Leng Muxuan! Haven't you cured your'stealing obsessive-compulsive disorder'? How many times have you done this kind of hand-in-hand thing?" She rushed up from Leng Mu Xuan snatched his key fiercely in his hand and stuffed it into his pocket again. This guy is horrible! He stole his keys while he was not prepared!

    Leng Muxuan turned her head back to look at Jiang Senyuan who was pouting her mouth, and then rubbed her head with her hand, "Fool. Besides, I didn't steal it at all, I just took it with integrity."

    "You still said! You are overbearing and unreasonable again!" Jiang Senyuan slapped Leng Muxuan's back with a palm, giving full play to her heroic female image.

    "Ah! You murdered your husband!" Leng Muxuan also exaggerated shouting, as if the two of them had really returned to the way they were before.

    Leng Muxuan came all the way to the bedroom he used to live in, and while opening the door, he said, "Lets see if you have organized my room for so long, if you find out that you have messed up my room, You are done!"

    Just as Leng Muxuan threatened, the door had already opened. Looking at everything in it, even if he is a boy, he cant help his nose sore

    He looked at the clean sheets and neat bedding, and even the trash can on the ground was placed in the original place, Leng Muxuan really choked. Although he has always been very confident that Jiang Senyuan likes him! It's impossible for a little girl to like others in front of her!

    But when he really confirmed all this, an indescribable excitement surged in his heart. But in order to conceal his embarrassment, he deliberately put his hands in his pockets, sat down on the small bed, and said in a very bragging tone, "Not bad, it seems that the cleaning is very clean! I did not live up to my expectations!"

    Jiang Senyuan curled her lips and gave Leng Muxuan a contemptuous look, but she was still delighted. Finally, she still waited for him! This stinky guy must not know how many tears he shed every time he cleaned the room.

    "What? Do you dare to despise me?" Leng Muxuan grabbed Jiang Senyuan in front of him and pinched her nose. I cant tell why, I always want to be close to her

    But Jiang Senyuan was very unappreciative. She pulled away Leng Muxuan's slender hand and sat down on the other side of the bed, "Don't move your hands and feet, I cleaned it because this is my house! With you There is nothing to do with a dime!"

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